The Russian Duma has ratified with recognition of the LDNR UNANIMOUSLY!

The Parliaments from the LDNR did likewise.

Example: the shape of the DPR Russia recognized

Putin has confirmed that Russia recognizes the LDNR within the borders defined in their (the LDNR’s) constitutions.  In other words, the full size of the LNR and DNR republics.

There were a few terrorist attacks overnight, with a few casualties, but so far no full-scale invasion attempt by the Ukies.  Let’s hope that they don’t try a last, glorious and suicidal attack.

There are various reports of Russian forces already inside the LDNR.  I have not seen any official confirmation, but the legal basis for such a move now exists, so I don’t see any reasons for the Russians not to send in some forces, including engineers, communications specialists, EW, operators of specialized equipment (air defenses, combat management, counter-battery operators, etc.).

So far, this is not a significant move of ground forces into the LDNR, but it could happen very quickly if needed.  Which is exactly what the people of the LDNR need to most because the Russians have made it abundantly clear that should anybody attack Russian military personnel or facilities there will be an immediate and devastating response.

Here is an opinion poll from Russia showing the level of popular support in Russia for that decision:

Totally support: 68.4%

Mostly support: 15.6%

Mostly do not support: 3.9%

Not sure: 4.2%

In my opinion, this directly indicates two things:

  • The Russian people understand that there will be sanctions/consequences/risks
  • The Russians people accept these sanctions/consequences/risks as inevitable/acceptable

Of course, both the 5th column and the 6th column solemnly affirm that:

  • Russian elections are all fake, most people hate Putin
  • Russian opinion polls are fake, most people hate Putin

However, the members of the 5th and 6th columns know what the real Russian public believes.  How do they know?  Because they know, after all, they live in Russia and most of their friends and acquaintances totally agree with them.  Ergo – all these elections and opinion polls are fakes, the truth is… … that the US/UK PSYOPs are correct: Putin is a dictator, he commands a small clique of his pals (the “family”) and they are destroying Russia on behalf of some kind of international conspiracy.  Sanctions are about to deliver the final headshot to the Russian economy and usher in a period of poverty and destitution.  At the end, the US/NATO will invade or nuke Russia.

Again, a simple cui bono tells you all you need to know about whose objective interests are promoted by these people.  I expect them to get much MUCH louder in the next days/week – so please be forewarned!

For the time being, I will stop here and catch up on all the incoming info.

Stay tuned.



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