ISTANBUL: Russia-Ukraine talks outcome

Russia has agreed to meet Kiev half-way, agreeing a Putin-Zelensky meeting could be held if a finalized peace treaty pre-approved by foreign ministers from both nations is presented simultaneously, Vladimir Medinsky said.

The official described the Istanbul meeting as “constructive” and said his delegation had received a clearly outlined position on what it sought to achieve.

Russia’s MoD also announced it was drastically reducing its military op in parts of Ukraine, including near the capital, Kiev. The ministry cited “the talks moving into the practical dimension,” as the reason for the change.

Russia’s top negotiator Vladimir Medinsky has disclosed the key points of Istanbul talks:

▪️Ukraine is ready to become a neutral state, unable to own nuclear weapons, with internationally guaranteed independence

▪️Guarantees will not be extended to Donbass region and Russia owned Crimean Peninsula – which would make Kiev formally abandon idea to annex them militarily

▪️Ukraine would be unable to have any military presence – including NATO and Russian forces

▪️Russia does not oppose Ukraine potentially joining the European Union

▪️Kiev is requesting for final treaty to be formalised by Russian and Ukrainian heads of states

Follow the presser here:

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