Dear friends of the Saker Community!  Christ is Risen!

I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the donation you have sent me and also for the many heartfelt and very kind emails and even (paper) letters you have sent me!

Frankly, every time I post an appeal for support, I not only feel self-conscious, I also can’t help but think “they don’t really know you, or care, and most of them are having a hard time making ends meet, so why would they reach out and help me?” and yet, every time, your kindness proves me wrong!

This is truly amazing and it leaves me with a wonderful sense of gratitude towards you all!!

I wish I had the material time to thank each one of you personally, but I really can’t.  So all I can do is thank you all here, collectively, especially since each expression of support, whether with or without a donation, touches me and give me courage to keep on, even when the circumstances are difficult and the insanity of our world makes me feel disgusted, discouraged and depression (the 3Ds).

I also have to ask all those who donated for their patience and understanding: while you have already contributed, it is undeniable that most readers did not.  The main Saker blog serves between just under one million to up to three million pages a month, depending on events, but even if I assume that over the past couple of month the number of readers has decreased (which is false, in reality it has increased again, because of the “almost war” with Iran and the pandemic), it is clear that only a minority of readers send support and most are happy to read without getting involved (which is not illegitimate, but which does not exactly help me, especially since I don’t have advertisements and I don’t charge for anything, ever).

So I will leave the appeal for support on top of the page, at least for a while longer, especially since now I have almost totally lost my fulltime/daytime job (we won’t reopen before June 1st).

Still, I did not want to wait any longer to express to you all, my deepest gratitude!!

Without this strong community of ours this blog simply would not exist (or it would be dramatically different). I sure could never pull this off all by myself.

So, hugs, cheers and THANKS to all.

The Saker

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