Dear Friends

In the technical solution that was chosen for this Telegram group, to avoid the need for moderation, and to avoid spam, I made sure to have a group that is technically “closed” to all for the rights of writing. I validate individual members by giving them an administrator status, with minimal rights, just so they can write.

But I have just reached the administrator limit that Telegram allows me to have, which is 50.

I’ve discussed with Andrei, and he agrees that the current solution is satisfactory, since we have a limited group of responsible members, which does not require moderation.

If we would open the group to everyone, this limit of 50 would no longer be, but we would need moderation, and the quality of the discussions would be more uncertain.

(Please note that there is no limit to members who can register and read the content of the group, this limit is just for active members with writing rights).

So for the time being, we’ll keep it that way.

But because we are limited to 50 active members, each time I have a new request I will downgrade a member who has the status of administrator, and who has not logged on to his Telegram account for a month.

If I have no more members in this category, I will downgrade members who have writing rights, but who have never participated in the group.

I would like to take advantage of this message to ask those who have writing rights, but who do not feel being active participant in the group, to let me know in a private message in order to free up spaces for new actives members.

Please understand that when I downgrade a member, he can always be registered to the group and read all the messages, only the right to write will be removed.

The goal is to have a core of active, responsible members who produce interesting discussions for the benefit of the whole Saker community, with the possibility of dialoguing with the Saker and the other members of the group… and this without the need for moderators.

Thank you for your understanding,


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