I begin with the most patriotic people in Russia, the Chechens.  Here is a photo of the latest batch of volunteers which Ramzan Kadyrov is sending to the Ukraine:


Next, one of the favorite techniques used by Ukrotrolls is the mantra “Where is the footage!? Where are the bodies?! Show me the supposed destroyed equipment?!

This is a very effective technique, consider the following:

  • The Russian military has a total ban on cellphones, especially in a combat zone.  So all the footage you see either comes from the Ukronazis or from the LDNR forces.
  • The Russian military is quite obsessed with secrecy and it takes quite some time for the Russian MoD to release any footage.
  • Hence, by the time the Russian MoD *does* release something, that something has long faded away from most folks whose attention span fluctuates between a few minutes and a few days.

Still, eventually, footage does come out.

Remember those barges used by the Ukronazis to try to land an assault force to seize the ZNPP?  Well, some “alternatively gifted” sofa-generals suggested that these barges being that slow and that undefended, they would never EVER be used by the Ukronazis.  That genius missed the simple fact that it is precisely that look which could have made it possible for these barges to sneak by, especially while combat was taking place in another nearby location. Whatever may be the case, the Russian intel spotted them (probably knew about the entire plan from the get go, and might have even used Russian assets to encourage this “brilliant” plan).  Anyway, here is the footage of a pair of Ka-52s detecting the barge from a distance of 15km and destroying it with supersonic anti-tank missiles (Vikhrs specifically) from a distance of 8km, too far away from any MANPAD to be used against them:

Speaking of the ZNPP, the IAEA report was hopelessly anti-Russian and “superbly blind”.  Here is a photo of the IAEA inspectors presenting their findings:

Western “observers” hard at work

Which is hardly anything new.

Western “observers” did not see tens of thousands of Russians murdered, raped, tortured, enslaved and displaced by the Western-backed Wahabis in Chechnia.

They never noticed the mass murder of Serbians living in the hills around Srebrenica by the Western-backed Muslim forces in Bosnia.

They never noticed 14k+ Ukrainian murdered by the Western-backed Ukronazi military in the Donbass

These observers are STILL not seeing the vicious persecution of Serbs by Western-backed Albanians in Kosovo.

But they *did* see a “genocide” in Srebrenica and in Racak and we can be absolutely confident that they will find *plenty* of “evidence of genocide/crimes against innocent civilians” in the Kharkov region now that the Russians have withdrawn.

You can think of it as “Bucha on steroids” :-)

I could go on listing examples for pages and pages.

Speaking about Western “observers”.  I can personally declare that I know for a fact that typically half of them are full-time intelligence officers.

I still continue to think that Russia ought to withdraw from any and all Western-controlled international organizations which are “international” only in name, but which are financed by Western powers and which, therefore, a run by Western agents.

I would also kick out all the Western propagandists à la CNN/BBC from any territory controlled by Russia.

And now, a short summary of what the Ukronazis have been up to.  That will be short:

  • Terrorist attacks on officials in the liberated Ukraine
  • Terrorists missiles strikes against the civilians of the LDNR and one small Russian border town
  • Massing more forces for “immense strategic counter-attacks” (aka as “suicidal tactical-level attacks)

By the way, some sofa-generals have pointed out to me that the Ukraine has 30M people and that it can continue to throw meat at Russian forces for a long time.  I disagree. For starters, the real population is under 30M, but that is not even the point.  If you have 100 people, only a certain percentage (say 25%) can be used as soldiers (even old clueless Volkssturmers).  “Ze” spoke of “only” ONE million soldiers, and that included everybody from the local cop to the top army generals.  But even the one million misses that point.  The Ukronazis are having massive manpower shortages (hence their constant waves of mobilization which I have lost track of) not only due to the Russian meat-grinder, but because many/most Ukrainians are trying to avoid being set to the frontlines.  The rich have already left (either for the EU or Russia), the really hardcore nationalists are being killed en masse by the Russians.  The numbers of Ukronazi soldiers pretty well trained by NATO is only in the tens of thousands.  As for the Ukronazi elite forces (death squads, diversionary-reconnaissance groups, terrorists gangs and GUR/SBU special forces), there are maybe a few thousands max (probably a few hundreds).

Also, whatever the actual size of the Ukronazis forces currently may be, the bigger the force, the bigger the logistical difficulties in keeping these forces at the right locations and adequately resupplied. And, of course, the closer these Ukrainian forces are, the more the Russians can destroy them AND their supply lines.

So, my alternatively gifted sofa-generals, you can wave your Ukie flags even harder, just don’t get your hopes too high :-)

In other news, Iran has now become a full member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

The SCO is happily and quickly growing

For the Western economies, this is the proverbial “writing on the wall”.

And now, some week-end music I hope you will enjoy:

First the French Manouche guitarist Angelo Debarre:

Next, a superb Spanish guitarist, Vicente Amigo:

Next, an absolutely beautiful composition by John Mclaughlin entitled “Lotus Feet”.  Yet another illustration that sometimes the most simple music can be the most beautiful one too.

Next, one of the best Brazilian guitarist ever, Raphael Rabello, and a pretty good singer, Marisa Monte:

Last, but not least, the amazing French Canadian group Uzeb interpreting Bill Evans’ (not Miles Davis’ as most people believe) “Blue in Green”

Enjoy and have a great week-end!

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