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The Earth shifted today in Moscow. Two great civilizations embodied in two superpower nations grew closer than ever. Their leaders signed a new document enshrining their deepening relationship. The Double Helix evolves in demonstrable ways.

President Xi and President Putin signed the multipage document (which clearly indicates more than just a terminology change from the former relationship title to the new one.)

“The comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination”, is the new appellation.

The key is coordination.

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One of the bases for this coordination is the personal relationship of the two Presidents. Today, in the meeting with the world press for the formal signing of the document, and thirty other agreements of projects and commercial development, President Xi referred to his relationship with President Putin as “my best friend”.

“President Putin has established a close working relationship and deep personal friendship,” he said.

So, atop the strategic coordination is a relationship that is a signal to all the government officials and business men on both sides of the strategic partnership that things are personal, intimate, vital.

President Xi aimed at the Hegemon his most important words:

Chinese President XI Jinping said that the world’s “raise your head” protectionism and the policy of hegemony, Russia and China as permanent members of the UN security Council should make efforts to protect international security.

“Currently, the international situation is experiencing unprecedented over the centuries, profound changes. Peace and development remain the trends of the time, but raise your head protectionism, unilateralism, increasing power politics and hegemonism” – said XI Jinping on Wednesday after Russian-Chinese talks.

According to him, “we have a big hard way to achieve peace and development, we, as a leading world powers and permanent members of the UN Security Council, China and Russia, along with the international community must show a sense of duty, determined to protect the international system (security) under the auspices of the UN, based on international law”.

XI Jinping spoke of the need to solve the problems occurring in “hot spots”, by political means, to safeguard the multilateral trading system.

The other item of high geopolitical importance is the draft agreement signed related to the national payment systems of both nations. Cross border payments for trade settlement can now be in national and other currencies. This allows commercial banks to make independent decisions to join payment systems in either nation.

The ruble and the yuan are the national currencies. And this agreement marginalizes payments in dollars to the sidelines. It sets an example for other bilateral trade these countries conduct that the ruble and yuan are viable alternatives for trade balance settlement.

President Putin focused some of his remarks at world problems, issues that are in the news and concerns of the world.

“Extensively talked about current issues on the international agenda. Confirmed that the positions of Russia and China on key international issues are close or, as diplomats say, are the same.”

Putin continued, “Russia and China are working in favor of peaceful settlement of the crisis in Syria, in favor of stabilization of the situation in Venezuela, remained committed to the full implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action on Iran’s nuclear program.”

On the topics of alleged use of chemical weapons and nuclear weapons, the INF Treaty and unilateral sanctions against Iran, the two leaders agreed:

  • Russia and China have called for the examination of cases of alleged use of chemical weapons on a depoliticized basis;
  • Moscow and Beijing acted to restore the viability of the INF Treaty;
  • Russia and China called on other countries to return all nuclear weapons outside their national territory;
  • Russia and China urged Iran to continue to perform its obligations under the AGREEMENT. The two leaders called unacceptable unilateral sanctions of Washington against Tehran.

Space is a high concern of the two leaders. Russia and China will work towards a legally binding international Treaty guaranteeing the absence of any weapons in earth orbit, and will also make efforts to prevent an arms race in space.

Moscow and Beijing reaffirmed their intention to forbid to place in space weapons of any kind, with the aim to prevent security threats around the world.

They issued a joint statement on the subject of the militarization of Space.

“The parties confirm that the Conference on disarmament as the sole forum for multilateral negotiations on disarmament, plays a key role in the negotiations on the international agreement on the prevention of an arms race in outer space in all its aspects”, — stated in a joint statement, the leaders of Russia and China.

It is emphasized that any practical measures to prevent the militarization of outer space are unable to fully substitute international legal instruments on this issue.

It is noted that Russia and China propose to make such a legally binding instrument “on the basis of the Russian-Chinese draft Treaty on prevention of placement of weapons in outer space, the use of force or threat of force against outer space objects”.

Recall that in the United States compared with regular accusations against Moscow and Beijing, ostensibly seeking to militarize outer space, created the U.S. Space Forces, which in the future should become an independent military Department.

One of the more salient agreements signed in Moscow today was a one billion dollar investment fund for Research and Development Innovation. The fund will support projects aimed at development of new technology in key branches of Russian and Chinese economies with the focus on commercialization.

The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) and the China Investment Corporation (CIC) will set up Sino-Russian projects, support on-going projects, promote exchanges and cross-border implementation by Chinese and Russian companies.

There was a visit of the two Presidents to the Moscow Zoo where two gift giant pandas now grace a new pavilion. Female Dindin and male Jouy are now resident attractions for Russians and other tourists. They will be living in Russia for fifteen years, but their offspring will belong to China under the gifting agreement.

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This is a three-day visit by President Xi that includes the very crucial annual international economic forum at St. Petersburg, (SPIEF).

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More news will flow from his speech and the business transactions that will benefit Russia and China from that economic forum.



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