Hours after the Russia-bound Metrojet flight 9268 A321 with Russian vacationers exploded in the sky over Sinai on October 31st, 2015, President Putin had not come on TV to address the people of Russia. Many immediately questioned why. Many observers had also noticed that before this act of terror and hours after it there was a coordinated influx of messages on social media declaring that Russian planes would be dropping down from the skies everywhere until, mind you, Russians surrender to some mysterious forces. If you go back on Twitter and search for those messages you might still find some of them, but the majority of them mysteriously vanished just as coordinated as they appeared. Russian planes have not been dropping from the skies by the hundreds, as it was projected.

So… Where was President Putin for several hours between the explosion of the plane and him talking to the Minister of Defense, Shoigu, on the news?

Minutes after the terror attack on the Russian passenger jet, the airborne strategic command center aboard an Ilyushin Il-80 aircraft, took off.

Immediately after, far away in the US, Obama was whisked away from Washington on his helicopter and the US “Doomsday plane” took off and started circling around. Russia’s nuclear forces took aim at major US targets. Apparently, some exchange of words took place between the Russians and Washingtonians.

When President Putin was finally seen on the news many people commented that he looked like he was “just taken off a cross.”

Whatever gleeful reaction was expressed by some Europeans and Americans on the account of the death of many Russian passengers, they apparently didn’t realize that these could be their last day on earth.

I am bringing up this little known factoid to illustrate that Russia’s government is not going to dance around when it comes to the preservation of peace and stability in the country. And that any attempt of such will be immediately forwarded back to Washington, militarily speaking. This all in accord with Russia’s new Military Doctrine 2014.

That’s why the creation of Russia’s National Guards has been such a timely and absolutely necessary step in the preservation of domestic peace and tranquility considering the threats of terror and a “bloody revolution” during the upcoming elections.
The following is the National Guard’s statute. It’s written in a direct bureaucratic language that should be easy to translate, if you please, using an online translator

The statute on the federal service of the National Guard of the Russian federation
положение о федеральной службе войск национальной гвардии российской федерации

President Vladimir Putin has ordered that a National Guard be created in Russia under the auspices of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The guard will fight terrorism and organized crime.

“We have made a decision to create a new federal executive body within the Ministry of Internal Affairs, namely the National Guard,” the president said Tuesday.
The National Guard “will be fighting terrorism, organized crime, all in close cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs. They will also continue to perform the functions which are currently carried out by riot police units, SWAT, etc.,” he added.

April 5th, President Putin orders creation of National Guard to fight terrorism, organized crime

Vladimir Putin: National Guard to Fight Terrorism

Two days later, on April 7th President Vladimir Putin made a plea to young journalists while attending the Russian Popular Front’s third “Truth and Justice” media forum of regional and local mass media.

“It is symbolic that we gather here in St. Petersburg again. Why? [Because] St. Petersburg, or Leningrad, has been named the City of Three Revolutions. I hope that the result of your efforts will be not a fourth revolution but, on the contrary, you will work honestly and openly and contribute to the natural, correct and just balance of interests in our society.”

“Free press can be an enemy only for crooks, criminals and those who steal from the state budget. For the authorities as such, for those who serve their people such situation is impossible,” Putin stated.

LIVE: Putin to take part in media forum in St. Petersburg. in Russian only

Analytics in Brief

Crowdfunding The Color Revolution, by Andrew Korybko
The Russian government needs to know who is donating to what from where and how frequently

Azerbaijan Should Be Very Afraid of Victoria Nuland

News in Brief

April 12 1961 – First man in space

Imagine, just 16 years after the victory in the most devastating war Russia has ever knew, Russian engineering genius developed and accomplished the ever flight to space.
Yandex came up with an animated app depicting Gagarin’s flight. Go to Yandex.ru and click on Gagarin’s photo on the left

The following is what our contributor from Russia wrote to me:

“I just thought about the date April 12 … The day when Yuri Gagarin became the first man ever in space. Maybe it’ll be reasonable to let English-speaking audience know about this event more – according to my experience not many people are aware… My daughter was studying in European school and their teacher told them that it was Americans who were the first. When my daughter told about Yuri Gagarin the teacher tried to explain: Yuri Gagarin was a cosmonaut and the Americans were ASTRONAUTS because they intended to go to other stars… The question why he thinks that Russians send a man in a spaceship without such intentions remained without answer… So, maybe it is worth mentioning.”

Here is a nice photo

Russia’s foreign ministry working out new view on foreign policy – Lavrov
“We are drafting a new interpretation of Russia’s foreign policy at the instruction of the president,” Lavrov said

The US plans a military offensive on Russia, according to the Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (In Russian)

Russia prepared for US tanks in Eastern Europe

• Foreign companies are lining up to get coveted “Made in Russia” status” for their products

• Land of plenty: Duma committee approves bill for free handover of Russian lands to foreigners

Washington abducts Russian citizens on trump up charges

• Putin: Dishonest Media Could Provoke ‘Revolution’ in Russia. Putin asks media to help prevent turmoil in Russia

According to the principles of European Union openness and freedom of speech which dictates that only the EU has the right to speak, while everyone else must shut up, the Baltic mini-Nazi regimes block Russian Sputnik news and Russia Today. As they are better known as “sardine-stan” and “sardine-reich” the Baltics consist of three occupied by the EU Russian provinces, legally purchased by the Emperor Peter the Great. [source] [source] [source]

On April 11, Latvian regime blocked Russia RTR TV channel.

With the expediently dying population and dead as a doorknob economies, the Baltics are becoming a launching pad for NATO.

The Baltic regimes make strong emphasis on their “Uniqueness” in terms of preservation of their extremely valuable ethnicities, and necessity for ethnic cleansing of less valuable Russians. The truth is, that “uniparental genetic markers, mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) and the non-recombining part of the Y-chromosome (NRY), indicate that the genetic composition of Slavs does not differ significantly from that of their neighboring non-Slavic populations.”

To address questions about the genetic history of the carriers of this large linguistic subfamily within the neighboring non-Balto-Slavic Indo-European, Finno-Ugric, North Caucasian and Turkic speakers. It turns out that Russians from the northern region of the European part of Russia are differentiated from the rest of the East Slavs, and on genetic plots lie in the vicinity of their Finnic-speaking geographic neighbors.

I don’t know how credible this research is since it was funded by the US government and ideologically motivated. This research, btw, completely destroys a popular amongst Ukro-fascists and the German fascists theory that Russians are “pale Mongolians.”

“As far as minor ancestral components are concerned, only West and East Slavs, and, predominantly North Russians, bear the ‘Siberian/Volga-region’ component (k5, lemon yellow) (Fig 3). It is noteworthy that the k6 component, predominant among Han Chinese and abundant in Mongols and Altaians, is virtually absent in Russians, suggesting that the “East Eurasian” share in North and Central Russian ancestry is due to admixture with North-Central Siberians, rather than with South Siberia/Mongols (Fig 3, S2 Fig).”

Data from : PLoS One. 2015; 10(9): e0135820.
Published online 2015 Sep 2. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0135820
PMCID: PMC4558026
Genetic Heritage of the Balto-Slavic Speaking Populations: A Synthesis of Autosomal, Mitochondrial and Y-Chromosomal Data

The life of spies

1. TV Channel Shows Documentary Alleging Navalny Funded by MI6, CIA

Link to the original video report on Rossiya-1 channel’s Vesti Nedeli Weekly News here

In this documentary, a former Russia’s Investigative Committee officer, Pavel Karpov, — whose name is on a U.S. blacklist of Russian officials connected to Magnitsky’s death in 2009, talks about millions of documents they manage to retrieve from Ukraine after the military revolt. He and a former Berezovsky’s security officer have accused opposition leader Alexei Navalny of having ties to Bill Browder — the head of the Hermitage Capital investment fund and former employer of Sergei Magnitsky, who died in captivity under suspicious circumstances.

Hermitage Capital denies hiring opposition activist Navalny

Russian Prosecutor General names Browder as man behind latest smear campaign

TV Channel Shows Documentary Alleging Navalny Funded by MI6, CIA

Navalny Vows to Sue Russian TV Channel Over MI6 Funding Claims

Navalny Free to Sue Channel Over Documentary – TV Host Kiselev

2. The ripple effect from the “Panama Papers” continues.
Associated Press writes about “another Panama-based foundation played a similar role in obscuring the finances of Elena Baturina, the wife of Moscow’s ex-mayor and repeatedly listed as Russia’s wealthiest woman.” Elena Baturina is a wife os Eltsin appointed Mayor of Moscow Lujkov. The couple, allegedly, funneled billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money. But, neither one of them was ever charged for any wrongdoing.

3. Crimean Tatar Leader Dzhemilev Works with Turkish National Intelligence


Spring draft in Russia

This spring, military had received 30,000 more application than 155,000 planned to draft.
This is a completely new development that has started two years ago. Starting with 1990s and until two years ago, the military struggled with a shortage of recruits. Now, the prestige of serving in Russia’s military and receiving training and education that military provide, trumps even leading universities.

The new law dictates that only those who served in the military will be able to get government jobs and to be elected. With the exemption of women. That’s why people have filling complains that those who want to serve are not being drafted.

The prestige of the military service is so high now, and the law about the government jobs is so pressing, that now even sons and daughters of government bureaucrats want to get in, rather than to avoid military service like they would do in the past. In majority they are healthy life style enthusiasts, who have some achievements in sports, and don’t drink alcohol. In 2014 19% of all draftees had University degrees, and percentage of servicemen with college degrees is steadily rising.

Another issue that in 90s and 2000s many draftees were underweight, and military would feed them for several weeks to make them gain healthy weight. This is not a problem any longer.

In the first time ever new draftees will receive personal electronic cards, and carrions with all the personal necessities. Also, in the first time, recruits will have daytime sleep as a part of their schedule. [source] [source]

Trying to imagine what would war on Russia be like, every Western military analyst omits this formidable Russia’s ally

Brief history of Western sanctions against Russia starting with 1949

Commander of Russia’s Syrian operation emerges from the shadows

Culture and history
Collection of antique maps of Russian Empire

Orthodox Artist Pavel Ryzhenko (Павел Рыженко)

In Memoriam: Orthodox Artist Pavel Ryzhenko (1970-2014)

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