Russian election results in two words: We Won!

That’s it. “Bloody revolution” had been canceled.

In May I posted an article, Waiting for Yalta – 2, or What the Kerry-Lavrov pact brings to the table.  In accidence with the new principles of the new world. ” Color revolutions” will not be allowed.

It doesn’t mean that an illegitimate government of the US won’t stop plotting them. We simply can’t let the illegitimate government of the US to keep destroying country after country, leaving in its wake mountains of dead bodies, drastically reduced population, poverty, hunger on unprecedented level, the degradation of civil societies that extremely difficult if not impossible to stop and reverse.

The plan to dismantle the “color revolution” machine is working.

The FSB discovered and the government got millions of dollars that the US gave to the anti-Russian opposition in order to organize an “uprising.” The bloodier the better. The professional war criminals that were coming to kill, but weren’t allowed to cross the Ukro-land border. The background actors and stage hands refused to perform for free and stayed home.

This group of young men in black timidly listening to their “leader” Vyaceslav Malcev, a retired police officer turned “fascist” reading the law about public meetings, and just as timidly showing their IDs to the Police to go to vote. Apparently, the “”fascists” voted for the ultra-liberal Parnas party.



Despite all the hard labor of Prime Minister Dmitry “iPhone” Medvedev to discredit the United Russia party, it won the majority in Parliament Duma. It means that we won’t see as our rulers the social engineers from the US, EU, Georgia, Latvia, and Ukraine.

russia election chart

Blue – United Russia

Red – communists

Yellow – Zhirinovsky’s Liberal democrats

Purple  -Just Russia Social Democrats

Black –  other parties

Green – Independent

Liberals are kindly recommended to not show up for the grants in the US Embassy.

As some extremely independent observers suspect, liberal voters didn’t show up to vote for anti-Russia liberals because Putin invited them to come and vote. In other words, they felt that showing up at the polls and voting would be something Putin wanted them to do.

On the other hand, Kiev junta leader Poroshenko is very impressed with the ultra-liberal Parnas party results, and thinks that 0.7 is much better than the 0.5 he got during after the Miadan elections.

A leader of the Iabloko (“apple”) party with 1.75% announced that he is going to run for president in 2018.

“It’s still better than working,” he allegedly conceded.

The Western Media called the Parliamentary elections dull and predictable,” because they wanted an “exiting and unpredictable” “bloody revolution” in Russia that failed to materialize.

Frankly, how could openly anti-Russian groups of people expect to be elected with the political platform like this: “We will unconditionally surrender to Washington. We will break this country apart.  We will give away all of the country’s mineral resources, like we did in the 90s. We will dismantle the Russian military and destroy all its nukes. We owe the entire world and we will pay.”

It’s almost like the “color revolutions” engineers never expected for these parties to come to power via elections, but they were supposed to be brought to power on the shoulders of the “Russian Maidan.”

Russia’s law enforcement forces have accomplished a Herculean task of making the elections as peaceful and lawful as humanly possible.

They literally dismantled a color revolution machine, screw by screw, part by part, took these huge piles of garbage and threw them all in the dumpster.

Remarkably, immediately after it became obviously, the dumpsters and trash bins in US cities started blowing up. It’s almost like Western secret services were kicking something, anything to blow off some steam.



Professional makeup

Russian elections SITREP Links

Occupied by Israel and the US Ukraine has done everything it could to prevent the Russian citizens living on its territory to exercise their democratic rights, acting on principle that if Ukrainians are in the fascist hell hole, so should everyone else.

  • In Kiev some people were forced to leave without voting


Occupied by the Israel and US Ukraine has done everything it could to prevent the Russian citizens living on its territory to exercise their democratic rights, acting on principle that if Ukrainians are in the fascist hell hole, so should everyone else.

I wrote many times before that so called “Ukrainian nationalists” are people who belong to a dangerous extremist religious cult.  Since they all belong to the same extremist ideology, they tend to demonstrate this openly and in no uncertain terms. They know that brainwashed people will look at their bloody inhumane shenanigans and see nothing and understand nothing.

A synagogue is set up in one of the Right Sector Nazi armed formations


The US Military revolt and a Syrian kerfuffle

“Who is in charge of Washington? Is it the White House, or Pentagon?”  Vitally Churkin

The bombing of the Syrian armed forces in violation of the peace agreement is the big provocation we were talking about and expected. There is little doubt that it was directly linked to the Parliamentary elections in Russia. Conducted a day before the elections, this violation of the Syrian peace agreement was supposed to show to the Russian public the futility of the Russian government efforts.

However, the US bombings had a completely opposite effect on people because it showed that the US is off its rockers and will stop at nothing to murder every single human being in Syria, so in Russia, given a chance.

Vitaly Churkin on Syria – Security Council September 17, 2016 Media Stakeout – Full video



On the New Situation that is shaping up after the secret Syrian peace agreement signed by the Russia and the legitimate government of the US


On Saturday, September 17, 2016, Ambassador Vitaly Churkin, Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the United Nations, walked out of the Emergency UN Security Council meeting that was called by Russia in order to discuss the US bombing of Syrian troops following the Russia – US cooperation agreement signed a week prior.

Above is his full speech, about 20 minutes. I urge you to watch the video, and not just read his press briefing.

You have to experience how angry and worried he is. What we have to understand is why he is reacting with such anger and concern.

An official representative of Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs made a statement saying: “after today’s attack on the Syrian army, we come to the terrible conclusion that the White House is defending the Islamic State.”

But, this is just a statement of fact. It’s nothing new for Russian diplomats and it’s something that everyone already knows.

Also, since the US immediately admitted the “mistake,” and Churkin gave the legitimate government of the US a way out saying that it most likely was a “provocation,” we can tell the peace agreement will hold and the cooperation will continue.

What’s truly got Churkin so worried  is a realization that we have just witnessed a military revolt in the US.

Who is in charge of Washington? Is it the White House, or Pentagon?”

Friday, September 16, 2016 is the day of the military revolt in the US. End of story.

The fact that on Monday September 19, the UK, Australia and Denmark admitted that they also participated in a violation if the Syrian peace agreement and an agreement for cooperation in Syria signed by the US and Russia  makes this a NATO revolt against the legitimate government of the US.

Don’t mind what the President Obama and Secretary Kerry are saying now, they might have a gun pointing at them as they speak, for all we know.

The Saker wrote many times before that the US military is deeply divided and plagued with enormous controversies. But there is an abyss between inner problems and controversies and outright military revolt.

The reason why Vitaly Churkin has been so worried, is the reason why we should be absolutely terrified right now. The US legitimate federal government doesn’t have any control over US military forces.

I want to play the devil’s advocate here and say a couple of words in defense of the US federal government. If a personal anecdote is of any value, I can say that whenever I had contact with the US federal government, it’s always been a pleasant and positive experience. I attribute this to the fact that the federal government is the only power structure in the US that actually and willfully adheres to the US Constitution and it’s the only power structure that actually commits to maintain basic human rights.

Don’t rush to write angry comments. Just let me finish. All hell breaks loose when you start drilling down to the state levels, to the level of the state representatives, state senators, the governors’ offices, to the states supreme courts. On the state level the Constitutional law and other “good” laws are still considered, but as something that need to be defeated, overturned and avoided.

If you drill deeper to the level of counties, district attorneys, country courts judges, attorneys and bar associations, local prisons officials, police departments, and public school officials, what you find is a wall of corruption and lawlessness at an unimaginable, and unprecedented scale.

Those are all local political bottom feeders and these are the power structures where there is no law. Please, do not point out for me books with the Civil and Criminal codes, because they mean nothing since the general population doesn’t have any access to those laws.

A stone wall of corrupt officials has been erected between the general population and the “good” laws. That’s why the general population for the US is in state of a complete lawlessness, because people simply don’t have access to the laws that technically should protect them and work for them.

This is the official power structure of the US in a nutshell. However, there is a second “unofficial” power structure that is sometimes called a “deep state,” or a “shadow” government.

In November 2015 zerohedge posted an informative article of the subject.

The Deep State: The Unelected Shadow Government Is Here To Stay

Let’s be truthful and call this second government for what it is, an illegitimate government of the US.

John Whitehead from the Rutherford Institute, who wrote the article, believes that this illegitimate government is a part of the legitimate government, and exists to support the legitimate government’s desire to govern everything and everyone. This idea is an informational virus, as Cat Motya calls them. John Whitehead works for a think tank which is a part of the illegitimate government. What those think tankers try to achieve is to maintain the appearance that the illegitimate government is not a gigantic parasite, but a part of much smaller and weaker legitimate government.  

There is no argument here that they infiltrated the federal government and work to destroy it from within and to completely replace it. But, they are not the same.

It’s vital for non-Western countries to understand what the Western [US, EU] power structure is, in order to successfully confront it.

The US power structure has been fractured. Those fractures are fighting with each other right now trying to take the shape and the space of the whole.  The rape of the world that the US has been conducting with impunity finally is catching with this nation.

The EU is not far behind. The failed Summit in Bratislava solemnly interred the dead spirit of the United Europe. The German newspapers posted articles about alleged “violations” during the elections in Russia, and have not posted a word about the elections in Germany that took place the same day. This instead of German instead of media can’t face the truth that their traditional power is eroding underneath them.

Still, the good news is that the Syrian agreement kerfuffle has revealed to us a few remaining healthy organs of the legitimate US government that are trying to fight back.

We also are able to see unconstitutional and illegal forces inside the US government.  We witness how the US senators conduct their own foreign policies. We witness how the retired US officials conduct their own foreign policies.

    “I spent 4 hours with Bill Richardson to tell Bill Clinton not to invade Haiti.

    A week later the embassy called me and told me that Bill Clinton has a messenger for him.

    He came and told me to sign with Bill Clinton, join his movement and Clinton will make me the richest man in Haiti.

    I told him he is a principled man and I will not sell out…

    A week later, Clinton revoked my visa.”

Tuesday morning, the day of the Pennsylvania primary Hillary Clinton told ABC’s “Good Morning America” that, if she were president, she would “totally obliterate” Iran

We witness the bankers that conduct their own foreign policy around the world. Finally, this past week, we witnessed US generals that have started the war in clear defiance of the legitimate government represented by the US president and the Secretary of State.

It’s an indication of the total disintegration of US power structures.

The most urgent questions now are as follows. Who is in charge? Who are the decision makers? What is the status of the US armed forces deployed overseas since they have rebelled against the US legitimate government?

Russia’s Envoy to the UN Vitaly Churkin made public to reporters some provisions from the Moscow-Washington agreement on Syria.

Putin: US is already violating Syria agreement, “regrouping” Al-Nusra said RIA News in fort-russ translation:

“The US does not want to disclose the agreement on Syria because the international community will find out who is not really fulfilling their commitments,” Russian President Vladimir Putin stated.

We agreed that Jebat Al-Nusra and others like it should be singled out and it should be shown where they are at and where so-called healthy forces are. But what do we see now? We are now seeing not the separation of terrorists from the healthy part of the opposition, but attempts at regrouping these terrorists,” the president added.”

Syrian Armed Forces Reportedly Shoot Down US Spy Drone Over Deir ez-Zor

A ZERO Hedge SITREP on the US violation of the peace agreement in Syria

Now on every step in foreign policy that contradicts the letter and spirit of the Syrian peace agreement, especially in terms of the deepening and improving cooperation with Russia should be viewed by us as a proof of the anti legitimate government revolt. Let’s collectively start taking a note of every official and unofficial who conducts such a step.

  1. US Envoy to the UN Samantha Power, for making a two ring circus from the Emergency UN Security Council Meeting, that had caused the Russian representatives to leave the meeting.


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