This time the Ukronazis have attacked north of the city of Balakleia.  Here is a summary of events on that front: (machine translation)

Today, the Armed Forces of the Ukraine, after prolonged artillery preparation on Balakleya, Izium, logistics routes and warehouses, launched an offensive on Balakleya from the west from Andreevka.

Due to its geographical location, it is difficult to secure the north-western flank of the group based in Izyum without control over Balakleya. In addition, if ever the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation again pay attention to Kharkiv itself, a convenient route runs from Balakleya through Zmiev to Slobodskoy and Industrial districts of the regional center.

The AFU, after inflicting massive fire damage on the mobilized militia from the DPR, who were defending themselves in the nearby forests, entered the Verbovka settlement.

From there, the only route to the territory of the 65 arsenal and the Balakleya itself remains through the Srednyaya Balakleika River. The bridge over the river is intact, there are battles for control over it.

From Verbovka, the AFU developed success towards the village of Yakovenkovo, trying to advance to Volokhov Yar and completely block Balakleya from the north.

Now the road Volokhov Yar — Balakleya is under the fire control of the AFU.

The bridges over the Balakleika and the Krainiaia Balakleika rivers located to the south have been destroyed, so communication with the central districts of Balakleya is now interrupted.

The Ukrainian formations did not enter the Lageria area located on the western bank of the Balakleika River to the north of its tributary (the Lyakhovaya River). There is also no confirmation of the presence of the Russian Armed Forces in this area.

Reports have been received about the advance of the Russian Armed Forces south of the village of Bayrak and the expansion of the control zone towards Gusarovka. But so far there are no facts that could confirm this.

At the moment, Balakleya is in an operational incirclement and in the zone of fire control of the Ukrainian artillery. All entrances are cut by fire.

And here is a map of the front as of the tonight:

I realize that only very few commentators will heed my advice, but I still have to recommend that we wait at least 24 if not 48 hours before making any evaluations of the outcome of this latest Ukronazi offensive.


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