Russian Orthodox Church gathers all faithful

The Holy Synod just added to the ecclesiastical calendar more than a dozen saints who lived in Europe including saint Patriky, the Apostle of Ireland, better known as Saint Patrick.

The Holy Synod  considered in part the accounts of Russian Orthodox Christians worshipping in dioceses located in Western Europe. Church officials weighed this information, as well as the absence of particular saints’ names from the records of the Western wars against the  Eastern Christianity.

The Russian Orthodox Church is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day on March 30th.

Saint Patrick – Bishop of Armagh and Enlightener of Ireland.  This may come as a surprise to many that St. Patrick was and is an Orthodox Saint centuries before Rome split from the Holy Apostolic Church.

The rule of thumb for Orthodox Christians is that a Latin Christian who lived after the Great Schism of 1054, while they may have lived exemplary lives, are not saints in the full sense of the Church’s understanding.  But because he lived from c. 385 to 17 March 460/461 Patrick is considered part of the undivided Church and therefore is an Orthodox saint.”


from the Kulak: ‘Secret Russian nuke test’ turns out to be Norwegian research reactor

Maybe they watched too much Okkupert and decided Norway needs a secret nuke program


The first season of Okkupert was actually good.

It’s really growing on me to feel a part of such powerful empire.



About Putin dismissing a dozen of police generals

Cat Motja thinks that this is connected with a demand to build separate prisons for Jews.

Deputy Director of Federal service of prisons  (FSIN) Valery Maksimenko in an interview “Газете.Ru  said that his Department has abandoned the idea to create a separate prison camps for Jews.

According to Maksimenko, this initiative to the Federal penitentiary service was made a few years ago by the representatives of the Jewish community who promised to pay all the expenses.

“They offered to pay all the expenses for remodeling and landscaping, and told us that the prisons will be so well equipped, that this is won’t five star hotels,  of course, but the very, very good colonies, where every convict will be provided with work and entertainment, and so on. This idea, in general, is quite good. But, can you imagine how it would  look like, what analogy could occur in response to the news, “FSIN created separate camps for Jews?!” Of course, we refused,” he said.

I gather that some bribery took place to bring this “idea” to life, but that didn’t work out either.


Everyone is happy

Russia increases production and export of vodka, and Germany increases import and consumption of vodka


Your fly is open

“This is especially true in the biggest empire in the world (as part of what I call a war complex, that is, a military-industrial-congressional-intelligence-media-think tank-academic, etc. complex), the US military has divided the world into 6 regions with some 1180 military bases abroad.  This global domination is largely kept secret by commercial media and “bipartisan” Congressional agreement from the American people….”



Act of God quotes the local police that a new Holocaust memorial in Odessa was damaged by the naturally occurring atmospheric processes


March 8th

Flowers are not the most practical gift. They only last two days and then you have to throw them away.

Much better gift is a pig’s head. It’s soup, it’s stew, and it’s simply beautiful.

On Monday, Netanyahu shows up  in Moscow with a new red line and another ultimatum, and goes back home with an answer.

To bear witness, he brought along with him his head of Military Intelligence.

They reminded Putin about Purim, a day when, according to the Old Testament, 78000 Persian men, women and children in towns and villages were slaughtered by Israelis with the direct cooperation of the Persian government.

He also bragged about a stockpile of  ballistic missiles that Israeli military uses to scribble insults towards Iran.

Persians were a part of the ancient Rus’, we share a lot in common with them, and Iran is an ally.  So, that won’t fly.

President Putin gives symbolic gifts. I suspect that Bibi had his stomach in knots when he got his gift, a 500-year-old copy of Josephus Flavius’ War of the Jews written in an Italian, and printed soon after the invention of the printing press.


The experienced and unassuming general Vespasian was given the task of crushing the rebellion in Judaea province. His son Titus was appointed as second-in-command. Given four legions and assisted by forces of King Agrippa II, Vespasian invaded Galilee in 67. Avoiding a direct attack on the reinforced city of Jerusalem, which was defended by the main rebel force, the Romans launched a persistent campaign to eradicate rebel strongholds and punish the population. Within several months Vespasian and Titus took over the major Jewish strongholds of Galilee and finally overran Jodapatha, which was under the command of Yosef ben Matitiyahu, after a 47-day siege. Driven from Galilee, Zealot rebels and thousands of refugees arrived in Judea, creating political turmoil in Jerusalem. Confrontation between the mainly Sadducee Jerusalemites and the mainly Zealot factions of the Northern Revolt under the command of John of Giscala and Eleazar ben Simon, erupted into bloody violence. With Idumeans entering the city and fighting by the side of the Zealots, the former high priest, Ananus ben Ananus, was killed and his faction suffered severe casualties. Simon Bar Giora, commanding 15,000 troops, was then invited into Jerusalem by the Sadducee leaders to stand against the Zealots, and quickly took control over much of the city. Bitter infighting between factions of Bar-Giora, John and Eleazar followed through the year 69.

After a lull in the military operations, owing to civil war and political turmoil in Rome, Vespasian was called to Rome and appointed as Emperor in 69. With Vespasian’s departure, Titus moved to besiege the center of rebel resistance in Jerusalem in early 70. The first two walls of Jerusalem were breached within three weeks, but a stubborn rebel standoff prevented the Roman Army from breaking the third and thickest wall. Following a brutal seven-month siege, during which Zealot infighting resulted in burning of the entire food supplies of the city, the Romans finally succeeded in breaching the defenses of the weakened Jewish forces in the summer of 70. The Second Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed, one of the events commemorated on Tisha B’Av. Following the fall of Jerusalem, Titus left for Rome, leaving Legion X Fretensis to defeat the remaining Jewish strongholds, finalizing the Roman campaign in Masada in 73–74.


After the meeting, Peskov said that “Putin did not discuss with Netanyahu the question of Israel to be a part of the negations in Syria. ”

Thank you for stopping by, but we’re absolutely not interested in buying anything.


Matvey thinks that Putin has signed off on Bibi’s ultimatum.

Just like with the Western demands for Russia to fulfill the Minsk Agreement. After saying many times that it wasn’t a part of the Minsk Agreement, Moscow agreed and recognized the Donbass republics IDs.

Do you hear anyone demanding Moscow to fulfill the Minsk Agreement, anymore?

Do you recall I asked for  your thoughts on Israel’s threat to vaporize the holiest sites of Christianity?

This is their ultimatum.

We had all agreed that if our sacred stones are turned into sacred dust, we would cry a little and then go to have some comfort food like tea with pancakes and caviar.

The Flavius’ book says it all about the destruction of Jerusalem.

Some believe that he wrote it about future.

Previously, Matvey cautioned many times that eventually the Kremlin will accept their ultimatum, and Israel will go mad. We will carry on, but what would they do without their stones?


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