Dear friends,

I thought I should take the time to sit down and draw your attention to a very interesting and original book written by my Director of Research, Scott Humor, entitled “POKÉMON IN UKRAINE: Tactical War Game Introduction MANUAL“.  The very first sentence is the book is a disclaimer: “This book is a work of fiction. This manual is for illustrative purpose only“.  Really?

The book is an in-depth look into the Ukrainian civil war, presented from the point of view of modern wargaming.  Other examples in the book include Libya, the Soviet Union and Chechnia – all these conflicts are carefully staged and the “video” shown to the world about them has very little, or even nothing, to do with reality (I would personally say the very same thing about the wars in the former Yugoslavia: the Serbian Krajinas in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo).

In this book, Scott carefully deconstructs the entire edifice of lies and appearances and explains how the stage is set, by whom and how.  You will meet all the real actors, the Nazis, the foreign “advisors”, the “reporters” and you will be shown how they carefully staged each phase of that gigantic War Game in the Ukraine (WGiU).  The “Team Blue” and the “Team Red” and even the “Non-Players” are unveiled in this book with a great deal of details and sources.  As are the concepts of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

POKEMON in the Ukraine is a book in need to “dive in” like you would in a pool or a lake – headfirst and with the full determination to submerse your entire body.  When you come out you will have a very different understanding of 21st century warfare (the word “hybrid” is often used).

The official description of the book concludes with the following words: “Not much written or discussed in public about augmented reality war games by their architects and players, due to their biggest weakness: they are successful as long as they can pretend to be something else.  This Manual seeks to fill the void.”

The latest “productions” in Salisbury, UK and Douma, Syria will be followed by many, many others.  You need to be armed with an understanding of how these “productions” are staged and how they work.

Get the book – it is a crash course on what you need to know about the “Matrix-like” pseudo-reality the Empire is trying to force upon our consciousness.  Awareness is the first step to resistance and liberation.

The Saker

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