Two Russian tourists stopped at a gas station in Bulgaria to  fix a flat tire on their beach buggy car.  Suddenly, they were attacked by a gas station attendant, who started screaming at them and demanded them to leave. When they refused to leave before fixing a tire, he tried to take an air tire inflator from them, while screaming insults and obscenities at them.

When verbal assault didn’t make much impression on the Russians, he went inside to came back with a weapon.

According to the eye witnesses, the worker was from Poland.

Russian guy:  Speak calmly. Why are you yelling?

Gas station attendant: It’s a private property. You have no right to be here.

Russian: What’s your problem? We are just fixing a tire.

Gas station attendant: I am boss here. This is my territory and fuck off here you, rusnazi. You bring dirt to the gas station.

Russian: Where do you see dirt? There is no dirt.

Gas station attendant: This air pump can’t do 5 PA atmospheric pressure.

Russian: This tire takes 1 PA. We use this gas station to inflate tires all the time. What’s your problem?

Gas station attendants demands them to take off their helmets to show their faces. He wanted to make sure that they were repeat customers who used to pump gas and air before.

[The Russian guy writes in comments under his video: “He already forgot his excuse about low PA air pump. He kept coming up with new excuses why we had to leave.

To make a long story short, this was a classic mindfucking.  This is what happening in the world against Russia. I didn’t want to use that analogy, but essentially this is the way it is. They keep sucking out of their finger more and more new claims and demands against us, until we punch them in the teeth and they will get a feel of our retaliatory force.

With my hands I can break anything, a hand or a skull. I am not that good at fixing things. That’s why it took me so long to fix the punctured tire.

Friends, enough stirring up shit with no rhyme or reason! We are peaceful people. It’s much more pleasant and beneficial to be our friends, then to be our enemies!]

Russian:  Calm down, or I will take your head off.

Russian: I don’t understand, why are you so disagreeable.

Russian: Stop yelling. Why are you doing this?

At 2:28 Russian: Listen, if you have any problems call the Police. Why are you yelling at us?

At10 The Polish guy calls the Police.

At 11 Russian: I know many Bulgarians, they are all normal people. You are fucked in your head.

The Police showed up and asked everyone to sign a protocol stating that no one had any complains. Everyone signed, including the Polish guy.

The end of story

Coming back to the same gas station and meeting the same worker.

The guy wrote under his video that any problem can be solved if people would just talk to each other, instead of yelling.

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