A minor but oh-so-telling example of the power of the Zionist regime in France:

French comedian Dieudonne was sentenced to a two months suspended sentence for “condoning terrorism” because he posted on FB: “I feel like Charlie Coulibaly”.

French comedian Nicolas Bedos was cleared from any wrongdoings even though he had called Marine LePen a “Fascist bitch“.

In the case of Bedos, the court declared that  it was “perfectly clear to any reader that the column in question was being deliberately provocative,”

This begs the question of whether Dieudonne was not provocative enough or if he was too provocative.  Either way, it is pretty darn clear that some in France are more equal than others.

Not that I feel particularly sorry for Marine LePen who, unlike her father, has been doing all she can to be accepted as “one of our own” by the regime.  She engaged in the obligatory Islam-bashing which is now “de rigueur” after the Charlie Hebdo false flag, and she also cozied up to the all-powerful French Zionist lobby.  This apparently, is not enough groveling as shown by the fact that neither she or her party were invited to the “Je suis Charlie” mega-demonstration.

1/4 million Euro photo

1/4 million Euro photo?

In the meantime, Alain Soral is threatened with a 250’000 Euros (1/4 million!) fine for having taken a photo of himself making the now famous “quenelle” at the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin.

What is so amazing in this case is that this gesture was never banned by any court.  In fact, it was not even defined.  All it took is a few statements of the heads of the main French Jewish organization in France who declared that, I kid you not, it was an “inverted Nazi salute” and the “sodomization of the victims of the Shoah” (this term meaning “catastrophe” in Hebrew and is used interchangeably with “Holocaust” in France).  The crime had been defined, the heresy denounced!

France, of course, has no such thing as a First Amendment, but at least in theory, speech is supposed to be free unless it is illegal.  In this case, Soral should logically win, but considering how tightly the French courts have been controlled by the Zionist lobby, anything could happy.

The irony is that while Jewish organizations claim that the “quenelle” symbolizes the “sodomization of the victims of the Shoah” there are, indeed, plenty of sodomizations going on every day at the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin: it is a well-known meeting place for the homosexual community.  Anybody doubting this is welcome to click here to see the short video made by E&R about what takes place in this location (no translation needed!).  Apparently, a sodomy-related gesture is far more offensive that an actual act of sodomy.  Go figure…

If all this was not so scary and dead serious, it would be hilarious.  But funny it is not – what this shows is that the regime in France will stop at nothing to crack down on the modern French Resistance.  In fact, since neither Soral nor Dieudonne are showing any signs of backing down it is likely that non-suspended prison sentences will be meted out to them or their supporters in a not too distant future.

Already several absolutely unprecedented events have taken place recently.  The highest court in France banned a show by Dieudonne (on grounds of risk to the public safety!) and now the sale of the DVD of the show is also banned (it is unclear on what ground).   This is the first time in French (European) history that a *show* is banned (even though there has never been a single instance of a show by Dieudonne resulting in any clashes or, much less so, threats to the public safety!).  Needless to say, this gave such a visibility to this (excellent!) show that if can be found all over YouTube (see here or here).  The website of the movement Equality and Reconciliation is probably the next target of the French regime’s censorship efforts.

But that is not the scariest thing of all.

What is *really* frightening is that in a country which strongly believes that Voltaire once said “I don’t agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it” (he never said that!) nobody seems to care that was is at stake is not “good” versus “bad” humor, but freedom of speech itself, the very concept of freedom.  Millions of “Charlies” are sniveling at an obvious false flag, but when two men are viciously and illegally persecuted by the entire state apparatus – everybody looks away.  Here, I want to quote the beautiful words of Yehuda Bauer who said:

Thou shalt not be a victim.
Thou shalt not be a perpetrator.
And above all,
Thou shalt not be a bystander

And yet, most French intellectuals, authors, journalists, party leaders, social leaders and everybody else are remaining silent, trying very hard to look away or, at least, to find some reason to blame Soral and Dieudo for what is being done to them.  As for the media – it rambles on about the “right to blasphemy” but, apparently, this right is only to be used when targeting religions.And yet, in a paradoxical way, Dieudo and Soral are winning just as Solzhenitysn and Sakharov were winning against the Soviet regime: they forced the Kremlin to expel one of them (Solzhenitsyn) and exile the other one (Sakharov).  And by doing so, it showed by its true, ruthless, face but also its weakness and paranoia.  This is exactly what the French regime is doing now.

By persecuting two men for clearly illegal and ridiculous reasons, the Zionist regime in France is showing its true, ruthless, face and its paranoia.  When the Prime Minister of a nuclear armed member of the UN Security Council openly declares “war” on a comedian all pretense of “democracy” is clearly gone.  When an entire power structure is terrified of a simple gesture you know for sure that it’s legitimacy is based on deceit and that it’s ability to con people is melting.

When the Soviet regime persecuted Solzhenitysn and Sakharov they have very little support in the USSR.  Just as in France today, most people preferred to look away, or blame them for their plight.  This is a sadly human way to cope with the cognitive dissonance of letting somebody innocent being mistreated without defending that person.  And yet, within a decade or so, the Soviet regime collapsed, mainly because nobody had any respect for it.  I am absolutely convinced that this will also happen in France.

The Saker

PS: before some doubleplusgoodthinking folks accuse me of saying something I never did – let me clarify that I am not comparing the personalities, values or actions of Solzhenityn, Sakharov, Soral or Dieudonne.  All I am saying is that as somebody who lived through the Cold War and remembers these events very well, I recognize the same pattern taking place.  That’s all.

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