Translated and subtitled by Leo.

The government’s trials of the S-500 Promitey have entered its final stage and will be completed this year. The system became an answer to the old American trick of leaving the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty. And it may be possible to open over Russia one more actual anti-air umbrella of an almost strategic level. Details are in this episode.


They Tricked Themselves

In May 1974, the leadership of the USA and USSR signed a treaty on limiting the number of anti-missile defense systems. By it, each base was to have not more than two areas of anti-missile defense with a radius not more than 150 km. In each of them, it was allowed to deploy a maximum of 100 fixed launchers capable of intercepting ICBMs. Soon after, the number of the allowed areas shrank to only one. The Soviet Union chose to defend the capital and the central industrial region. And the leadership of the US decided to close the silos with ICBMs located in Wyoming, Montana and North Dakota. But then later, the Americans decided to cheat. In December 2001, President George Bush stated the withdrawal of the US from the past treaty. He was confident that the American-made the multi-functional battle information system, Aegis, make the US invulnerable.

The system according to the design was supposed to shoot down everything. From enemy planes, to mid-range ballistic missiles. And due to the fact that its missiles were based mainly on ships, it could be brought closer to the Russian shores without extra coordination. Which afterwards started to happen systematically. And one time, an emboldened American anti-missile ship came into Sevastopol, which during the time was still Ukrainian. Military advisers to the American president convinced him that Russia is finished. And that it is so behind technologically where their counter-exit from the treaty wouldn’t become dangerous. But as the subsequent events have shown, the 43rd American president was cruelly mistaken.


New Level

Russian engineers not only brought out the strategic missile defense to the highest level, with the help of the A-253 Nudol rocket which we are talking about. There was a dash in development of tactical systems accomplished. Their job became the system S-500 Promitey. Which can be called “an answer to the American sneakiness.” The fact is that formally, the S-500 refers to the army system, which means it is not subject to any restrictions. On the factual possibility, it can be taken to the strategic level. The system has closed the gap between the strategic Nudol and the tactical S-400. Thanks to its mobility, it can quickly be focused to the most dangerous directions. And later, to change the position. With a few number of missile batteries, they could work at the same time, at suicide drones, strategic bombers, and the air command center which gives radio orders over the horizon, the same goes for the ballistic missiles, which the S-500 in one salvo can take down up to 10 of them at the same time.

In the near future, after the state-testing is complete, there will be a series production of the S-500, and its delivery to the troops will begin. It is possible that it will be not only be under the Air Defense Forces (PVO) of the army brigades, in the event of an aggravation of the international situation, a new brigade of a new actual strategic level will begin to form to cover the most important regions of the country, including Crimea. One way or another, the funeral guessing of Russia by American advisers turned out to be premature as always.

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