1. Russia stands, has been standing, and will be standing; for all others, survival is optional.

2. Russia’s Ministry of Defense Humor: SYRIA: Pentagon stated that last month the US was destroying only profitable terrorist facilities. Were earlier destroyed only unprofitable ones?

The West

1. Americans including the Ambassador Stevens bring death and devastation on others and think, like the Ambassador Stevens, that they are immortal.

2. If you want a recession proof job, work for the “hate-Russia industry,” where sun never shines, and funds never dry up.

3. In its race to the bottom, the West declared HATE of the Russians, blacks, Muslims, and Asians.

4. Rimante Šalaševičiūtė Lietuvos Respublikos Seimas The minister of Health in Lithuania proposed to kill (euthanize) poor people.

5. Daesh released a video thanking the US for support. All terrorists are white with black toupees & hair dye. Their leader wears the Joseph’s Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

6. The West needs more Military Intelligence and Analysis of the Middle East.

7. Google pays tribute to an inventor of instant noodles, but wouldn’t recognize the anniversary of John Kennedy’s death.

8. After the Paris attacks, Belgium PM (no one knows his name) stated that Brussels will remain a capital of NATO, EU, and ISIS.

9. In 1930s the US financed Hitler and had refused to accept Jewish refugees from Germany. In 2015, the US finances ISIS and refusing to accept Syrian refugees.

10. American gun laws specifically allow sales of guns to members of terrorists’ organizations.

11. America gives blessing for France’s new European initiative to cut the terror suspects’ heads..

12. Senator Jon McCain: There is a certain moral standard to watch Ukraine being dismembered and do nothing. To benefit Syrian people, Syria will be split into several territories.

13. Arizona Sen McCain, “ISIS, fighting with Assad, is a brainchild of Assad, whom I created from my left rib.”

14. Baiden (73) and Hilary Clinton (69) called on Putin (63) to let the younger politicians to govern Russia.

15. If Russia starts fighting with Ebola, Poroshenko and the State Department will accuse Russia in harming innocent virus.

16. I thought that democracy was the power of people, but Roosevelt explicitly explained to me that democracy was the power of American people. Stalin

17. Q: – In the war on terror, whose side France is on?
A: – France is always on the side of those, who are stronger.

18. By shooting a few people in Paris shooters just wanted to be integrated into society that bombs neighboring nations on Friday nights

19. Breaking: John F. “Color Revolution” Tefft just came out of closet and started organizing the Olympic Games of Homosexuals in Russia

20 The US Ambassador in Russia, John F. “Color Revolution” Tefft invented a new game: Grand Tefft Auto.

21. The USA has been in war on Russia for two years. Why does Russian government let the US to keep its Moscow Embassy?

22. “We are against any actions that impede trade” says European Commissioner Johannes Hahn and goes to vote for sanction against Russia.

23. Russia’s Military report that ISIS stopped burying its dead and dumps bodies into sewage, calling it “a trip to Ukraine.”

24. Western logic: When Georgia attacked and killed Russian peacekeepers in neighboring South Ossetia in 08.08.2008, Washington called it “Russian aggression”

25. Harvard’s narration of the US predestination to rule the lesser nations has started to backfire.

26. France gifted the rogue British colonists with the Statue of Liberty, to make them see the backside of freedom.

27. Friday the 13th Paris flashmob was staged by a group of French performance artists inspired by the Western popular support for Pussy Riot, Femen and Kiev junta.

28. The corporate Western Media, just confirmed that its coverage of the Paris shooting is an ad campaign for Kalashnikov manufacturer.

29. The Declaration of Independence was written on a piece of parchment by the British separatists, who ran out of paper smoking weed in a Philadelphia bar.

30. An American history buffs have severe allergy to facts.

31. In a war on refugees and common sense Europe looks back to the German-Ukrainian roots of BDSM.

32. After Paris attacks, Europe obeyed the Islamists’ demand to ban all sports by banning Russian athletes.

33. If we can’t beat them – join them, decided Europe and joined Islamists war on sports by banning Russian athletes. Bordeaux wines are next

34. EU Belgium headquarters posted job vacancies, after the French Police revealed that two Paris shooters were Frenchmen from Brussels.

35. New Washington Monopoly game rules: Do Not Talk to Putin, Do Not breach Gap with Russia, Do Not Stand against ISIS

36. After the Paris attack, Jean Jullien’s diagram of anal sex has become an instant logo for a new NATO campaign for the war on the Middle East.

37. France fights its fear of terror, singing ‘La Marseillaise” – a poetic call for socialism and death of capitalist government.

38. Robert Parsons France24: France can’t become an ally with Russia against ISIS, because this will upset Saudis.

39. Does ISIS want to bring the West and Eurasia together, or just to cure Max Abrams’s cognitive dissonance?

40. Putin asked the Russia’s security forces to find and destroy organizers of the terrorist act against the Russian civilian aircraft in Egypt. In response, Washington raised the security alert level.

41. Quoting John Helmer: Harvard is the university that taught generations of American leaders that their manifest destiny is to make war on uncivilized people around the world.

42. Quotes of great democrats: Prof. Niall Ferguson: the US “to do a better rather than worse job of policing an unruly world than their British predecessors…”

43. Four fronts of the American war: Ukrainian front, Syrian front, the North African Front and the European front.

44. The American war to defend Europe from Russia is destroying Europe fast. How fast? Ask Ukraine.


1. Q.: How should one act to look like a true Ukrainian patriot?
A.: Burn tires and sing anthem.

2. Ukraine’s dilemma: is a Terrible End better than Endless Terror?

3. A secret meeting between Obama and Putin took place in a presence of all Ukrainian bloggers.

4. Ukraine officials (not named) said that blowing up electricity pylons to Crimea had simultaneously cut the power supply to 40 percent of Kherson and Nikolaiv oblasts.

5. 50 Washington paid “Crimean Tatar activists” cut electricity to Crimea and left 200,000 Crimean Tatars with leaking freezers.

6. Ukrainian political scene looks brighter, after Poroshenko’s junta dismantled free mental health care

7. Austria, Poland, Hungary, Romania, all lay territorial claims in Ukraine. The thing is that because of the war on Donbass, they can’t touch anything

8. Every soldier in the Ukrainian Armed Forces needs a true friend, who can identify his body.


1. Weekend: woke up, had breakfast, sunset.
2. If a problem can be solved with money, it’s not a problem; it’s expenditure.
3. The messages from my mobile service provider to refill my account are becoming more and more condescending.
4. Could you, please, download and print out for me the How To get rid of a dead body guide?
What? Don’t you have something do to?
I have something to do. That’s why I need a guide.

Zhirinovsky reveals Washington’s plan to start a world war.

1. Ukro- fascists blew up power grid to Crimea.- done
2. In Syria, an America pilot on an American jet shoots down Russian SU24 – done
3. Turkey closes the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles – almost done
4. Russian Black Sea fleet is locked out of its Crimea base – almost done
5. Ukro –fascists with NATO and Turkey simultaneously attack Donbass and Crimea, which is without its fleet.
6. Russian fleet tries to get back to the Black Sea.
7. Turkey and NATO attack Syria and bomb Damascus.
8. In Crimea and Donbass, Russia’s army interferes to stop an attack of the Ukro-fascists and NATO.
9. NATO from Europe strikes Russian cities with nuclear missiles.
10. Russia responds with nuclear strikes on the US and Europe.
11. China and North Korea, Pakistan, Israel, respond with their nukes, against whoever they don’t like.
12. All these make COP2016 absolutely useless waste of time.

Yevgeny “Armagedonovich” Satanovsky, the President of the Russia’s Institute of the Middle East, about Russia, Poland and Syria
Video in Russian

POLISH journalist Jakub Korejba: Poland had built two states in 20th century, Poland and Israel.

Satanovsky: My God, when did you build Israel?

Korejba: First six governments of Israel had Polish as their language.

Satanovsky: Of course, because everyone who wasn’t exterminated, was exiled by Gomułka. Poland received a big thank you very much from Israelis.

Korejba: Israel is the Poland of the Middle East. Poland is the Israel of Europe. But, I have a question for you. Right now Europe has a discussion on what is Moscow. Some people say that Moscow is the most Eastern from the Western capitals. Other people say that Moscow is the most Western of the Eastern capitals. I have my personal opinion about this, but it’s not the point. The point is that Russians are better than other Europeans at understanding Eastern people. And you, of all people, know the Eastern people better than anyone else. I am talking about Turks. You understand that for these people, power and fairness is important. But very first for them comes strength and power. The fact that Russia did not react to the downing of the SU-24 in an ‘eye-for-an-eye’ manner, is a certification of the absence of your strength and power. In this context, November 24th is a more important day than the actual day of collision. It’s the end of Russia’s dream about the resurrection of the Russian statehood, Russian power. As the answer to all your parades and rhetoric, Georgia, Ukraine, Syria, Erdogan shouted to the whole world: The king is naked!

Satanovsky: Aha, I understand. They did not shoot the plane down for this reason, of course, You see, possession of brains doesn’t indicate the absence of strength.
Who if not Poland should know. Whilst being united with Russia, Poland took over this city [Moscow], where we are having this discussion. The result of this was three divisions of Poland, and the loss of the statehood by Poland for one reason; Poland always was in a hurry. We, on the other hand, did everything in the right time. That’s how it happened that there is no more Poland from sea to sea. There is no Turkey from Poland to Africa. And we are still the same from the Atlantic region, to Pacific Ocean. That’s why we don’t have dreams of statehood: we have a statehood.

Korejba: Pardon me, how is it “from the Atlantic region”?

Satanovsky: What about Kaliningrad? Do you think that the Baltic Sea is the sea of the Atlantic Ocean, or the Arctic Ocean? My predecessors happened to have come from Poland. Satanov had received its town status in according to Magdeburg rights. In the Middle Ages and after it became a part of the Russian Empire with its entire population and Ukraine.

Korejba: My condolences…

Satanovsky: Don’t, because you and the rest of Poland end up partially in the Russian Empire, and partially in the Third Reich, while the other parts of Poland ended up as parts of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. If it wasn’t for Stalin, whom I don’t feel any sympathy, there would be no Poland in its today’s borders. That’s why the second country you have mentioned was build not by Poland. Poland itself was build by the Soviet Union. It was the Soviet Union who drew the borders for Poland as they exist now. As for Israel, it is a fact that Israel wasn’t built by Poland, but in the biggest part, Israel was built by the same Soviet Union. But, the Soviet Union doesn’t exist any longer, and nobody has any gratitude to it.

Unknown: However, our Polish neighbors are very concerned about our statehood. Do we, or do we not try to rebuild an empire starting with Syria?

Satanovsky: The more our Polish neighbors are concerned with our statehood, the less is being left of Poland. This is a historical fact. That’s why the less we remind each other how our statehood rubbed their statehood in a wrong way, the easier for us will be drink and cheer.

Korejba: Do you understand that there are preparations now for a Maidan in Armenia? Any crisis can be provoked anywhere…

Satanovsky: The most important is not to get a crisis in Poland….

Korejba: We were talking about the reasons, and now I want to ask you about consequences for the international relations. First, the setup of the S400 in Syria is canceling the Russia’s argument against the American missile defense system in the Eastern Europe. Which is very important due to the NATO summit in Warsaw…

Unknown: Excuse me, I don’t understand, what nuclear powers are being contained by our S400 in Syria?

Korejba: No, no. The argument is different. The argument is that the Russia’s S400 in Syria violate the balance of powers in the region. That’s why Russia is against the American missile defense systems in the Baltics and Poland.

Satanovsky: No, no… There is no question.. If Poland and the Baltics want to become the targets for us to destroy the American missile systems, then we have no problems with that. For God’s sake, it’s your choice.

Korejba: So, from your point of view there are no problems?

Satanovsky: No, there are no problems at all. Here in Moscow, one NATO colonel explained everything to us. He said that his dentist lives in Brussels, and that’s why the fate of Poland is at no concern for him. He is the person of NATO. He doesn’t represent his country.

Korejba: So you agree with that Russia effectively nullified the argument it had for the past 10 years?

Satanovsky: You see… The situation is fluid and it changes constantly. New countries appear on maps and then disappear to reappear in different boarders. When you speak with the hope to be heard, it’s one thing. But, when you speak with the understanding that no one will listen to you, it’s a completely different thing. And when you speak with someone who has solid bone instead of brains, it’s a different matter altogether.
That’s why we do what we have to do, and whatever will be, will be.

Korejba: The second argument, looks like the US acts like a cover for Turkey.

Satanovsky: I personally don’t see it.

Korejba: OK, but at least there are no official critics of the Turkey’s actions against Russia. You understand that the Russia’s military jets violate the airspace not only of Turkey, but also of Poland, the Baltic countries, and the Northern European countries, the UK, Norway and other countries. Do you understand what kind of precedent it is? It’s not the first and it’s not the last case. I want to tell you that we in Poland also own F16 and our pilots stand in line to express their gratitude for what you said about the Commander of the Polish Air Force after the tragedy in Smolensk.

Satanovsky: Aha… I understand. It’s a very interesting subject. You know that the Polish Hussars formed a line to enter Kremlin. They took the Moscow Kremlin over, and on November 4th they left and surrendered. I am not convinced that if back then we would reunite with Poland in one great prosperous democratic country that the history would be completely different and better for Poland. But Poland has made a different choice. That’s why the Polish military form a line to strike Russia…

Korejba: To defend their own territory…

Satanovsky: That’s what they honestly believe… But by these actions against Russia they are building a huge wooden stake that they will drive into Poland. This has been happening for many hundred years. It’s not a choice of the Russian Federation. They received their territory from the Soviet Union. They don’t know that, and they don’t understand that. Your territory is a country and not a part of the Third Reich. You have your own president and not the Third Reich gauleiter. You got all these because hundred of thousands of the Russian soldiers and officers had died liberating Poland. The Poland’s borders, including the border with Germany, was drown in Moscow. Otherwise, it would be completely different borders with Germans, surviving Jews, and maybe Ukrainians. But there would be no Poland.

Korejba: What about other countries whose airspace you violated?

Satanovsky: About other countries… With a civilized person, people act in a civilized manner. With a hooligan, people act to let a hooligan know that his behavior is unacceptable. Look, we have not tried to sink American submarines in Barents Sea. We have not done a nuclear strike against countries that after the dissolution of the Soviet Union promised not to become the part of NATO.

Korejb: But there was no precedent back then, and now we have a precedent. [taking down the Russian jet] We will be defending our airspace just like Mr. Erdogan defended the airspace of his country. The tensions between Russia and Turkey are very much similar to the tensions between Russian and Germany at the beginning of the 20th century.

Satanovsky: Essentially, in a war between Russia and Turkey you are offering to draw a frontline through Warsaw?

Unknown: Poland is constantly taking risks, but never wins.

Korejb: Why are you saying that we always loose? We won the Cold War.

Satanovsky: Who won the Cold War?

Korejb: We. Poland won the Cold War. Poland exists, and the Soviet Union doesn’t exist any more.

Satanovsky: We, the Soviet Union, gave you permission to get your freedom. We let you go free without spilling a drop of blood. Gorbachev said: Dear Eastern European comrades. We will not do what was done during the Poland uprising in 1967. Dear comrades, take each your country, if you want, said Boris Yeltsin, whose cultural center we just had opened. Your statement that Poland won the Cold War has as much rooting in reality, as a statement that Poland discovered that the Earth was round, even so Copernicus was a great astronomer.

You have too much competition over there. The Baltic countries claim that they won the Cold War, the Western countries, the US… Just be careful and don’t collide with the other winners. It’s got very crowded over there.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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