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by Scott Humor

Part I.

SBU orders to destroy all evidence of the conducted special operation MH17

Part II.

A few notes regarding the published materials:

Upon release of these documents by the Sovershenno secretno newspaper, some observers  pointed out that these documents are most likely fake, because of the reference used in Document No.3 where the General V.S. Gritsak refers to the Donetsk People’s republic as a “держава” which means a state, he also uses the words “державні установ” which means “state organization.”

However, this exact formula for identification of the Donetsk and Lugansk republics has been used by the Ukrainian Court System and the law enforcement from May 11, 2014 when the referendum by the Donetsk Republic announced the de jure sovereignty of the DPR.

The unified state register of court decisions of Ukraine reported that on April 23, 2016 the Oktyabrsky district court of Poltava issued a death certificate for a citizen of Donetsk Republic. In the document the court uses the following wording “c. Donetsk of Donetsk People’s republic.”


The fact that a district court in Ukraine was using the name of the “republic” so casually made a huge impression when the document was finally discovered in April of this year.

Ukraine has a very unorthodox way to determine what countries come under the category of neighboring countries. According to the Military expenditures and their distribution in the leading and neighboring Ukraine, the States of 2004 chart published on the official website of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, neighboring with Ukrainian States are Turkey, Poland and Hungary.

Considering that these and many other official papers, documents and charts have been produced for Ukraine by the CIA and its privately owned contractors, otherwise known as people who don’t know geography, it still doesn’t explain why would the deputy director of the SBU used the term “neighboring state” in reference to Donetsk while ordering the conduct of the special intelligence operations there.

There are might be several different explanations of why the SBU refers to DPR as a state and its leaders as the “governmental bodies” and treating them as foreign states, against whom the SBU has been conducting an “anti-terror operation or ATO” that was officially launched on the eve of April 13by the Verkhovna Rada-appointed Interim President Turchynov.

I believe that the SBU in the summer of 2014 used the term “суміжні держави” (neighboring state) in reference to the DPR in the paragraph #1 of the Document No.3 incorporated hereafter, because this term protected the Kiev authorities and the SBU from the claims that they were using regular armed forces of Ukraine against Ukrainian citizens, a move that would normally brand them as a repressive and rogue regime.

Using this perfidious verbal gymnastic of the Kiev regime, the SBU, which has been under a control of the CIA, managed to claim themselves as the victims, while they have been using the third biggest army in the world to attack the population of two cities and surrounding villages.

There is one, but very important aspect of the Ukrainian tragedy that you should keep in mind while trying to comprehend the setup of the Ukrainian War operation. The referendums in Donetsk and Lugansk that took place on May 11, 2014 were for sovereignty of the republics. The republics held the referendums even after the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, asked them publicly not to have those referendums. If I remember it correctly the leaders of the republics at the time responded that Putin wasn’t their president to tell them what to do. Many times after that Putin said that the Russian government saw the republics as parts of Ukraine, and that the republics should achieve an autonomous status within Ukraine. He was even accused in “trying to push the republics back to Ukraine.” 

He didn’t explain why he was against the referendum for sovereignty of the republics. Now, we might understand what he, being an intelligence officer and an expert in law, saw back then. The SBU leaked documents reveal how exactly the military junta in Kiev was using the proclaimed independence of the republics to cover up their war crimes against the civilians.

Based on the winning argument that Russian legal team presented recently in the International Criminal Court titled the Argument presented by the Russian Federation the in the case concerning Application of the International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism and of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (Ukraine v. Russian Federation), everything that took place in Ukraine starting with Maidan was the Kiev regime’s own doing.



Terms and abbreviations used in the documents.

ГУ/GU – Главное управление, Main Directorate

ВКР/VKR – военной контрразведки, military counterintelligence

ДКР/DKR – Департамента контрразведки, the Main Military Counterintelligence Directorate

SBU – Security Service of Ukraine

СЗР/SZR szru.gov.ua – Служба зовнішньої розвідки – Foreign Intelligence service of Ukraine

The Department for National Economy Counterintelligence Protection DKZED, a leading department within the SBU

Ukrainian SBU, its Structure and management, in Russian

The SBU headquarter in Kiev takes an entire block in center city

Official website sbu.gov.ua

Original publication in  Russian



Document No. 3 Dated June 24 2014

Two Seals, a square seal and a round seal, both say “Security services of Ukraine” in Ukrainian language.

Classified: Top secret
Security Service of Ukraine Copy No. 1
Office of Inspector General
Ref. No. 1/1038

First deputy Head
of the Security Service of Ukraine
Colonel General V.S. Gritsak
July 24, 2014

Addition to the Plan for the main organizational, counterintelligence and special investigation measures of the Counterintelligence Department (site Lugansk city) of the SBU and special forces units ATO for the 2nd half of 2014.

1. Counteraction against intelligence activity
1.1 Together with DVKR (the Department of Military Counterintelligence – Ed.) of the SBU to establish (during the 3rd quarter of the year) intelligence centers of objects located on the border territory that conduct technical and human intelligence against Ukraine, to ensure (during the 3rd quarter) the study of their personnel during the possible visit of Ukraine.
I.c.: Kondratyuk V.V.

1.2 Within the framework of the ATO in cooperation with the DKR SBU to carry out (during the 3rd quarter) technical infiltration into the governmental bodies of the neighboring state (DNR), from whose position intelligence activities against Ukraine is being conducted.
I.c.: Kondratyuk V.V.

2. Blocking of intelligence actions of special services of RF, including those carried out from the position of special services of the self-proclaimed DNR.

In cooperation with DVKR SBU for detection, documentation and termination of the intelligence activities of the Federal Security Service [FSB], which conduct their operations using the positions of the armed units DPR against Ukraine, to infiltrate (during the 2nd half of year) the personnel and agent network of the of the state security strictures of the DPR on the basis of revealed intelligence measures of the named foreign special service.
I.c.: Kondratyuk V.V.

3. On countermeasures to the intelligence activities of the RF special services

Together with DBKR SBU to document and terminate (during this year) the activities of the special services of RF that operate under the cover of the military forces of the DPR as well as state and non-governmental structures that are located on the territory of Ukraine, but have an influence of the military forces of the special services of RF from the positions of DNR.
I.c.: Kondratyuk V.V.

  1. In the line of counterintelligence protection in relation to the state special operations conducted within the framework of the ATO in the interests of the state, as well as counterintelligence measures against the foreign special services, and prevention of their actions detrimental of our state.Together with DKR SBU, DVKR SBU, and the special forces  of the ATO with the purpose of timely detection, prevention and termination of intelligence activities of foreign special services in the areas of conducting special operations to ensure the monitoring of foreign presence (Torez city, village Grabovo). Within the framework of the ATO conduct special measures to destroy any facts of the conduct of the special operation. Obtain information about the presence of possible witnesses among the residents of the district, the military and others. Use effective preventive measures.
    I.c.: Kondratyuk V.V.

    5. In the line of counteraction to the special services of RF.

    Together with DKR SBU and DVKR SBU identify (during the 3rd quarter) persons from military personnel carrying out transfer of information protected by the state, obtain the facts of their cooperation with the resident intelligence agents of the DPR . Based on the facts, detain them for further criminal changes.
    I.c.: Kondratyuk V.V.
    6. Together with DKR SBU, provide an implementation of the Comprehensive plan of counter-intelligence protection SZR of Ukraine for 2014


V. Kondratyuk
«24» July 2014

[As you see in this classified document, the first deputy of the SBU and the head of the Anti-Terrorist Center of the SBU Colonel-General Vasily Gritsak directly and frankly gives the command “Attack” to carry out “special measures to destroy the evidence of the special operation.” He suggests the “use of effective preventive measures” against possible witnesses, regardless, if they were local civilian residents or the military servicemen.  Could it be that it was acceding to such measures the sergeant Vyacheslav was killed by a sniper?note from a publisher]


Document No. 4 June 28, 2014

Letterhead of the Security Service of Ukraine

Marked in the right top corner as Top secret
Office of Inspector General Copy No.1
28.07.2014 No. о/l-147

To Head of Department KR

Concerning the conduct of the special operations

In pursuance of the instructions and orders of the Head of the Security Service of Ukraine, in accordance with the plan for the implementation of special operations conducted within the framework of the ATO on the territory of the Donetsk region (village Grabovo) I ask you to instruct the heads of the units of the Office of SBU in the Donetsk region and special units of the armed forces of Ukraine about the destruction of any materials that indicate law violations by personnel and servicemen of the armed forces of Ukraine.

In addition according to the plan of the main organizational, KR and ORZ (counterintelligence and operational-investigative measures – Ed) DKR SB of Ukraine from 20.07.2014 No. 1 / 1-837 approved by the First Deputy Head of the Security Service of Ukraine Colonel General Gritsak V. S. implement:

– effective prophylactic measures among witnesses of the special operation on July 17, 2014 ( identify and detain witnesses of civil aircraft explosion);

–  Rotate (regroup) the servicemen who were deployed on the territory of the village Grabovo, Donetsk region;  [Rotation in Ukrainian armed forces might mean replacement, or deployment to a different region – translator.]

as a part of a special operation, destroy all materials that indicate the presence of combat aircraft and their carrying out combat missions in the specified area on July 17, 2014;

– conduct prophylactic (preventive) measures and rotation of servicemen of the air force squadron who conducted flights in the specified area. In particular, the servicemen of the Aviation Brigade No. A-4104, Chuguev city, Kharkov region. [See translator’s notes below.]

Head of the Office of Inspector General А. Kalyuzhnyak


«To destroy any materials indicating the presence of combat aircraft and (them) conducting the combat missions in the specified area on July 17, 2014». A signature. An official seal. What is it, if not a personally signed sentence for cynical concealment, and a cover-up of one of the most heinous crimes of the 21st century?

The Office of the Inspector General is the structural unit having the highest position in the hierarchy of the Security Service of Ukraine. This Office is entrusted with overseeing the implementation of all significant orders of the SBU leadership. Orders and decrees of the Office are binding. The Head of the Office of Inspector the General, General Kalyuzhnyak submitted directly to Head of the SBU Valentin Nalivaichenko and Nalivaichenko to President Poroshenko.


It is interesting to look, if not directly in the eyes, then at least into the biographies of those high-ranking SBU officials who gave these criminal orders

Gritsak Vasily Sergeevich (Грицак Василь Сергійович) – 1967. After the service rendered to Petro Poroshenko in destroying the evidence of the fighter jets carrying out the combat mission near the village of Grabovo on July 17, 2014 , Vasily Gritsak’s career went up sharply. On July 2, 2015, he was appointed the Head of the SBU in place of Nalivaichenko. On March 25, 2016 received the rank of the rank of General of Ukrainian Army.

Gritsak began the service in 1990 in the organs of the KGB of the USSR in the rank of sergeant. After Ukraine got its independence, he rose to become a head of the Main Directorate of the SBU for Kiev and Kiev region, and in December 2009 he was appointed the first deputy Director of the SBU and the head of the Main Office “K” (anti-corruption unit).

In March 2010 Gritsak was unexpectedly dismissed from the SBU, but he remained enlisted. For four years he managed the personal security for the oligarch-confectioner Petro Poroshenko. When Poroshenko became president, on July 7, 2014 his strongman “licznik” Gritsak was returned to the SBU this time as the First Deputy Director of the SBU and the head of the SBU Anti-Terrorist Center to solve the problem with the Boeing. Per newspaper “RBC-Ukraine,” General Gritsak is considered to be “one hundred percent man of President Poroshenko”


Kalyuzhnyak Anatoly (Анатолій Калюжняк) – 1962. The Head of the Office of Inspector General of the SBU. The author of the unforgettable idea of “effective prophylactic measures” against any witnesses. He was born in Khmelnitsky region, in 1988 he graduated from the Kharkov Law Institute. In 1990 he joined the KGB of the USSR. He held the post of deputy head of the Anti-Corruption Department of the Khmelnitsky regional office of the USB. In 2005 in the rank of colonel he became the head of the Kremenchug office of the SBU.

In April 2012 he was appointed a Deputy Head of the main office “K” of the SBU. In early 2014, Kalyuzhnyak served as a deputy head of the Office of Inspector General of the SBU. In this role, he testified at the April 2014 hearings of the interim investigative Commission of the Verkhovna Rada about the mass murders during the Maidan.


Kondratyuk Valiry Vitalyevich (Кондратюк Валерій Віталійович) – born in 1970.  As the result of this special operation, after Gritsuk the most benefits got the Head of the Counter-Intelligence department of the SBU General Kondratyuk. The same Kondratyuk, who received the order “within the framework of the ATO conduct special measures to destroy any facts of conduct of the special operation.”

A year after this “clean-up” on July 27, 2015 he was appointed by the Presidential decree as the head of the Main Intelligence Office of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense . A year later, on October 15, 2016, Poroshenko appointed Kondratyuk as the Deputy head of his presidential administration.

Valery Kondratyuk graduated from the Kiev Higher Combined Arms Command twice Red Banner School named after M.V. Frunzein in 1991. For some time he served for the SBU, but was kicked out with prejudice. According to the Ukrainian journalist Vladimir Boyko, Kondratyuk was exposed by the Internal Security Office of the SBU as an agent of the US special services. However, after the events on Maidan he was reinstated in the SBU. The fact of his work for the US  that was prior considered to be treason, after the Maidan became an honorary part of his biography. Let’s remember that Gritsak also was purged from the ranks of counterintelligence officers in 2010, and now he is the head of the SBU.


Mikhail Grek This is the colonel who organized a manhunt on “Katsap” – the witness who had evidence of the Ukrainian army and air forces violating the law, namely evidence of them shooting down the civilian aircraft.

Grek was appointed as the head of the Office SBU for the Lugansk region by a Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Oleksandr Turchynov with decree № 413/2014 on April 15th, 2014. The fate of “Katsap” is not known, yet.

Kalchenko R. Colonel, Head of department No. 4 UKRP DKR SB of Ukraine
(Office of Counterintelligence Investigations of the Counter-Intelligence Department). He was the one, who all your zeal directed at “the establishment and detention of witnesses of the shooting of a civilian aircraft.” We have a little information about Colonel Kalchenko. What’s interesting is that after the “Boeing” his name came up in another “Hague” case. In September 2014, Kalchenko was mentioned among persons involved in the organization of the illegal SBU prison located near Kiev, on the territory of the penal military battalion. M/u (military unite) is located near Vodokanal, next to a large shooting range

We recall that in May 2016 the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights issued a report stating that the Ukrainian security services were implicated in illegal detention of people, cruel treatment and torture of prisoners. The report noted the use of secret detention centers by the Ukrainian secret services in which prisoners were subjected to abuse and humiliation. On May 25, 2016 the delegation of the UN Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture suspended its work on the territory of Ukraine, the reason was the failure of the SBU to provide the UN representatives access to places of detention.


The Malaysian Boeing 777-2H6ER board 9M-MRD performed the daily flight MH17 Amsterdam-Kuala-Lumpur, when it disappeared from the radar screens at 48°02’25” north latitude and 38°46’22” east longitude which is approximately 50 km from the Ukrainian-Russian border, not far from the small town Torez. The catastrophe occurred on July 17, 2014, at 16:20 Kiev time or 17:20 Moscow time. The liner had to cross the Russian border approximately at 17:25 MSK.

The Ukrainian Independent News Agency (UNIAN) was one of the first mass media sources to report about the accident. It should be known that the owner of UNIAN the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky financed the air traffic control service in Dnepropetrovsk that “guided” Boeing until the last second of its flight. Kolomoisky took the control over of all flight services in southeastern Ukraine immediately after the arrival to Kiev of the CIA director John Brennan in April 2014. A month before this tragedy there was a seizure of “Ukr Avia Ru” and a criminal case was opened against the chief air traffic dispatcher of Ukraine Yury Chernichenko. Poroshenko signed an order dismissing Chernichenko the very next day after he was elected as the president.

The first report on the plane crash was made at 18:12 (Kiev time) with reference to information in social networks: UNIAN announced that According to recent reports of the “Information Resistance” a passenger airplane crashed north of Tores.  At 16:20 communication was lost between the ground services in Kiev and Rostov with the Malaysia Airlines airliner performed the Amsterdam-Kuala Lumpur flight. ”

The group “Information Resistance” is in fact was title of the website of blogger Dmitry Timchuk, a former Ukrainian military serviceman who worked at the time for the SBU. Currently, Timchuk is a deputy of the Verkhovnaya Rada. At 18:37 the group “Information Resistance” reported “the ATO forces security services don’t have air defense facilities in the area of the operation.”

At 18:47 minutes on the official website of the president of Ukraine posted a statement from Petro Poroshenko, in which he particularly stated: …we emphasize that the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not conducted any strikes against airborne targets.”
At 21:12 UNIAN reports with a new link to Timchuk’s blog: “According to the recent reports of the group “Information Resistance,” a convoy of terrorists was seen today at about 13:30 in the area of settlement Snezhnoe. The convoy consisted of 3 tanks, 2 armored personnel carriers, a truck with the fighters and a truck with a large-caliber machine gun installed. And also, a long bed truck with a carriage transporting the air defense system “Buk.” The convoy proceeded  in the direction of settlement Dmitrovka.”

Immediately after, at 23:46 the UNIAN posted another article with quotes form the The Wall Street Journal: “The US Intelligence service has confirms that the Malaysian airplane was shot down by a ground-to-air missile.” That’s how the story about the “Russian “Buk” began its journey around the world.

The aircraft wreckage was scattered on an area of about 50 square km, on a plot of more than 10 km long and 5 km wide. The search area included the settlements Moskovskoe, Rassypnoe, Grabovo, Stryukovo and Grabovskoye water storage reservoir. Not far from the Rasypnoye a front of the aircraft was found, near Grabovo – the central and tail sections. Most of the wreckage was discovered   about 8.5 km from the last point recorded by radars. 298 people died, of them 283 passengers: citizens of Netherlands – 193, Malaysia – 43, Australia – 27, Indonesia – 12, Great Britain – 10, Germany – 4, Belgium – 4, Philippines – 3, Canada – 1, New Zealand – 1.

The Ukrainian side ignored the proposal of DPR for the 10-kilometer ceasefire zone around the crash area. (Remember, in particular, the mortar element of warrant officer Andrei Drozd, military unit A1556)

The first operation for removing the aircraft wreckage began only on November 4, 2014. For almost six months the “Grads”, mortars and howitzers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine non-stop hammered a 50-kilometer space on which the remains of the airliner, or more accurately material evidence of the killing of three hundred people, were scattered.
Was the operation of the SBU “Clean-Up” successful? We don’t think so.

The investigation of the newspaper “Soverschenno sekretno.” “We uncover a secret of Boeing MH17 wreckage” continues.

The editorial office of the newspaper “Soverschenno sekretno” thanks the Agency for Federal Investigations FLB.ru for its assistance in preparing the publication”

22.05.2017   Sergey Sokolov, Alexey Chelnokov



Notes and references

The only regiment I could find that matches the description is 203-тя навчальна авіаційна бригада (203 НАБр, в/ч А4104) is 203th Training Aviation Brigade under the command of Victor Nikoluk.

At the beginning of 2014 the brigade reportedly had  one AN-26, two MI-8MT,  ten Aero L-39C Albatros , two  An – 26A (An-26Sh). Helicopter MI-8MT, 81 yellow and 87 yellow images

Video of the regiment A-4104  and it commander Gennady Dubovik  in January 2014, before they committed multiple war crimes..




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