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1. Introduction

The Limits to Growth (LTG) book was published exactly 50 years back in March’1972 based on a report dealing with the exponential economic and population growth with a background of finite supply of resources analyzed using computer simulation (World3 model based on five variables: “population, food production, industrialization, pollution, and consumption of non-renewable natural resources”). It was originally initiated and funded by the Club of Rome, one of the key associations of Zionist-Capitalists who run the world order.

Over the decades following the publication of the book, European and North American media and academia debated over the contents of the book – some fully agreed, some opposed, yet some others conditionally accepted the thesis. The latest study on the subject was carried out by Gaya Herrington (an employee of European firm, KPMG-USA) in a personal capacity and a report ‘Update to limits to growth: Comparing the World3 model with empirical data’ was published in 2020 in Yale’s Journal of Industrial Ecology – it examined latest information about ten factors: population, fertility rates, mortality rates, industrial output, food production, services, non-renewable resources, pollution, human welfare, and ecological footprint – to conclude that LTG prediction in 1972 was on principle correct (if a “business as usual” approach prevails). Hence, this study concluded that globally economic growth will peak and then rapidly decline by around 2040 CE. [ Link 🡪 ]

Now, allow me to be blunt – it is a no-brainer to understand that, infinite growth is not feasible with finite natural resources. Could any sane person ever believe otherwise – that infinite growth (and hence infinite profit, and hence infinite accumulation of capital) is possible? So, the Club of Rome didn’t really brought out a sensational discovery in the 1970s. What is more important here is to note that, the European and American media and academia (who were/are/will be advance guards of Zionist-Capitalist world order) never seriously critiqued how the LTG concept surreptitiously encourage the Western civilization to actively restrain the economic well-being of three-fourths of the humanity who straddle across the continents of Asia, Africa, South America! Instead of that, they continued to harp on the drawbacks of governance in the ‘third world countries’ of Asia-Africa-South America which resulted in unplanned population growth and unchecked pollution in the environment. Truth be told: the Zionist-Capitalist clique wanted to concentrate all wealth and power across the world at their hands, for which they needed to maintain their control over the European, North American, and Australian societies, which was possible if high standard of living was maintained there (through distribution of a small part of the capitalist plunder from all other continents); this cycle also demanded that, global south should continue to stay at abysmal poverty (with poor standard of living under a limited economic growth) in order to ensure that natural resources don’t dry up and environment doesn’t rebel too soon in order to ensure that the ‘golden billion’ population in Europe, and Anglo-countries in North America and Australia enjoy their divine (western Judaic-Christian) lives as long as and as much as possible – that was the disguised essence of LTG 50 years back and now.

But then, who knew that within just 50 years, the intended receivers of LTG would turn the tables, and the LTG tag would get attached to the western block proposers! And the funniest part of the whole exercise is that the Zionist-Capitalist Globalists themselves became enthusiastic participants in this process ostensibly to punish so-called ‘Russian aggression in Ukraine’.

2. How Russia Has Been Cornered by USA-NATO

2.1 Geopolitical thrust against Russia through NATO expansion

There exist a huge volume of literature on how USSR leader Gorbachev was ‘promised’ by the USA leaders about non-expansion of NATO before the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. However, it has to be accepted that such ‘verbal promises and assurances’ could not be considered as an legally valid ‘agreement’ in the world of geopolitics; hence the following rounds of NATO expansion happened quite smoothly with much fanfare ignoring the objections by the subsequent Russian leaders:

  • (i) NATO was formed in 1949 with 12 founding members – the UK, the USA, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, France, Denmark, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Iceland, and Canada – with the sole objective of providing the military strength that was required to run the world order (for which, the Zionist-Capitalist clique knew, there will be much opposition from Soviet Union, the exterminator of Nazi and Fascist forces of Europe created by them); NATO grew by including Greece and Turkey in 1952, West Germany in 1955, Spain in 1982
  • (ii) With German reunification in October 1990, East Germany joined NATO
  • (iii) At the March 1999 Washington summit, Hungary, Poland, and Czechia joined NATO
  • (iv) In March 2004 Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania joined NATO – last 3 countries were part of the USSR
  • (v) In April 2009 NATO included Albania and Croatia
  • (vi) In June 2017 NATO included Montenegro
  • (vii) In March 2020 NATO included North Macedonia.

By January 2019, NATO was on the verge of further enlargement through inclusion of the following European countries for whom preliminary procedural activities have been under progress since long:

  • (i) Bosnia and Herzegovina – Individual Partnership Action Plan was signed in September 2008; Membership Action Plan was approved during December 2018; military trainings are regularly provided by NATO instructors
  • (ii) Georgia – Individual Partnership Action Plan was signed in October 2004; Membership Action Plan is still being prepared; military trainings are regularly provided by NATO instructors
  • (iii) Ukraine – NATO–Ukraine Action Plan was signed in November 2002; Membership Action Plan is still being prepared; military trainings are regularly provided by NATO instructors

With almost entire European landmass under the NATO banner, it’s no wonder that the Russian leadership finds it at the receiving end of the nonstop NATO military preparedness. Ballistic missiles stationed in NATO base in Ukraine can hit Moscow in 7 minutes while hypersonic missiles in 4 minutes. President Putin said “It is like a knife to the throat. I have no doubt that they (NATO) hope to carry out these plans, as they did many times in the past, expanding NATO eastward, moving their military infrastructure to Russian borders and fully ignoring our concerns, protests, and warnings.”

2.2 Geopolitical thrust through squeezing the zone of Russian influence

Simultaneously with the break-up of the USSR, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) was being formed – leaders of the 3 founding members of USSR Russia-Belarus-Ukraine met near Brest in Belarus, and on 8th December 1991 signed the ‘Belavezha Accords’ that declared dissolution of USSR and establishment of the CIS. (Well, it was the most significant agreement in modern history which can be termed as profoundly illegitimate action carried out legally). So, while the debauchery of Gorbachev gang who were well-entrenched with the Communist Party and state administration in the Soviet Union in 1980s knew no limits, the heads of the break-way administrative regions (they were not states or countries) wanted to retain a practical unity among themselves keeping Russia at the centre for future cooperation in any field. On 21st December 1991, the leaders of 8 former Soviet Republics – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan – signed the ‘Alma-Ata Protocol’ to expand the CIS. Georgia joined in December 1993 as the 12th member-state. The 3 Baltic regions never joined CIS.

In geopolitical terms, CIS indeed became the sphere of Russian influence, and it ought to be. There was not even an iota of Marxist ideology left in the policy and administration of the CIS member-states – essentially the block was a necessity for economy and statecraft. However, the Zionist-Capitalist world order has been hell-bent on destroying the working relations between the CIS member-states on one side and Russian Federation on the other. Through deployment of the western-funded NGO as well as the media and academia owned by the Zionist-Capitalists, the embassies of USA-NATO countries undertook the following on a consistent and continuous basis:

  • Organise so-called ‘civil society’ (bringing in the intelligentsia and cultural personalities of the targeted society under a common umbrella which profess ‘progressive’ ‘liberal’ ‘LGBTQ’ ‘human rights’ ideas) and instigate them to create country-wide civil disobedience whenever a ruler/political party comes into power through elections who will NOT follow instructions by the Zionist-Capitalist clique. Thus ‘colour revolutions’ were staged in 2003 in Georgia (Rose Revolution overthrew of Eduard Shevardnadze and installed Mikhail Saakashvili), in 2004 in Ukraine (Orange Revolution removed Viktor Yanukovych and Viktor Yushchenko was declared President), in 2005 in Kyrgyzstan (Tulip Revolution led to the resignation of Askar Akayev), in 2014 in Ukraine (Maidan Revolution led to the resignation of Viktor Yanukovych), in 2018 in Armenia (Velvet Revolution led to the resignation of Serzh Sargsyan), to mention a few. As such, in the post-Soviet space and era, the so-called ‘democratic institutions’, ‘political parties’, and ‘rules of conduct’ were just a façade that covered the continuous and fierce struggle for supremacy among the 3 main contending groups for usurping power and amassing wealth – local business houses, tribal chieftains, Ivy League-educated political elites. The Zionist-Capitalist world order wanted to control 100% activities of all the governments – whether corrupt or honest, every leader must follow them. Every time an independent minded leader got elected in any of the erstwhile Soviet state he would be removed from power using orchestrated disturbances until 2021;
  • Create a new cultural trend among the educated people and elites who would increasingly believe that continuous westernization is the only way to prosperity. These elites will setup new institutions for education, art, cinema that will not only promote mainly modern Anglo culture along with modern French culture both of which are putrid perverted consumerism. The Judaic socio-economic norms will be popularised whereby truth and morality take a backseat! Finally, all ex-Soviet societies lost their sense of sanity, idealism, and morality and became invertebrate followers of Anglo-Jewish culture who are money worshipper and sexual perverts. In fact, such cultural pollution has been more effective to control the ex-Soviet population than political control – when the soul loses its vanity, the body will surrender meekly. The ‘Hate Russia’ campaign initiated and coordinated by the Zionist-Capitalists became so successful in Ukraine that murdering people of Russian-origin and banning Russian language-culture became one of the ‘nationalist’ agenda of successive governments in Ukraine – this prompted Crimea to declare independence and later on join Russian Federation, and also 2 small republics Donetsk and Lugansk in Donbas to declare independence in 2014. In spite of the international agreements The ‘Minsk agreements’ which sought to end the conflicts in the Donbas region, the fascist paramilitary and Ukraine military continued regular shelling of Donbas localities killing more than 10,000 people since 2015 – for the western toadies of the world order clique (like current President of Germany), such deaths are of no significance

Thus, due to continuous machinations by the Zionist-Capitalist world order, by mid-2010s CIS faded into oblivion. Two important organizations originated from the CIS – (i) the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) that was initiated with 7 CIS member-states, namely Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Armenia, later on Uzbekistan went out, (ii) the Eurasian Economic Union (EaEU) was signed by 3 CIS member-states, namely Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan joined later.

Fortunately for Russia, the Zionists couldn’t completely oust Russia from its traditional zone of influence – EaEU and CSTO are still acting as bulwarks against the Zionist-Capitalist world order, which is continuously plotting to overthrow each and every independent-minded head of states.

2.3 Geo-economic thrust through sanctions to paralyze Russian economy

During past 10 years the following economic sanctions have been put in place by the Zionist-Capitalist world order (signed by two of its geographical entities: USA and EU) all of which are still in force to cripple the Russian economy:

  • (i) USA in December 2012, subject: Magnitsky human rights and corruption sanctions
  • (ii) EU in March 2014, subject: Ukraine-related targeted sanctions
  • (iii) USA in March 2014, subject: Ukraine-related targeted sanctions
  • (iv) EU in June 2014, subject: Crimea-related sanctions
  • (v) USA in July 2014, subject: Ukraine-related economic sanctions
  • (vi) EU in July 2014, subject: Ukraine-related economic sanctions
  • (vii) EU in June 2014, subject: Crimea-related economic sanctions
  • (viii) USA in April 2015, subject: Global cyber-attacks and election interference sanctions
  • (ix) USA in December 2016, subject: Global Magnitsky human rights and corruption sanctions
  • (x) USA in August 2017, subject: Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA) sanctions
  • (xi) USA in August 2018, subject: Chemical weapons sanctions
  • (xii) EU in October 2018, subject: Global chemical weapons sanctions
  • (xiii) EU in May 2019, subject: Global cyber-attacks sanctions
  • (xiv) USA in December 2019, subject: Protecting Europe’s Energy Security Act (PEESA) sanctions
  • (xv) EU in May 2020, subject: Global human rights sanctions

Let me list down all the restrictive measures imposed by EU which are applicable on Russia OR any person in Russia OR any entity established in Russia. Information has been collected from EU Sanctions Map updated on 18th March 2022 which is available on public domain [ Link🡪 ]:

  • (i) Arms export to Russia (including related technical or financial assistance and services)
  • (ii) Arms import from Russia
  • (iii) Dual-use goods export to Russia (including related technical or financial assistance and services) – includes Nuclear materials, facilities and equipment (Category 0), Special materials and related equipment (Category 1), Materials processing (Category 2), Electronics (Category 3), Computers (Category 4), Telecommunications and information security (Category 5), Sensors and lasers (Category 6), Navigation and avionics (Category 7), Marine (Category 8), Aerospace and propulsion (Category 9)
  • (iv) Financial measures
    • – Prohibition on purchase, sell, provide investment services for or assistance in the issuance of, or otherwise deal with transferable securities and money-market instruments issued by any major credit institution, by an entity established in Russia, which is publicly controlled or with over 50% public ownership or by an entity established outside the Union whose proprietary rights are owned for more than 50% by a restricted entity
    • – Prohibition on sell, supply, transfer or export euro denominated banknotes to Russia including the government and the Central Bank of Russia, or for use in Russia
    • – Prohibition on providing specialised financial messaging services whose proprietary rights are owned for more than 50% by an entity which has been put under restriction
    • – Prohibition on selling euro denominated transferable securities or providing any services for transferable securities
    • – Prohibition on accepting any deposits from Russian nationals or persons residing in Russia or entities established in Russia, if the total value of deposits of the person or entity per credit institution exceeds 100,000 EUR.
    • – Prohibition on any transaction with an entity established in Russia, which is publically controlled or with over 50% public ownership, or with an entity established outside the Union whose proprietary rights are owned for more than 50% by an entity which has been put under restriction
    • – Prohibition on transactions related to the management of reserves as well as of assets of the Central Bank of Russia
    • – Prohibition on purchase, sell, provide investment services for or assistance in the issuance of, or otherwise deal with transferable securities and money-market instruments issued by Russia and its government, Central Bank of Russia or any entity acting on behalf of it
    • – Prohibition on purchase, sell, provide investment services for or assistance in the issuance of, or otherwise deal with transferable securities and money market instruments with a maturity exceeding 30 days, or any transferable securities and money market instruments issued by an entity established in Russia engaged in the conception, production, sales or export of military equipment or services, which has already been restricted
    • – Prohibition on credit rating services and access to any subscription services in relation to credit rating activities to any Russian national or person residing in Russia or an entity established in Russia
    • – Prohibition on acquiring new or extending existing participation in any entity operating in the energy sector in Russia. It is also prohibited to grant new loan or credit or otherwise provide financing to, or provide investment services or create any joint venture with, any entity operating in the energy sector in Russia
    • – Prohibition on providing public financing or financial assistance for trade with, or investment in, Russia. It is also prohibited to invest, participate or otherwise contribute to projects co-financed by the Russian Direct Investment Fund.
    • – Prohibition on making new loans or credit to any person or entity
  • (v) It is prohibited for any aircraft operated by Russian air carriers or for any non-Russian-registered aircraft which is owned or chartered, or otherwise controlled by any Russian person or entity, to take off from, land in or overfly the territory of the Union.
  • (vi) It is prohibited to satisfy claims in connection with any contract or transaction the performance of which has been affected by any of the measures imposed under this restrictive measures regime, if they are made by entities who have been restricted or entities related to them; by any Russian person, entity or body; or by any person, entity or body acting through or on behalf of one of the aforementioned.
  • (vii) Other restrictions – It is prohibited for operators to broadcast or to enable, facilitate or otherwise contribute to broadcast, any content by the restricted entities
  • (viii) It is prohibited to sell, supply, transfer or export goods and technology suited for use in aviation or the space industry to any person or entity in Russia or for use in Russia. It is also prohibited to provide any related insurance and reinsurance and certain related maintenance activities or any related technical or financial assistance
  • (ix) It is prohibited to import, purchase or transfer iron and steel products from Russia. Related technical or financial assistance and brokering services are also prohibited
  • (x) It is prohibited to sell, supply, transfer or export maritime navigation goods and technology and related technical or financial assistance to any person or entity in Russia or for use in Russia or for the placing on board of a Russian-flagged vessel
  • (xi) It is prohibited to sell, supply, transfer or export goods and technology and related technical or financial assistance suited for use in oil refining to any person or entity in Russia or for use in Russia
  • (xii) It is prohibited to sell, supply, transfer or export goods or technology to any person or entity in Russia or for use in Russia in the energy sector. Related technical or financial assistance and brokering or other services are prohibited.

To sum up, ALL types of commercial and technical exchanges (in the realms of trade-business-finance-technology) between Russia and the Western countries have been shattered completely by these sanctions. This is the initial step to hopelessly weaken the adversary before the adversary declares complete surrender OR the USA-5 Eyes-NATO can start a pre-emptive nuclear strike simultaneously at 200 urban centres and industrial clusters. In an analysis named ‘Western sanctions and Russia’ published by European Parliamentary Research Service Martin Russell states “in its September 2021 recommendation on the direction of EU-Russia political relations, the European Parliament stresses that sanctions must remain in place until the territorial integrity of Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine is restored within their internationally recognised borders.” In other words, sanctions of Russia will stay until the independent-minded government of Russia capitulates to the Hegemonic Zionist-Capitalist world order (along with all intended consequences) with / without the necessity of a nuclear first strike.

2.4 Think-Tank Chalked out Comprehensive Plan to Destroy Russian Society-Economy-State

While the governments owned by the Zionist-Capitalist world order in USA, 5-Eyes, NATO are doing their best to destroy the Russian society and civilization, the academia and media owned by the same Zionist-Capitalist world order are also contributing towards the game plan. ‘Extending Russia : Competing from Advantageous Ground’ document published in 2019 (“this report documents research and analysis conducted as part of the RAND Corporation research project sponsored by the Army Quadrennial Defense Review Office, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff G-8, Headquarters, Department of the Army, the USA”) included a complete list of actions in Table 9.1 of the document. The table has been copied below:



The RAND report comprehensively mentioned every action undertaken by the Zionist-Capitalist hegemon except the following itms, information of which will always remain blocked under strict confidentiality:

  • (a) Nuclear first strike – the USA-based oligarchy, for over 3 decades has been effortlessly providing funds to design and install a missile defence system across Asia-Europe-North America continents that will engage with any Russian and Chinese missiles flying towards USA, 5-Eyes, and west European countries of NATO
  • (b) Repetitive Biological warfare – the Hegemon, for over 7 decades has been providing funds to design and operationalize a biological warfare system across Asia-Africa-South America continents that will rapidly destroy countries and societies through propagation of laboratory-made virus and bacteria. Covid-19 is one such initiative.

2.5 Russian Decides to Fight Back USA-NATO Designs

On December 17, 2021 the foreign ministry of the Russian government sent two proposals – a draft agreement with NATO countries and a draft treaty with the USA – to NATO and the USA government. Few significant clauses of the proposed agreement/treaty are mentioned below:

(a) ‘Agreement on measures to ensure the security of The Russian Federation and member States of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’ contained 4 key propositions:

“Article 4: The Russian Federation and all the Parties that were member States of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization as of 27 May 1997, respectively, shall not deploy military forces and weaponry on the territory of any of the other States in Europe in addition to the forces stationed on that territory as of 27 May 1997.” …

“Article 5: The Parties shall not deploy land-based intermediate- and short-range missiles in areas allowing them to reach the territory of the other Parties.”

“Article 6: All member States of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization commit themselves to refrain from any further enlargement of NATO, including the accession of Ukraine as well as other States.”

“Article 7: The Parties that are member States of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization shall not conduct any military activity on the territory of Ukraine as well as other States in the Eastern Europe, in the South Caucasus and in Central Asia.”

(b) ‘Treaty between The United States of America and the Russian Federation on security guarantees’ contained 4 key propositions:

“Article 4: The United States of America shall undertake to prevent further eastward expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and deny accession to the Alliance to the States of the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

The United States of America shall not establish military bases in the territory of the States of the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics that are not members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, use their infrastructure for any military activities or develop bilateral military cooperation with them.”

“Article 5: The Parties shall refrain from deploying their armed forces and armaments, including in the framework of international organizations, military alliances or coalitions, in the areas where such deployment could be perceived by the other Party as a threat to its national security, with the exception of such deployment within the national territories of the Parties.” …

“Article 6: The Parties shall undertake not to deploy ground-launched intermediate-range and shorter-range missiles outside their national territories, as well as in the areas of their national territories, from which such weapons can attack targets in the national territory of the other Party.”

“Article 7: The Parties shall refrain from deploying nuclear weapons outside their national territories and return such weapons already deployed outside their national territories at the time of the entry into force of the Treaty to their national territories. The Parties shall eliminate all existing infrastructure for deployment of nuclear weapons outside their national territories.”

Essentially, Russian government proposed the USA government to roll back 3 decades of NATO expansion across the east Europe and in Ukraine as well as keep their hands off from the zones of Russian influence – let’s be honest about it, Russia made no mistake, the Hegemonic world order is now a matter of past. To sum up, through these two simple draft documents, Russian government actually suggested the Zionist-Capitalist world order (represented by the USA President) to sign on the death warrant of the Zionist Empire. By signing the agreements with Russia (having the largest nuclear force) the USA could have gracefully retreated (still maintaining its military and economic prowess as one of the geopolitical poles of the new multipolar world order). But the USA government and its owners don’t want to give up easily – in the following section, we will discuss that.

3. The Zionist-Capitalist Oligarchy’s ‘Sanctions’ in 2022 and the ‘Consequences’

3.1 Impact of 2014-2015 sanctions on Russia

It may be noted that the previous bout of sanctions didn’t prove to be as effective as the Zionist-Capitalist clique expected. In 6 years from 2015 to 2020, the Russian GDP, probably, experienced about 1% less growth annually than normally expected growth. However, the country became much more resilient in terms of self-sufficiency. The three significant aspects of this episode are:

  • (1) Defense industry and preparedness

Two ways the sanctions worked in favour of Russia – firstly, it became a necessity for Russian defence sector companies to innovate new military machinery and optimise the cost of research and production in order to create a robust military machinery against the might of USA and NATO who outspend Russia by probably 20:1 ratio, secondly, Russian defence sector was compelled to fill up the vacancy created by the MIC of Ukraine, which since the era of Soviet Union acted as the industrial centre for aerospace and defence machinery manufacturing. Programmes to produce substitutes for items previously imported from Ukraine and the West were given top priority and significant state resources were allocated.

Russian government modernised all 4 wings of the military, introduced a host of ultra-modern military machines, and initiated a real revolution in military affairs. It was the most ambitious modernisation in military affairs undertaken by any country in this century. Russia became leader in hypersonic missiles, EW systems, and ASAT systems while in all other areas it maintained leadership jointly with USA.

  • (2) Agriculture and animal husbandry

Russia’s counter-sanctions in this area targeted for a significant increase in output in their agricultural sector. But the domestic production has not risen dramatically, as some initially hoped. So, initially exporters from non-Western countries that have not participated in the Western sanctions regime (Argentina, Brazil, China, and Turkey) have benefited by increasing their share of the Russian food market.

Soon the government policies to promote the development of domestic agriculture and animal husbandry through a government-led import substitution strategy started showing results. Protected from Western competition, the country’s agriculture sector has been flourishing – food production in Russia increased by 31 % between 2014 and 2019. As a result, Russia became a net exporter of food-grains.

  • (3) Oil and Natural Gas extraction and processing

Modern civilizations operate on energy – not only energy as a source of electrical or mechanical power, but also as a source of a wide range of chemicals which characterises modern societies. Russia has the largest reserves and is the largest exporter of natural gas, has the second largest coal reserves, has the sixth largest oil reserves and is the second largest crude oil exporter.

The government policies to prioritize the oil and gas sector in fact created a new boom in that sector. Russian government owned oil and gas companies not only established themselves in extraction and refining of oil, but they also laid thousands of kilometres of pipelines across land and sea to transport natural gas and oil to neighbouring countries. In fact, Russia assisted many European countries with natural gas priced lower than the market rate. The lack of technology in extraction and refining were addressed through special programmes.

3.2 The 2022 sanctions and probable Consequences

For Russia, the EU have been the largest foreign entity for trade and investment followed by China. In 2019, the EU was the largest investor in Russia – the EU FDI outward stock in Russia amounted to €311.4 billion, while Russia’s FDI stock in the EU was estimated at €136 billion; in 2021, the total trade in goods between the EU and Russia amounted to €257.5 billion – the EU’s imports were €158.5 billion while the EU’s exports totalled €99.0 billion.

As on date there are 3 sets of sanctions: (a) by the EU, (b) by the USA, (c) by the UK. Those sanctions vary not much in scope but in number of targeted individuals and organisations. The EU being Russia’s largest trading partner, I will primarily consider the sanction packages by EU, and its consequences in the table below (apart from the EU, and its entities/individuals, the USA and the UK, and their entities/individuals will also be subjected to most of the consequences of those sanctions imposed by them):

Table 3.1

Sanction Date Sanction Description Consequences of Sanctions
23 Feb 2022 – First package – targeted sanctions against the 351 members of the Russian State Duma and an additional 27 individuals

– restrictions on economic relations with the non-government controlled areas of Donetsk and Lugansk oblasts

– restrictions on Russia’s access the EU’s capital and financial markets and services

25 Feb 2022 – Second package – Financial sector sanctions that will cut Russia’s access to the most important capital markets, targeting 70% of the Russian banking market, key state-owned companies, including defence

– Energy sector sanctions that will prohibit the sale, supply, transfer or export to Russia of specific goods and technologies and related services in oil refining

– Transport sector sanctions that will ban the sale of all aircraft, spare parts and equipment, and maintenance to Russian airlines.

– Restrictions on exports of dual-use goods and technology, as well as restrictions on exports of certain goods and technology which might contribute to Russia’s defence and security sector

– Visa policy sanctions that mean diplomats and related groups, and business people will no longer have privileged access to the EU. With this the list of sanctioned persons and entities comprises a total of 654 individuals and 52 entities

– Since Russia can’t access finance and credit from EU, Russia will ban banks of EU from carrying out transactions

– If EU refuses to import petroleum and natural gas from Russia, it is EU who suffers. Out of 4 major economic regions across the world (the USA, Europe, China, East Asia) only the USA is self-sufficient in energy. Economy of EU will get devastated with costlier oil and LNG from the USA

– Russia has proven reserve of many of the exotic minerals that are required for manufacturing in high technology products, so if Russia refuses to supply these exotic materials to EU, EU will suffer

Russia will nationalise the manufacturing plants, facilities, and machineries which are abandoned by the EU companies and their subsidiaries

28 Feb 2022 – Third package – A ban on transactions with the Russian Central Bank, aiming at preventing the Central Bank from accessing its large amounts of foreign reserves held in the EU

– A ban on the over-flight of EU airspace and on access to EU airports by Russian carriers of all kinds

– Add 26 individuals and 1 entity to the list of sanctioned persons and entities. With these additions, the list comprises a total of 680 individuals and 53 entities

Russia will suspend payment of loans to those countries where its foreign reserves are frozen. EU will suffer because Eurozone banking system is very fragile with liabilities greater than assets

Russia has banned European airlines from using its expansive airspace

2 Mar 2022 – Third package – Exclude 7 key Russian banks from the SWIFT system, the world’s dominant financial messaging system. This measure will stop these banks from conducting their financial transactions worldwide in a fast and efficient manner

– Prohibit investing in projects co-financed by the Russian Direct Investment Fund

– Prohibit selling, supplying, transferring or exporting euro banknotes to Russia or to any person or entity in Russia

– Prohibit state-owned media Russia Today and Sputnik to broadcast in the EU

– Since key Russian banks can’t use the SWIFT system, they are moving to CIPS system of China and SPFS system of Russia. Importance of SWIFT and status of Dollar as reserve currency go down

– Russian government demanded payment against exports in roubles from the EU

– Russian government has banned all social networking IT majors like Facebook, Twitter and media houses like BBC, CNN

9 Mar 2022 – “Compliance package” – Restrictive measures with regard to the export of maritime navigation goods and radio communication technology

– Add 160 individuals to the list of sanctioned persons and entities. With these additions, the list comprises a total of 862 individuals and 53 entities

15 Mar 2022 – Fourth package – A full prohibition on transactions with certain Russian State-owned enterprises, with the exception of State-owned banks, railways and the maritime shipping register

– Prohibit EU agencies to provide financial/credit rating services to Russian companies

– A ban on new investments in the Russian energy sector, with the exception of nuclear energy

– A ban on imports of iron and steel products from Russia, and export of luxury goods to Russia

– Add 15 individuals and 9 entities to the list of sanctioned persons and entities, With these additions, the list comprises a total of 877 individuals and 62 entities.

– Russia will ban export of fertilizer to EU, as well as refuse to sell natural gas which is synthesized to make nitrogenous fertilizer. EU (155 kilogram fertilizer/ hectare of arable land) will face food shortage

– Russia is inviting Chinese, Indian, and other companies to participate in energy sector as equity-owner

– Russia will impose a set of sanctions on EU countries and its entities/individuals

Russian leadership should, without further delay, bring Sergei Glazyev as the Finance Minister who got the most clear idea and vision on what should be called as ‘Economics’ (he doesn’t dance to the tune of the Zionist-Capitalist ideology). Russian economy, in order to survive, should move away from neoliberal monetary and fiscal policies. At the same time they must implement a gold-backed rouble and move away from oligarchy-oriented economics towards people-oriented economics. However, that’s another topic of discussion.

The information provided in Table 3.1 proves beyond doubt that on either side of the Atlantic, the representatives of the Judaicized Western civilization is carrying out hara-kiri with great fanfare – they are restricting opportunity for economic and technological growth and hence, contraction of its power base is inevitable. The leaders of the non-Western world who are least bothered about any sanctions by the Zionist-Capitalist world order (for they know the reasons behind such sanctions are INVARIABLY to promote Western business) should be sincere and honest to seize the opportunity to create a new world order.

4. Immediate Political Tasks Against The Hegemon

History will absolve the Russian leadership – President Putin, Defense Minister Shoigu, Foreign Minister Lavrov, and other key leaders like Patrushev, Ivanov, and Gryzlov – for their lead role in the ongoing military-policing action in the Russian lands that are currently part of what is known as the Ukraine. There has been a mortal attack on truth-justice-equality-morality by the satanic forces who wore a garb of democracy-freedom-human rights to disguise themselves – their democracy is democracy of oligarchs, their freedom is freedom to swindle, meaning of their human rights is propagation of sexual depravity. Russian leaders are, rightly, trying to address the problem that has been growing by the day – the special operation appears to be meticulously planned and being thoroughly executed by the Russian military.

All ancient civilizations have been facing an existential threat ever since the gang of Jewish, Anglo, and Dutch Zionists (Judaic-Christian bankers-merchants) laid the foundation of Zionist-Capitalist world order in Amsterdam as early as the first decade of 17th century. Russia has been no exception. A serious introspection will reveal that Russia-China-Iran remain the strongest bastion of resistance to the rotten world order (India-Vietnam-Turkey-Brazil could join them in future, if the leadership become more wise). At this point of time, Russian leadership has few key tasks ahead of them:

Task 1: After the military-policing actions in east and south regions of current Ukraine gets over, say by the beginning of May, a historical phenomenon will have to be resurrected. “The Right-Bank” should become the Ukraine which had been under the social-cultural-political-economic influences of Polish and Austrian kingdoms for longer period compared to Tsarist Russian influence or pre-Mongol Rus civilization. The Ukraine government (newly demarcated boundary) with seat of power in (right-bank) Kiev will have to enter into treaty with Russian government about its political and military neutrality in future.

Completion by – May’2022.

Task 2: The history of humankind, the story of civilization showed us that destruction is not an end in itself, ruin is not a permanent solution. Hence, after a thorough cleansing (denazified and demilitarized) Novorossiya / Malorossiya should appear in place of what is currently called as east (of river Dnieper) and south (Dnipropetrovsk onwards both sides of river Dnieper) Ukraine – that’s the second historical phenomenon which needs to be resurrected in the near future. In these lands, entire administration, the institutions, and the political system should be completely changed to depose the white supremacist and anti-Slavic ideas with which the people were brainwashed for past 3 decades.

Completion by – August’2022.

Task 3: The world (minus the Zionist-Capitalist clique and its beneficiaries) awaits rising of the Eurasian Union phoenix from the ashes! All great things – immortal literature and fine arts, great scientific and technological achievements, social and moral rejuvenation – experienced by the humankind till date were borne out of great ideas. Eurasian Union is not an exception. I will continue to remind the leaders of the civic society, and the political society as well as the intelligentsia across the world (minus the Zionist-Capitalist clique and its beneficiaries) about the idea of Eurasian Union – the novel idea that humanity is more magnificent than power, and that justice is more glorious compared to wealth, and that truth is more sacrosanct than media campaign MUST be defended. Eurasian Union (with its new capital located beyond Ural Mountains) can start with the unification of the lands of Russia, Belarus, Novorossiya/ Malorossiya, Armenia, Moldova and Georgia as the first phase (of primarily Orthodox people)! Who knows, other regions like Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan etc. would like to join the union state at a later date.

Completion by – November’2022.

Task 4: Russian government should send an official proposal to the government of Japan on a permanent peace treaty. In that, Russian government should initiate a strategic move (Russian nationalists will, no doubt, call my suggestion as a blasphemy) whereby it would offer Japan the disputed 4 southernmost Kuril islands – Etorofu, Kunashiri, Shikotan, Habomai. Soviet Union as a result of its unsurpassable and unforgettable struggle against fascist and militarist troika Germany-Italy-Japan during WW II got those islands under its control – I know that part of history. However, as part of the future WW III preparedness, if Russia can ensure permanent peace with Japan by offering those 4 southernmost Kuril islands, Russia stands to gain incomparably more compared to the situation in case of maintaining the status quo. The peace treaty should include cessation of all types of hostilities and initiation of new economic initiatives between Russia and Japan (which may include supply of natural gas through undersea pipelines).

Completion by – June’2023.

Last, but not the least, Task 5: Russian government should send official requests to all erstwhile USSR states and other east European countries reminding them about the futility of military posturing against Eurasian Union. Each of them may chose to remain NATO partner if they wish so, but each of the east European countries must sign agreement/ treaty conforming that there won’t be any type of NATO military base or military activity on their land. Those countries may form their own coalitions if they wish, but they must not bring west European military bases into east Europe. Russia, after the past three centuries of attacks by the western powers (Sweden in the first decade of 18th century, France in the second and Britain/France in the sixth decade of 19th century, Germany in the first and Germany/Italy in the fifth decade of 20th century), deserves a peaceful 21st century. East Europe should instead foster economic relationship with Russia to utilize its immense natural resources, not least for its proven reserves of petroleum and natural gas.

Completion by – December’2023.

Completion of the above mentioned five key tasks will ensure that, the Russian government has secured a peace that will last for a period of 10-20 years. The dawning of new multi-polar world order may not witness WW III if the Zionist-Capitalists of the USA, 5 Eyes, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, and above all, Israel maintain their sanity and common sense to understand that the game is up.. However, keeping fingers crossed as someone wisely said, ‘common sense is after all very uncommon’.

5. Conclusion

As I’m submitting this article to ‘The Saker’, a debate has been raging on the internet among the readers who are interested in geopolitics and international relations – apparently, Russian negotiators are discussing about possibility of relieving military pressure on Kiev, to which the netizens are protesting. However, netizens and readers across the world are not privy to the plans of Russian government regarding the ongoing special operation in Ukraine.

As a participant in the anti-Hegemon activism on the internet for the past one and a half decades, and as the author of an article in The Saker website published 6 years back [ Link 🡪 ] which probably was the first ever attempt to comprehensively define the ‘Resistance camp’ in terms of ‘why’, ‘who’, and ‘how’ expanding the horizon beyond Russia and China, I would like to put forward my views in a simple form as given below in a tabular format:

Table: 5.1

Strategic Objectives Operational Imperatives
(a) Collapse of Zionist-Capitalist empire

(b) Creation of multipolar world order

(1) Create Eurasian Union state (built around Russian Federation) backed by strong peoples’ party and (technology-based) peoples’ military

(2) Create Chinese Union state (built around Peoples Republic of China) backed by strong peoples’ party and (technology-based) peoples’ military

(3) Campaign for de-dollarisation of global economy, and push for new basket of currencies representing 10 largest economy and demography

(4) Campaign for gold-backed currency of BRICS and SCO countries along with gold purchase by the Central Banks

(5) Renovate BRI and restrict to Asia-Africa-South America continents and Central America-East Europe regions

(6) Merge regional economic initiatives like EaEU and RCEP with BRI through suitable mechanisms as much as possible

(7) Control export of raw material and technology to Europe, North America, Australia continents as much as possible

(8) Chalk out plans for import-export trading within Asia-Africa-South America continents as much as possible

(9) Restrict use of IT hardware and application owned by the Zionist-Capitalist clique in the fields of international finance, trade, and social networking

(10) Cut special relations in space and defence research with countries governed by the Zionist-Capitalist clique

The above-mentioned table is NOT my wish-list, it is the GEOPOLITICAL and GEO-ECONOMIC NECESSITY of the hour, IF the people of the world are to be freed from poverty and hunger, from ignorance and insanity, from immorality and vulgarity, from manipulation and mind control, above all, from slavery of corporates and banks! It is not that only Russia is on the crosshairs of the Zionist-Capitalist clique – ANY INDEPENDENT MINDED country, people, government was/is/will be targeted by the Zionist-Capitalist clique. At this point of time Russia-China-Iran are the biggest stumbling blocks for the Hegemon to exercise untrammelled power and authority. In near future, Brazil-India-Turkey will join the list. Every follower of the current world order MUST BE a follower without asking any question.

Coming back to the question of Russian (so-called) ‘invasion’ of (so-called) Ukraine, any reader may put forward a valid question – what has table 5.1 to do with Russia-Ukraine conflict? My response will be: fulfilment of the main objectives of Russian government when they started the special operation in Ukraine (denazification, demilitarization, future neutrality of Ukraine, free Donbas/Novorossian land, no NATO base in east Europe) are part of the set of tactical tasks against Operational Imperatives #1 listed in table 5.1. If the Russian-Chinese-Iranian governments and leaders consider each of the 10 Operational Imperatives and explore and fulfil the tactical tasks against each of them within this decade, world will never be same again!


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