Iran’s Press TV reports that Iran’s former IRGC Commander says 200,000 US troops are in weak positions in the Middle East and Iran has identified all their locations.

Senior Advisor to the Leader for Military Affairs, Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi, made the remark Monday in a meeting with Imam Hussein University faculty in Tehran.

Safavi said recent incidents have turned the region into the hub of political and security developments.

He referred to the US invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq as well as the stance of the Iranian president, both of which he maintains have increased Iran’s geopolitical influence in the region.

The senior military official termed the control of Iraq and the Persian Gulf’s oil and gas reserves as the main reason behind the US attack on Iraq.

Major General Safavi highlighted the miseries of the US in Iraq and Afghanistan, saying the United States has paid a high price for its war-mongering policies.

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