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An interesting weekend is shaping up for those that watch the minutae.  Military Summary Channel is now at this time standing head and shoulders above the rest in reporting.

As of the end of the day, June 2nd, where Russia is preparing the field to take Lysychansk on the high ground, difficult terrain and a river runs through it.  (Severodonetsk and Lysychansk)

We can expect:

Russia will take Lysychansk, timing depends on how strong the will to live is, versus the will to the Ukrainian soldier’s Seppuku and this will again change the shape and future of the SMO.

Russia however does not fight small and the whole of the front line is under fire again.

In the wider world, the Gulf Arab States declared they will not sanction Russia. 

Read carefully Andrei Maryanov’s essay on RS-28 Sarmat.

Enjoy your discussion.  Ukrainian propaganda still abounds and new videos are being made about how Russia is losing this war.

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