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The American agency Bloomberg has published a report on the state of developing countries. Russia has changed its place immediately to five positions, which was a complete surprise for many. How did this happen and what follows from this – we will explain after the news bulletin.


News time

In the Rostov Oblast (region), the first in the country production of steel towers necessary for wind power installations was launched. Investments – 800 million rubles ($11.6 million).

In the town of Dubna, we have solved  the issue of power aviation wires. These are able to work in an open flame for twenty minutes. They are designed to complete the MS-21 aircraft and not only it.

In Volgodonsk, a new production  of equipment for the nuclear power industry and other industries has opened.

In the Krasnodar Krai (territory) – a substation worth about 3 billion rubles ($43.5 million). Almost all equipment of the facility is Russian.

In Tolyatti – the production of heating radiators.

In the Novosibirsk Oblast, pharmaceutical production  was opened with an investment of 600 million rubles ($8.7 million).

In the Kirov Oblast, a full cycle of production of glucose-lowering drug was started. In terms of output, the plant will become one of the largest in the world.

In Irkutsk, production of blood glucose meters and test strips for measuring blood sugar levels was opened. Investments – 500 million rubles ($7.2 million).

In the Moscow Oblast – a factory  of next generation boilers. The products will help replace up to 15% of imports.

In Bashkiria – the production of import-substituting multi-strand steel ropes.

In Chechnya – a factory of building materials.

In the Smolensk Oblast – packaging materials.

A large livestock complex was opened in the Ulyanovsk Oblast – an investment of 600 million rubles ($8.7 million).

In the Stavropol Krai – an enterprise for the storage and processing of vegetables worth about 1 billion rubles ($14.5 million).

Economy time

According to the rating  of countries with emerging markets from the Bloomberg agency, Russia climbed five positions up and ranked second after Malaysia. China is in third place with a large margin.

In compiling the rating, the following indicators were taken into account: GDP growth, state of the sovereign credit rating, foreign exchange reserves, equity and bond markets. The compilers of the rating, having analyzed the state of affairs in the Russian economy, actually admitted that the sanctions could not bring it down. However, if there were no sanctions, then we probably would have developed much faster.

Today, Russia remains a country with low external debt and growing gold reserves, which allow at any time to get rid of debt and not to resort to external borrowing. Far from all developing countries can afford this luxury in the modern world, which is reflected in the ranking.

Of course, this does not mean that there are no problems in the Russian economy, but this means that its condition is very stable and if no external shocks happen, then we will continue our development.

If, for some reason, sanctions are lifted from Russia, this will lead to an accelerated development of the economy, taking into account all the accumulated potential. However, that is exactly why we believe that no one will cancel the sanctions.

Now let’s talk about our victories.

Victory time

At the X International Informatics Tournament in Bulgaria, Russian schoolchildren won  29 out of 87 medals, including 11 gold ones.

At the World Olympiad of Robots in Thailand, the Russian team won three medals – 2 gold and one bronze.

At the same time, the Russian teams took 6 gold medals and one bronze medal at the Asian Youth Robotics Championship.

And at the XV International Junior Science Contest in Botswana, our guys received 1 gold and 5 silver medals.

Export time

It would seem that just recently we talked about the opening of the Yamal LNG natural gas liquefaction plant, and it has since managed to grow noticeably. The other day, ahead of schedule for a year, the third production line was launched. Now the plant is officially the largest in Russia and will become even larger since the construction of the fourth line  has already begun. But even on the existing scale, Yamal LNG has already occupied 5% of the world market for liquefied natural gas. During the year of operation, more than 100 tanker shipments of LNG were produced and delivered to consumers on five continents with a total volume of about 7.5 million tons.

However, as always, we note with the gas supplies, the Russian expansion into the world markets is not limited to just this. In Peru, the center for maintenance and repair of Russian-made helicopters was recently opened.

In Columbia, an all-terrain vehicle batch  was shipped from the Vologda Oblast for the needs of the local police.

In Cuba, a Russian-Cuban station for climatic testing of materials and structural elements has been opened.

In Armenia, a new Russian station  for collecting measurements of the GLONASS system.

Russian food continues to conquer the world. In particular, the export of unique sweets produced under the brand name “Siberian Medicine Man” (Sibersky Znakhar) is growing. The history of the manufacturer is another excellent example of how, with the right approach, you can not only create a great business, but also help popularize Russia abroad. Siberian honey, jam, handmade chocolate is in demand in Asia and Europe as a natural product. You can watch the colorful video about this Siberian producer on the channel of our partners by the link in the description.

*Clip plays*

We work on producing natural ecological products from our Siberian wild berries, herbs and even pine cones. And we don’t add any chemical additives. For example even instead of citric acid, we use freshly squeezed lemon juice.

*Clip ends*

The right thing

It is necessary to promote abroad not only Russian goods and services, but also meanings. We remind you that if you implement any socially useful Internet project, the site of which is located in the domain zone.rus, then you can take part in our competition. Just send a link to the project in our editorial and wait for the results. Prizewinners will be awarded a free story about the project in our program and the extension of the domain in the “Rus” zone for 9 years from our general partner.

If your project is in a different domain zone, then in order to participate in the competition you only need to register a mirror in the .rus zone. Let’s fill the information space with useful projects together!

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