I just saw this:

While I “love” (so to speak) the “in my great and unmatched wisdom” (not similes to indicate a tongue-in-cheek self-deprecating comment), I even much prefer Trump threatening to “devastate” the economy of the country with the 2nd biggest NATO military.  Heck, he also threatened Europe and even the rest of the world.


As a Russian, I am in heaven, truly.  Trump is destroying the Empire faster and better than all the combined powers of the Russian/Chinese/Iranian intelligence community ever could.

But as a resident of the USA I am absolutely appalled because this narcissistic imbecile (dumb narcissists are the most unbearable!) is destroying not just the Empire, but also the US, country and people I love very much!

And when I see what might replace Trump (except Tulsi Gabbard) I am very, very afraid for the future of this country and its people.

This being said, I have a feeling that Trump will be re-elected.

After all, a narcissistic imbecile who does not start wars is still A LOT better than a narcissistic imbecile who will start them (every Dem except Gabard, again).

Yes, there is a real difference between bad and worse.

But this is a sad, sad situation for the USA.

But for the rest of the planet – this is truly a moment to behold: yet another empire is coming tumbling down and, as is often the case, not by a foreign attack, but by self-destruction.

I hope that the people of the USA will not suffer what Russia suffered in the 1990s but, honestly, I agree with Dmitry Orlov: it will be even worse here.

God help us all!

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