All accross our mother Russia, and far beyond its borders, powerful heartfelt prayers are being read around the clock asking God for the defeat of Russia’s enemies. Prayers so powerful, they lift up and spiritually transform the natural world. Just look at those squealing in anguish, rage, fear, and hate in response to this transformation, and being unable to bear the presence of God. Dostoevsky called them “demons,” and Mikhail Bulgakov described them as guests at Satan’s Ball in Soviet Moscow.

Over the last hundred years they changed their names from liberals, to bolsheviks, to communists, to democrats and now they are back to liberals again. We have to remember constantia et virtute about them: they hate Russia and want to kill her.

Democrats and neo-liberals being the followers of a death cult, love to celebrate death-days. They won’t go to church and light a candle and read a prayer for a deceased, like the Russian Orthodox do. They celebrate in their neo-liberal tradition, by walking around, waving flags, chanting and invoking some unsavory characters directly from hell.

On February 27th, they came out to celebrate a death-day of Boris Yefimovich Nemtsov, a minor demon, a playboy and pedophile, a serial womanizer, who died next to a Ukrainian prostitute 30 years his junior, a minor thief in the Yeltsin government, appointed by the US Department of State to rule Russia and Russians.

In the 90s, he took an active part in the collective Western effort of putting the country in a grave, but Russia has pulled herself out of the grave by her own hair, to the great detriment of Nemtsov’s masters. So, they selected to exterminate this piece of human trash in the center of the mRussian capital, near the Russian Churches and the Kremlin, so the demons would get an excuse to gather together every year in the heart of the Russia’s most beautiful city for their black sabbath.
Remember that Satan is the father of lies, an emperor of flies, and demons its children are caricatures of people. Let’s take a look at those who showed up…

A bizarre man appeared during the meeting in memoriam of Nemtsov.

Watch this short video, and give me your suggestions regarding the old man’s identity.
A strange character appeared on the Bolshoi Moskvoretsky bridge during a rally in the memory of Nemtsov. Strangely dressed, this old man came to the rally with a bizarre red sign in his hand. The sign had what looks like images of the Soviet medals, and some kind of wording. It also prominently displayed number “8”, or a vertical infinity symbol. An infinity symbol is called the lemniscates, or decorated with ribbons. An old man compared the dead plutocrat to Prometheus: “Boris, you’re our Prometheus! Stop being slaves! To ask permission,” the man said and proceeded further.

What exactly does this means?

Number “8” in Gematria

“Number “8”: Heth (ח)
Heth is the 8th letter in the Hebrew alphabet and the 8th decimal in the Jewish Gematria’s “Mispar gadol” where it represents the number “8”. Symbolically speaking, the “Heth” symbol appears to be either a version of the letter “N” which is an acronym for “North,” or the number “17” which is represented in the Roman Score (i.e., the Roman alphabet) by the “S” symbol meaning “System” and the letter “Q” in the modern English alphabet meaning “Coup d’état”. In short, the number “17” = “8” equates to “System Coup d’état” which is indicative of the current political system in which the governments of the world are routinely overthrown. Acronymically speaking, “Heth” (H+T+H) translates to “Hat or Hate Forever”. In Judaism, the sexual mutilation rite of brit milah (i.e., circumcision) is held on a baby boy’s 8th day of life. The Circumcision ritual symbolizes the removal of the hat or cap (i.e., the foreskin) from the baby’s body. Hanukkah is an 8-day Jewish holiday which starts on the 25th day of Kislev, while Shemini Atzeret (“Eighth Day of Assembly”) is a one-day Jewish holiday immediately following the seven-day holiday of Sukkot.”

A Grim Reaper in full uniform and holding a scythe came to the meeting to collect the souls of sinners. The guardsmen however weren’t impressed and told the Reaper to get lost.

When you watch any maidan anti-government meetings organized by the US State Department, always look for the people in red jackets or red hoodies. Those are operational managers of groups of armed terrorists who are trained to attack the police and the other demonstrators, to cause chaos. If you look at the article about the Grip Reaper, you can find a picture with a couple of people wearing identical red jackets.

red jacket

In this picture you can see up close that the “red jacket” had a “dog tag” with a tell-all item: a dark red badge: “Boris Nemtsov Memory March” Moscow 27.02.2016 Security” and the dark-red and black ribbons symbolizing the Ukrainian ultra-nationalist armed Right Sector terrorists with pale blue-yellow pictures of Ukrainian flag and neo-fascist Ukrainian slogan “Glory to Heroes.”

Underneath, a picture of a Nemtsov’s grave a week prior to the meeting. In Russia he-goat represents sexual prowess.

It’s obvious, see the News in Brief, that an anti-government meeting in Moscow on February 27th, 2016 was organized by Soros-Khodorkovsly’s “Open Russia organization” and by the ultra-nationalist terrorists from Ukraine’s Right Sector.

Another macabre apparition from Ukrainian hell. A group of people with Ukrainian flags, and a long piece of textile with lettering “Freedom to a Nazi who murdered two Russian journalists.” They also sang a Ukrainian national anthem, and shouted the Ukrainian nationalists slogan “heroes don’t die” “ROC (Russian Orthodox Church is war” “No to war with Ukraine” “No to Russia’s war on Syria ” [source] [source]

Unexpected proof that Nemtsov was a spawn of hell and could be in many places simultaneously, came from the participants of the meeting in his memory themselves.
Unswerving to a brief unscientific poll conducted by journalists, the “opposition” supporters said that Nemtsov was buried on three deferent cemeteries. Interestingly enough, all of the responders claimed that they had been visiting his grave regularly, even so all of them without exception named the place of his internment incorrectly. The fact is that no one visited Nemtsov’s grave on February 27th, but his son and two of his former girl-friends.

Would you blame the liberals? After all, cemeteries are only places where seeing a little girl in a white dress frightens you much more than seeing a bearded man with a shovel.

The meetings and actions also took place in several other Russian cities. In Voronezh, the protesters were pelted with eggs and flour, and verbally insulted. In Kemerovo the activists were detained for organizing an unauthorized rally.

Don’t call me heartless, I also have my regrets about Nemtsov. I regret that he died before he was prosecuted and jailed.

In conclusion, I want to quote a commentary for one of the listed materials: “It’s remarkable, how oblivious these people are to the simple fact that we as a nation tolerate them only in respect to our President. Putin thinks that these people should be tolerated, and that’s why we tolerate them. If Putin is gone, the way they demand, these people would have less than twenty-four hours to run for Russia’s borders.”

News in Brief:

• February 27th was also Russia’s Special Operations Forces Day and Return of Crimea day.
Moscow authorities gave permission for 50,000 people to demonstrate. According to the Moscow Police, about 7, 500 people actually showed up.
• An organizator of the meeting in Moscow, Dmitriy Gudkov, couldn’t tell a cemetery where their dear leader was buried.
• In Rostov a meeting gathered of about 200 people.
• Members of Parliament refused to honor the Nemtsov death with a minute of silence.
• Meeting in S. Petersburg gathered about 2000 people.
• As expected, activists in Saint Petersburg railed against Kadyrov, rather than in the memory of Nemtsov.
• On the meeting in Yekatherinburg came about 150 people.
• Krasnodar, meeting in memory of Nemtsov gathered 5 activists.
About 12 activists came to a meeting in Samara.
• Chelyabinsk, an organizer of the meeting was beaten by two unknown attackers. A middle aged man suffered one broken rib and a heart attack.
A business center in Novosibirsk refused to host an exhibition in memory of Nemtsov, after the city’s Mayor’s office refused to give permission for a meeting in center city, but gave a permission for an exhibition and a meeting inside the business center
• Just hours before the beginning of the meeting in Moscow, 6 members of Khodorkovsky – Soros “Open Russia” were detained by the Police. Turned out that a car they were using for transportation was listed in the system as stolen. They all were released after the meeting.
• Russians mostly ignored meetings. Judging by the flags of Ukraine, the meetings were attended mostly by Ukrainians.


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