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A personal journey for nearly 15 years is coming to an end – it was 2008 winter when I stumbled upon ‘The Vineyard of the Saker’, slowly but surely I became, first, a regular reader, then a commenter (first as ‘Anon Indian’ and thereafter, ‘Straight-Bat’), and finally, for past 3 years a guest-author. Like most of the regular readers, I got attracted by the most significant traits of The Saker blog-site – quest for truth and loathe for injustice. My profound thanks to The Saker for providing me such a platform which has already cemented its position as a torch-bearer of the anti-hegemonic struggle! This is also an opportunity to extend my thanks to the moderators and IT staff who maintained the blog-site free from useless (garbage) comments which made this blog-site as the home for most intelligent comment section among all alternate media. As the curtain is falling down on this wonderful platform of international exchange of views, I would like to pen down my last piece for The Saker on what I feel as the keystone for the future of the Resistance Camp, and indeed, for the future of humanity!

1. Background

The Anglo-Jewish oligarchy armed with the ideology of Zionist-Capitalist political economy, has been building a world-wide empire during the past five centuries through wanton destruction of the environment [link🡪]. As a result of it, the socio-economic condition of our planet has become frightening ever since the era of industrial capitalism commenced – richest 10% of the global population own 75% to 80% of all wealth and take 50% to 55% of all income, remaining 90% of the population has become wage-slave and debt-serf, but they have been thoroughly indoctrinated for generations so that during their lifecycle cradle-to-grave they live under an artificial impression of being ‘the responsible citizens of democratic nation’. [link🡪]

However, there are very clear signs that the edifice of the current world order is now crumbling. And, this is the most crucial period when any wrong move on the geopolitical and geo-economic chessboard would be detrimental to the Resistance Camp. Earlier, I have detailed my views on the importance of the role of Eurasia and the four sentinels – Iran, Russia, China, (North) Korea – for the future of our civilization. I have also detailed the significant actions for the key players in the Eurasia in the same article [refer🡪]. The current leadership of Russia, China, Iran are wise, hence inappropriate move(s) is not expected. However, I would like to take this opportunity to, once again remind the leaders and the people of China and Russia about the importance of the bond of friendship and cooperation between them – RUSSIA & CHINA MUST MAINTAIN AN UNBREAKABLE ALL-WEATHER PARTNERSHIP UNDER ALL CIRCUMSTANCES.

2. An Outline of the China-Russia Partnership

Let me dwell over the key points like, the necessity to create the “strategic comprehensive partnership”, how the partnership can be forged, and what are the headwinds for such partnership.

2.1 Who needs the “strategic comprehensive partnership”?

The common people, the 90% of the population who earn their livelihood in exchange of their physical labour and mental efforts in the primary, secondary, and tertiary sectors of economy in not only China and Russia, but across the Eurasian landmass, need this partnership that will ensure a healthy standard of life and a moral and just social environment.

There are hundreds of learned academicians and intelligent analysts in Alt-Media who invariably point out towards the political-social-business elites (the 1% wealth owning class plus 9% business managers-technocrats-bureaucrats-media etc.) while talking about the partnership between China and Russia – yes, they also need it, but they will support such partnership as long as their primary business relationship with the global oligarchy remain unobstructed. As soon as the ‘wealth accumulation’ process of the elite and oligarch families of China and Russia gets impacted (due to various internal reasons) they will certainly try to pull the levers that will impede the onward march of China-Russia partnership. This scenario was appropriate until December’2020 in China (when the Chinese government launched an antitrust investigation into Alibaba Group for its monopolistic practices) and until February’2022 in Russia (when the Russian government launched the special military operation for demilitarization and denazification of the Ukraine since February 2022. Since then, it became clear that, even if every 9 out of 10 industrialist-banker-trader would like to to expand economic ties with their countertparts in North America, West Europe, and West Asia where the entire economy is owned and controlled by the Zionist-Capitalist cabal (after all, that system ensured wealth accumulation for them for past five centuries), the peoples’ government of their respective countries will maintain such relationships with the global oligarchy ONLY to the extent that fulfils the minimum necessity.

In unfortunate scenarios like natural disaster, famine, armed conflict, and economic decline when the entire society is under flux, most of the country’s 10% elites will prefer to shift to the countries of North America, West Europe, Australia continents where the western philosophy of Zionist-Capitalist political economy has taken roots. But 90% of common people will prefer to take such unfortunate downturns of lifestyle in their own stride because they belong to their land with which they haven’t severed bond! How could they part with their mother that supports them? And, during any such socio-economic devastation, it is the community members who will come forward with practical solutions, extend helping hand, wipe the tears from their grieving neighbours! The common people of entire landmass that is known as Eurasia will look forward to the Russia-China partnership as their protector during any unforeseen doomsday.

2.2 Why such “strategic comprehensive partnership” is a necessity?

Let me address this matter from a negative perspective – let’s explore why “strategic comprehensive partnership” between China and USA, or Russia and USA, or Russia and EU, or China and EU will not serve the purpose for 90% of the common people of China and Russia? Any strong partnership between two countries/blocks where USA or EU represents one side, essentially would be planned, and shaped by the Zionist-Capitalist cabal consisting of Jewish, Anglo-American, Anglo-Saxon elite oligarchy families with roots in both sides of Atlantic. Since the cabal represents 1% elite-aristocrat oligarchy class of North American and West European countries, the “strategic comprehensive partnership” shaped by that cabal can only serve the purpose of 10% of both the partnering countries/ blocks. Other than paying lip service to the so-called ‘democracy and human rights’ the 10% population will do nothing for the 90% – the life of 90% would become more difficult, investment in domestic economy would become sparse, earning package would become thinner, healthcare and education would become costlier, (and, as a result of which) depopulation would become the norm! At the same time, the 1% elite-aristocrat oligarchy class of both the sides of partnering countries/blocks would amass wealth at a ferocious pace by all means – legal and illegal, while the 9% managers-technocrats-bureaucrats-media persons also build fortunes within a short period of time! One need not scratch head to find examples of this – look at the socio-economic conditions of 90% common population of the country where the elites entered in cosy partnership with USA recently – Russia during 1990s, Ukraine during 2010s, east Europe *except Hungary, Poland) during 1990s and 2000s. Thus the partnerships preferred by the country’s elites and oligarchs (Russia or China on one side while USA or EU on the other side) would be detrimental to the interests of the common people of both Russia and China.

Now someone may ask a valid question – why should there be a “strategic comprehensive partnership” at all? Aren’t China and Russia too big a society/country to stand on its own feet, aren’t Russia and China too resourceful to withstand any invasion? Doesn’t Russia and China possess enough talent to grow and sustain their economy? Well, ever since the first post-Ice Age Neolithic civilisation appeared around 10,000 BC in north Africa and west Asia, societies (and all forms of political entities that grew within different societies at different points of time) interacted among themselves – trading interaction, socio-cultural interaction, intellectual interaction – in order to fulfill the requirements that could not be arranged with own resources. Without interactions and exchange of ideas and materials, no society (with any form of political entity – city, republic, kingdom, empire, nation) could prosper commercially and/or intellectually. Inquisitiveness about what another society is doing is as old as the civilisation – sending ’emissary’ to the neighbouring empires/kingdoms used to be a normal regular feature of the ancient and medieval world. Between the neighbouring societies/countries there was/is one added reason for a continuous and consistent interaction – both the sides need to have clear understanding of socio-political environment prevailing in its neighbourhood. So, even if it is assumed that Russia and China are great countries and great powers, there are strong practical reasons for a partnership. In reality, China is deficient in energy resources (which is abundant in Russia) and China has shortage of arable land (while Russia has vast landmass that remains under-utilised), while Russia is deficient in ‘human resources’ (that is abundant in China), Russia has limited ‘market’ (which is large in China) – hence, it is a win-win scenario for both the countries to forge a strong and stable relationship covering economiy, culture, and security.

If we bring in the current geopolitical tensions and overall global environment into consideration (which partly arised because of the refusal by the leadership and the citizens of Russia and China to comply with the ‘diktats’ of the Zionist-Capitalist oligarchy) the necessity of such a partnership dramatically increases. Since 1770 AD, the Zionist-Capitalist oligarchy has been controlling the entire economic base (covering banking and finance, industry, agriculture, and service sectors) of West Europe and the Anglo countries which, after 1990 have been mostly churning out military machinery as their only industry. By 2001, NATO became the owner of the largest military machinery the world has ever seen. It is beyond doubt that, NATO can inflict stupendous destruction/damage on any society it chooses to attack with full force (nuclear, biological, and conventional) – more importantly, the 1% Zionist-Capitalist oligarchy possess a psychopathic and sociopathic bent of mind which allow them to accept any type of damage/destruction to their own countrymen, the 90% common people (they would like to call it as ‘collateral damage’) caused by the armaments of the opposing forces, as long as they get enough young people (from the 90% commoners) to serve the managers (who manage the military affairs; since WW II, the global oligarchy believes every activity including war must be profit-oriented, and hence the managers need to manage the war and relentlessly suck the taxpayers money).

To guard against such adversary, China will need material and technical support from Russia, and Russia will need manpower, material, and technical support from China. A “strategic comprehensive partnership” needs to be formally put in place with utmost urgency – it will serve both the countries!

2.3 How the “strategic comprehensive partnership” can be forged?

In absence of detail reports we can guess from news articles, speeches etc. that the Russia-China partnership is growing stronger by the day. Let’s explore what should be the essential components of the so-called “strategic comprehensive partnership”:

(i) Contrary to many bloggers and commenters, I will put ‘Economy’ as the first and foremost component of any partnership – essentially any partnership starts with participation of both the sides in economic activities. Bilateral trade between these two giants have been steadily growing (except during global financial crisis of 2008 and economic sanctions against Russia during 2015 – 2017). China-Russia bilateral trade jumped 34.3% to $190 billion in 2022, a new record. However, the depth and breadth of trade and commerce could be much more than existing data suggests. While China can rely on its partner for, may be half of its energy imports (oil, gas), Russia can depend on its partner for a mix of industrial (electronic products, electrical machinery) and consumer products (garments, footwear) thereby ensuring a balanced trade (as much as possible). We notice a growing trend of Chinese financial participation in Russian energy ventures (from Yamal to Arctic) – this is a matured way of dealing the overall economic relationship. Apart from energy and mining, Chinese government should come forward with large-scale investments as part of the Belt and Road Initiative – not only Chinese and Russian interests will be addressed, but economic rejuvenation of entire Eurasia (covered by SCO, EEU, and APEC blocks) will get a boost.

There were/are knowledgeable sceptics who pointed out that Russian industry should, probably at any cost to its nation and sovereignty, establish close business relationship with USA and West Europe, since those were the leading industrialised countries who have technology and capital to infuse new life in Russian economy and to generate employment in Russia. Since 2022, when the USA acted like the sea pirates in the medieval era, and seized Russian assets in Europe and American territories and sanctioned almost every possible economic interaction between Russia and the West, the Russian elites stopped dreaming about the ‘European way’, however, there is little evidence that they are looking towards a new dawn of close economic interactions with their eastern neighbours!

(ii) ‘Security’ certainly merits to be listed as the second most important component of a partnership. The necessity of safeguarding national boundary and maintaining internal peace have always been the prime mover for security cooperation between neighbouring countries. China and Russia are no exception. The consistent threat of ISIS/Salafist terrorism (Islamic societies in Asia have traditionally high rate of population growth but many such societies lack affordable standard education and employment, all of which result in easy recruitment of unemployed youth as ‘terrorists’ by the agents of the Zionist-Capitalist cabal) and resultant violence and disturbances in China, Russia, and other core Eurasian countries resulted in institutionalization of the anti-terrorist procedures of SCO and CSTO. Apart from that, if we step back and review the military policy and deployment by the Anglo-Jewish oligarchy (based in the USA, the UK, Australia, France, Germany and other NATO countries) during past 25 years, it becomes very clear that the technological research, development of military hardware and software, deployment of military machinery everywhere around the globe (USA has 800+ bases) thousands of kilometres away from their own country are aimed at firstly, to contain Russian and Chinese military within the current boundary, secondly, to carry out a lightning strike to destroy Russian and Chinese nuclear missile stock, thirdly, to install Zionist-Capitalist stooges in place of the ruling leaders, finally to break the countries (Russia into 5 – 10 parts, and China into 3 – 5 parts) in order to permanently subjugate and break the spirit of the Russian and Chinese people and state. (I don’t have sufficient expertise in military theory and operation, however, in my opinion) it is imperative that China and Russia join hands for five-fold defensive cooperation:

(a) Development and deployment of appropriate underground-based, submarine-based, space-based machineries and systems that can track, trace, inactivate, and destroy the key components of enemy’s C4ISTAR system as much as possible within a few hours;

(b) Development and deployment of appropriate land surface-based, underground-based, ocean surface-based, submarine-based, air-based, space-based machineries and systems that can track, trace, inactivate, and/or destroy the enemy’s machineries and systems that will be used by the enemy for first strike using conventional, nuclear, biological, weather warfare against the Resistance camp; and development and deployment of machineries and systems to destroy the enemy’s key system machineries like ballistic missile defence systems, satellite network, orbital strike vehicles etc. of the USA and NATO;

(c) Manufacturing and deployment of conventional military machinery and systems that are decidedly technically superior compard to the enemy machinery and systems, training and deployment of military forces that have categorically superior skills and moral compard to the enemy forces; manufacturing of nuclear-powered orbital vehicles, manufacturing of AI and digitally connected main battle tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, manufacturing of ultra-quiet nuclear-powered submarines, and manufacturing of land-, air-, submarine-, sea-, based hypersonic missiles with Mach 10 and more average speed.

(d) Construction and commissioning of hundreds of very large impenetrable shelters 100-metre deep under mountains, deserts, forests, and barren unfertile landmass which can act as ‘alternate townships’ for providing emergency accommodation, food, and healthcare to a hundred thousand citizens of the country for at least two years – considering that only the large/medium cities will be targeted by the enemy, China will need 10 times more such underground townships compared to Russia. Undoubtedly, such massive investment in creating ‘unproductive’ infrastructure may not be explainable with the economic theories that are practiced today, but what purpose such theoretical Economics would serve to the societies in Eurasia if the Zionist-Capitalist cabal is able to strike with nuclear and conventional ammunition to wipe out around half of the population who reside in Chinese and Russian cities (as well as Iranian and North Korean)?

(e) Instead of waiting for the situation when push comes to shove, the Russian and Chinese military forces should construct may be around 10 military bases each to guard the major trade-routes thereby safeguarding the socio-economic interests of the Resistance camp (both sea and land) that would support rapid mobilization of air, naval, and land forces. In this regard, bloggers and commenters would point out to the fact that till 2015, the Chinese leadership never felt that their economic interests would get seriously threatened by the USA or the UK and/or NATO (China could afford to look the other way when Libyan infrastructure was destroyed and Libyan leaders were killed, because only about 5 billion US Dollars of investments went down the drain), but after the BRI was accepted by the global south, huge projects valued at about one and half trillion US Dollars have compelled them to construct military bases. Russian government has been very clear about such military bases – the Russian bases in Syria played a stellar role to keep the ISIS and Salafist forces and their masters at bay till date, and that proves how visionary the Russian leadership was!

(iii) ‘Socio-cultural’ bonding between the societies of neighbouring countries go a long way to reduce historical frictions and animosities (if any) resulting in enhanced understanding between the societies, which in turn enhance trade and commerce. It a matter of history that both the countries – China and Russia – share some of their socio-cultural traditions ever since the Mongol empire brought both these giant landmasses under one umbrella during the 13th and 14th centuries. Even if for obvious reasons, none of the regions – China, Russia, Iran – liked the idea of Genghis Khan’s forceful integration, the empire-building being a historical phenomenon, each of those societies adopted quickly. Though the Mongolian empire soon dissolved into the history, some traces of common culture lived on in society and governance of those three landmasses. It will be worthwhile if Chinese and Russian governments draw out specific plans targeting three segments of their population: (a) youth from age group 17 to 30, (b) working people from age group 30 to 60, (c) females from age group 20 to 50. There should be exchanges of such teams through out the year for various objectives – study and research in language and literature, social studies, physical science, economics, engineering and technology, research and product development etc.

Apart from that, cultural groups should maintain a periodic presence in partner country, which should be promoted by government and tourism industry in both the countries. The study of history, culture, and religious philosophies have deep roots in both Chinese and Russian societies – these should be encouraged by both the governments. This will increase religious tolerance and cohesiveness among people belonging to different religions.

(iv) If in any sphere Russia and China has been cooperating like true partners since the beginning of the 21st century, that is the ‘Strategic aspects’. I already detailed those strategically significant aspects for Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea in my article published in The Saker in November’2022. [Link 🡪 ]

2.4 What were the headwinds against the “strategic comprehensive partnership”?

Even during 2019 – 2020, the mind-set of the elites among the Russian bureaucracy-mainstream liberal politicians-industrialists-bankers-professional managers-technocrats was that, since the Russian religion, culture, and economic tradition etc. mostly belong to European civilisation, the Russian people and government should effectively move towards ‘Europeanisation’ (and ‘atlanticisation’ so to speak, considering the fact that a part of the Anglo-Jewish aristocracy moved to the USA and Canada) of their society. It’s true that, after the 15th century, the Russian empire was, most of the time engaged in political tussle and military campaigns vis-a-vis European kingdoms/empires, but primary reason for such things were that most of the times the Russian throne was occupied by aristocrat families from Europe – to be more specific, Germany. (It is another subject that there was never anything called ‘European culture’ and/or ethos – if ever there was a concept of “European-ness” the same got worldly expression through the joint military campaigns by the warlords/kings of different west European societies against the Byzantine, Russian, and Syriac/Lebanese societies!) Time and again the European powers marched against Russia, and every time such campaign ended when Russian forces stormed their capitals! If Russian elites were hell-bent on proving “European culture” then, sadly, they would have to keep Russia out of that concept in order to make it exist!!! However, the geopolitical and geo-economic landscape rapidly changed after 2021. With Russian government launching an assault against the fascist Ukrainian government and the USA and the EU declaring everything-under-sanction against Russia, the Russian elites are finding it extremely tough to pull Russia along the so-called ‘European’ route.

It is true that President Xi Jinping initiated the BRI programs that was breathtaking in its vision and mission around 2013 – 2014. But long after that, before the covid-19 could hit China at the end of 2019, the elites among the Chinese industrialists-bankers-professional managers were still of the opinion that the continuously growing economy of China should and would be seamlessly tied to the global economy linking through the system run by the Zionist-Capitalists. Very interestingly, the Chinese elites wanted to move as closer as possible to the Zionist-Capitalist global oligarchy for a very different reason than the Russian elites root for. What they couldn’t have imagined that the Zionist-Capitalist global oligarchy would take total control of the wealth and power (of any country) once they get an opportunity to spread its wings. One need not move further than Russia to see how the Russian society and social capital were mercilessly exploited and looted during 1990s. Fortunately, Communist Party of China is aware of the pitfalls of close interaction with the Zionist-Capitalist clique, and since 2020 China has raised the guards.

3. Why the Global Oligarchy Hate Multi-polarity?

We know the reason – the Zionist-Capitalist global oligarchy hates the concept of multipolarity because that is the second most significant challenge to its untrammeled hold on WEALTH and POWER across the world wide (informal) empire. The first time they encountered such challenge was between 1941 to 1990 when the USSR, East Europe and China emboldened by their socialist philosophy became a thorn in the flesh of the global oligarchy. Now, since 2020 the global oligarchy has been facing its recent disaster – unlike the first instance, this time the Zionist-Capitalist global oligarchy is on a very difficult arena. Multipolarity will significantly and adversely affect its wealth, power, and prestige. Let us explore a few scenarios in which some economic / scientific achievements by China / Russia will result in an awkward situation for the countries being controlled by the Anglo-Jewish oligarchy:

(i) What if the Chinese-owned or Russian-owned companies develop new consumer products and pharmaceutical products using self-developed technology that gets wide acceptance in the global south? What if those companies start providing technology know-how/ intellectual rights to other Asian, African, and South American countries? What will happen to the world-wide industrial empire of Zionist-Capitalist oligarchy based on their continuous technological lead forged since industrial revolution 1750 CE? Won’t the Chinese and Russian state-owned companies eat away the MNC revenues (most of which were/are owned by the Zionist-Capitalists) – MNCs earn revenues decade-after-decade that surpass GDP of most of the countries in the world (in 2017, revenue-wise 157 of top 200 economic entities were MNC companies and only 43 were sovereign States)?

(ii) What if the Russian and Chinese governments successfully develop an eco-system in which banking & finance gets closely linked to gold and commodities like rare earth minerals, petroleum, and natural gas? What will happen to the world-wide rentier empire of the Zionist-Capitalist kleptocracy based on ‘magical’ concepts of endogenous credit money (a special type of fractional reserve banking) and ‘fiat’ money? How Federal Reserve, Bank of England, World Bank, International Monetary Fund will continue to rule over the supply of printed fiat money as global exchange currency?

(iii) What if the Chinese government establish beyond any doubt that, controlled economy can be market-oriented but effective, that Asia can lead innovative technology-oriented industry, that Marxist philosophy can build a political platform that ensures 90% (of 1.4 billion population) is leading a middle-class standard of life? Wouldn’t there be a seachange in the existing extreme inequality across the globe, if the ‘Chinese model’ finds acceptance across the global south?

(iv) What if the Russian state with patriotic, energetic, and inquisitive communities continue to make breakthrough in modern warfare by infusing technological innovation with reverse engineering of old Soviet military machinery? What will happen if Russia continues to assist its partner countries in core Eurasia and indeed, across the world with military gear necessary to resist gunboat diplomacy of the Deep State owned by the Zionist-Capitalists (to maintain and perpetuate imperialism under the garb of freedom-democracy-human rights)?

(v) What if the Russian and Chinese governments successfully develop an education system that would deal with realities of life, society, and nature, and the students in those countries develop scientific and spiritual temperament with understanding of morality, justice, ethics, and truth in social life? What would happen to the institutions of academia across the world where ‘intellectuals’ continue to spin new ‘theories’, ‘thoughts’, ‘concepts’ (most of which are meaningless mix of jargons and complex vocabulary) base for which have been ‘created’ by the Anglo-Jewish intelligentsia (apologists for Zionist-Capitalist swindle) during past three centuries? The educated people in the anglophile and francophile countries still feel elated if they get opportunity to ‘study’ and earn degree in non-sense streams of post-modern/pre-modern/structural/pre-truth/post-truth/ etc. etc. theories – and, that ensure billions of US Dollar business of ‘education’ in the USA, the UK, and Europe!!! What would happen to that education business?

The Zionist-Capitalist elites weren’t bothered about China till it acted as a “good follower” during the two decades of extensive industrial growth from 1990 to 2010, neither they were much bothered till Russian resources were sucked out from its economy from 1991 to 2007. In fact, the Zionist-Capitalist oligarchy continue to expect and wait for the day when Russian oligarchs and Chinese oligarchs would be able to seize the state power (albeit as the sponsors of ‘democratic’ political party). But the events during 2020 to 2022 period, transformed the socio-political landscapes of Russia and China away from such possibilities of bandwagoning with the Anglo-Jewish oligarchy promoting the Zionist-Capitalist ideology.

4. Conclusion

Some of the probable points of divergence between Russia and China may be:

  • China with its humongous human capital might be tempted to go alone in industrial and defense projects that were initially proposed as joint ventures
  • Russia with its massive hydrocarbon reserves might be tempted to go alone in exploration and distribution projects that were initially proposed as joint ventures
  • Russia with its very large hydrocarbon extraction facilities might start thinking why should China at all try for petroleum extraction instead of sourcing all the oil and gas from Russia
  • China with its very large industrial base might start thinking why should Russia at all build consumer industries instead of sourcing all the consumer goods from China

However, any astute observer would note that, each of the above points relates to the old economic concept relentlessly propagated by the Zionist-capitalists – counting the economic gain (or loss) by a particular country (or business owners and bankers). Resisting the satanic forces politically while succumbing to satanic commercial principles at the same time does not augur well for the Resistance camp. Will it not be a resounding moral defeat for the Resistance Camp if they imbibe the same Zionist-capitalist philosophy of economics and commerce as their adversary which may create a stalemate in the process of development of allround cooperation? I refuse to believe that Russia and China (or for that matter, Iran and North Korea) will ever come to such a crossroads, for each of them could peep into their history of the 20th century to find how their selfless egalitarian supreme leaders – Stalin and Mao – sacrificed even their sons for the cause of struggle against the Zionist-Capitalists and Fascists! Could any sacrifice be more than that?

It is entirely conceivable that the ongoing struggles of Resistance Camp will usher a new era in a new multipolar world order by the end of this decade. However, at the end, my appeal remains, whether Russia and China register immaculate wins in their respective geopolitical struggles and economic reorientation, OR they get partial success in their respective objectives, OR they encounter failure (most unlikely), Almighty showers blessings, OR Almighty punishes (most unlikely), for the sake of humankind, IN NO CIRCUMSTANCE SHOULD THE LEADERSHIP AND THE PEOPLE OF RUSSIA AND CHINA ALLOW THEIR BOND OF FRIENDSHIP AND MUTUAL TRUST TO WEAKEN NEITHER THEY SHOULD LET THEIR ATTACHMENT WITH IRAN AND NORTH KOREA TO WANE!

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