The opinions of reviewers who read the book varies from ‘Wow, that’s an extremely energizing book!” to “Thank you very much for this. A brilliant satirical work. Hope it gets exposure.”

It’s hard to find a great political satire book, it’s even harder to come across of a satirical work about a war.  The Good Soldier Švejk by Jaroslav Hašek, comes to mind, and Catch22 by Joseph Heller, and not much else. I don’t believe I know ANY works of political satire of Israel, and especially of Israel at war. Hell and Israel, or Après Lavrov le Déluge is this kind of book.

The book description posted on community store is as follows: On September 17th, 2018, four Israeli military jets attacked Syria in the vicinity of the Russian Khmeimim Air Base, and port Tartus and shot down the Russian recognizance aircraft IL-20 with a crew of fifteen, killing everyone aboard. Similar but lesser known events took place in June of 2018, when Israel attempted to stage a tragedy involving the Russian Foreign Minister’s plane. Hell and Israel: Apres Lavrov le deluge is a fictionalized day by day account of these events.

A book description on Amazon is even shorter. “A humorous account of the Russian Geographic Society Club (RGSC) intelligence unit adventures during the Syrian war. The Russian Foreign Minister’s plane appeared on the collision course with the David’s Sling missiles, was it the Russian intel’s fault?”

Besides scrupulous,  detailed and well researched descriptions of operations conducted by Israel against Syria, the book also provides a broader philosophical context for the war against Syria. Scott even ventures into the latest discoveries in the string theory of the universe, which reflects the current events with remarkable precision.

It’s better to read this book to appreciate the crazy energy and outstanding humor it possesses.

Also, by buying Scott’s books you support his research for thesaker.

The Saker

Scott’s new book Hell and Israel: Après Lavrov le déluge is now available at the store in PDF format and in eBOOK MOBI format. The books is also available as a paperback on Amazon with an option to receive a Kindle version for free, if you buy a paperback.

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