Dear friends, Christ is Risen!

I am back from my trip and I just wanted to quickly let you know that in the coming days I will make an announcement about how we plan to run the blog for the next couple of months.  With one exception, the changes will be minor.  I will share all the details with you soon.

Right now I want to keep it very short (I am working on the mentioned changes) but I will say this bullet point style:

  • I consider the fact that Gonzalo Lira reappeared alive and relatively well as a true miracle.  The report of his seizure, torture and murder by the Nazi deathsquads made me literally sick and when I saw his short “reappearance video” I could not believe my eyes.  I understand that he is still held by the SBU is a city surrounded by Russian forces and, barring a return to sanity to at least some Ukrainians, which might well become the next Mariupol, so Lira is not out of danger.  But at least now is is not “disappeared” and that makes a HUGE difference. Being held by the Ukie Gestapo is bad, but being “disappeared” by a Nazi death squad is infinitely worse, trust me, that is a topic (disappearances of people by death squads) I know very well.
  • I now hope and pray that they expel/exchange or otherwise get him out of Kharkov and even out of the Ukraine (unless he goes into the RF/LDNR controlled areas).  I physically don’t have the time right now to try to figure out what is going on with him, but if you hear not rumors, but credible info, ideally from Lira himself, please email me to keep me posted.  While I don’t always or necessarily agree with all he says, I have the utmost respect for him, his courage and his honesty.  Is he in any way perfect or a saint?  No, of course not, and he never claimed that he was.  But is he a true hero, yes, absolutely.  I would be honored to shake his hand.  I wish the collective West had 1% of his honesty and courage, it would change the planet (and stop the war).
  • I think that we can now agree that the “Russia is losing” narrative has ended in the inevitable faceplant.  Right now Russia has not even launched a full scale assault, only “fire/combat reconnaissance” operations and yet Russian forces are already advancing on many (crucial) fronts/locations.
  • The Nazi logistics are basically dead.  No fuel (especially diesel), no lubricants, no ammo, no rotation, no meds, and in many cases, almost no food and even almost no water. And now no electricity to supply electrical locomotives so, in other words, no meaningful train service and certainly none which would make any real military difference.  Western weapons which still are getting to the Donbass are either small and basically irrelevant, or destroyed long before they get anywhere.  A lot of them proved quite bad, by the way, including the Javelins and the “suicide drones” – Russian tanks have survived multiple hits by both of these weapon systems and have returned to combat with only minor repairs needed.
  • On paper the Ukronazi army still exists, in reality it is comprehensively defeated, and if you don’t get that, don’t ask me to explain, just read Andrei Maryanov and Bernard at Moon of Alabama.  Also make sure to read the detailed SITREPs written by NightVision and others!
  • The West’s idea of pumping the Ukraine full of ammo is, frankly, Western psychotherapy, as are sanctions.  They are designed to suppress the psychologically unbearable double reality that a) Russia is winning and has been winning from Day 1 and b) that the West, as a society, has committed full-spectrum suicide.  The Western PSYOPs did, I think, give a massive thrashing to the (mostly pathetic) Russian counter-propaganda efforts, but now they are also running out of “ammo” and all the crap they have been spewing for 2 months now has turned out to be exactly as expected: a pile of steaming lies, nonsense and infantile idiocies. As they say in the US, if your head is in the sand, your ass is in the air.  And yes, when reality “bites” you there it is very painful, especially if you spent 2 months in total denial :-)
  • Western actions will only have a minimal impact on the combat operations.  As for the public opinion in Russia, the West has done a truly SUPERB job uniting the Russian people around Putin and the Russian armed forces.  All the now openly racist comments made by Western politicians have finally opened the eyes of a solid majority of Russians who now understand why, how and what Russia is doing and NOBODY wants to stop.  Okay, that is not totally true, most of the Russian 5th columnists and Atlantic Integrationists still want to stop Russia from being sovereign, but they are totally “outshouted” by the 80% or so who “get it” and who care about Russia, not billionaire’s yacht and offshore accounts.  Each time the Western authorities steal (not, not “confiscate” or “sanction” or “freeze” – but *steal*) Russian assets in the West, most Russians reply with a roaring standing ovation and request for “more! more! more! Get these bastards where it hurts them!
  • The Empire of Hate and Lies is still balancing between more grandiose threats and utter despair, which means that those who run the Empire will either create a false flag, or double down, or both.  The good news is that the various factions which run Zone A are all fighting each other and the stupidity of the West’s reaction is now beginning to “bite”, mostly in Europe, but it will come to the USA sooner rather than later.
  • As for the stinking EU cadaver, it can only do what cadavers do: further rot and stink up the air.  The Europe I was born in has ceased to exist. Now it is, at best, fertilizer for the Empire.  But something else, very different, will replace it sooner or later (probably later).  Until then, the EU will be what Trump would call a “shithole”, and that condition was totally self-inflicted: putting the 3B+PU+UK in de facto charge of NATO and the EU was a terminally dumb mistake and now these cretins will pay the truly immense price for this fatal mistake.

Okay, that it for my short survey of where I think we are now.

That’s it for me for today.

I will “talk” with you again all very soon.

Hugs and cheers


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