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Lavrov: “Europe is turning into a region which projects instability outside its borders.”

Lavrov: “The EU’s selective approach to dialogue with Russia will no longer work

Lavrov: “We are witnesses to major changes in the international scene. Russia is part of the global world and it is changing right before our eyes.”

Lavrov: “We observe such an extraordinary phenomenon as Europe’s transformation into a region that radiates not traditional well-being, but instability

Commenting on the so-called five principles of EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, Lavrov said: “These principles just register the EU’s approach, which is to limit relations with us to the greatest possible extent in some areas, including the energy sector, and invite us to cooperation there where it plays into the EU’s hands. It is clear that such selective approach will not work.”


Instant European justice

In a case of dizzying, speedy justice, a French court jails three Russian football fans. The Police investigations, court proceeding and all took just two days. The Russian citizens were not allowed to be represented by attorneys.

“Our lawyers and diplomats are working on it,” Mutko, the president of the Russian Football Union (RFU) said in an interview with TASS. “Any accusation must be proved and we will be studying the case thoroughly. It is hard to make commentaries on this situation as they [France] are not allowing us to see the investigation materials.”

There is plenty of footage online right now, that should be collected the Russian investigation team and viewed.  It’s an absolutely outrageous violation of due process that the Russians are not allowed to have legal representation, and that all the court records are sealed. France treats this case as national security case, which it is not.

One of the unlawfully jailed men, Gorbachev, denied the charges, saying to French outlet L’Equipe: “I want to apologize. I admit that I was there [in Marseille], but I didn’t beat anyone. My hands are clean.”

The demonization of Russians participating in sporting events that had started with the Sochi Olympics is now reaching its highest gear.

I can’t stress this enough. I want to repeat this again and again that Russian people should stay home at this point. Traveling abroad is giving yourself as a hostage to the hostile regimes where law doesn’t exist. Make no mistake, there is no law in the US.  The US courts are just kangaroo courts, a sick sadistic show. The same with Europe. Just in the last two weeks, a Russian woman was arrested in state of Illinois, because her small daughter was in Russia.

The only reason why the US and EU are not conducting sweeping arrests of all people who emigrated from Russia, is because they don’t want to arrest Russian Jews (yet). I predict that in the next twelve months, the American and European regimes will start mass arrests of thousands of Russian people and begin detaining people in jails and death camps. We have to give up the idea that it will all work out. It won’t.

This is the Western war on every Russian person, regardless of where we live. The US and the EU deny that they deliberately target Russian people, but the facts show us that they do.

Don’t become another casualty of this war!


When in Moscow, do as Muscovites do

The old model of the world economy, based on the stable growth of consumption in developed countries paid for by the exports of raw materials and money from developing countries, has exhausted itself. Gained during the previous financial crisis, corporate and public debt prevents investment, stimulation of demand through active credit is now in the past.

Jun 16, 2016 Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy said that he thinks sanctions against Russia should be abolished, as the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) commenced in Russia’s second city, Thursday.

SPIEF was established in 1997 and since then is being held under the patronage of the Russian Federation president. This year’s opening ceremony of the forum will be attended by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

SOT, Nicolas Sarkozy, former French President (French): “I am among one of those who think that the sanctions should be abolished. We have a lot of other problems and we cannot afford to suffer because of these artificially created problems, and the strongest should give us a hand because the strongest player now is Russia, represented by President Putin.”

SOT, Nicolas Sarkozy, former French President (French): “We managed to cope with the Georgian problem in the course of four days and this [Ukrainian] problem will not be solved if we do not tackle it, if we do not try to solve it all together. And time will be working against us.”

You can hear the members of the Western elites screaming in fear and extreme menace. “We’re all going to die,” keep supporting us.” “Time is running out for us!

Or, the way Sarkosy expressed his discontent: “Time will be working against us.”

He popped up at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum with a very peculiar agenda…

Let’s just look into what he is saying and translate his statements from doublespeak:

“I’m one of those who think sanctions should be abolished,”  [He is talking about sanctions of Russia on Europe] he said.

“We have a lot of other problems and we cannot afford to suffer [You Russians can afford to suffer] because of these artificially created problems.[We artificially created these problems to hurt you, Russia]

And the strongest should reach out a hand, because the strongest player is Russia, represented by President Putin.” [Please, president Putin be a good chap, betray your nation and everything you stand for.]

I told Putin to make this offerthere’s no risk [there is no risk for us] in being the first to make a gesture of goodwill, Sarkozy said, adding that we will follow the example.” [Just like we followed our promises not to expend NATO, which I personally contributed in 2009]

He believes that as Russia is “the strongest side of the conflict,” it should act first.

France’s Sarkosy, a Zionist neo-con, made France a NATO member in 2009 and was an instigator in the murder of the Libyan head of state Colonel Kaddafi. Today, he is advocating for Russia to start begging to “lift of sanctions.”

Everyone understands that the moment the Russian government asks for the lifting of the sanctions, or the way Sarkosy puts it:  “making an offer,” this moment will be the end of Russia, because by this Russia would take it upon itself false claims of being at fault in the armed revolt against the democratically elected government of Ukraine, and consequent EU, NATO and Israel shooting war against the Russian population of Ukraine.

I am leaving aside all the huge benefits of sanctions and countersanctions for the Russian economy.

Do you remember what had happened between Sarkosy and Kaddafi and between France and Libya before Libya was bombed by NATO and destroyed and Colonel Kaddafi, who was a sincere and true patriot of the Libyan nation, was sodomized and brutally murdered by US security services with the direct involvement of the Ambassador Stevens and the Secretary of State Hilary Clinton?  Don’t just trust me on my word, review all these, and you will see what scenario Sarkosy used to lure the Libyan leader into a death trap. Sarkosy offered to lift the Western sanctions on Libya in exchange for an apology for the UK plane downing. We know that it was the Western governments orchestrated false flag attack, just like the downing of MH17 in Ukraine. Kaddafi showed weakness, he wanted to do the best for his people, Libya suffered from the Western imposed sanctions, and he agreed to take the blame for this crime. This was the end of Libya, this once prosperous, democratic, truly advanced African country.

Let’s run over this formula over again:

Step one: the Western secret services organize and execute a false flag attack on their own citizens;

Step two: the Western government imposes sanctions on targeted countries;

Step three: the Western government demands the targeted country leaders admit ro non-existent guilt in crimes that they didn’t perpetrate;

Step four: members of the Western elite acting friendly and “understanding” meet with the leaders of targeted nations and soothingly promise to “think about lifting those sanctions” if you Muamar, Vladimir, Dilma, Hassan, Saddam, Bashar, you, guys, just make the first step, beg for the removal of those sanctions, admit that it was all your fault, “make the first step”, “extend your hand first”.. and so on.  All of this being said in unofficial settings, off the record, and not including any legally binding agreements.

Step five: If the targeted countries’ leaders is stupid, corrupt, gullible, or desperate enough to ask for the removal of sanctions, they are perceived as “admitting” their nation’s guilt in “crimes” that the West itself has staged.

Step Six: a vicious armed attack on the unfortunate nation, leaving nothing but scorched earth.

That’s what this slippery rat Sarkozy is offering to the Russian government: “just make this offer” “there is no risk” “just extend your hand” “in being the first to make a gesture of goodwill”

It’s a trap.

Any Russian government official who would ever do what Sarkozy lures them to do, should  be seen as a traitor and the enemy of the people.

Time will be working against us. [meaning the Western elites.] I’m one of those who think sanctions should be abolished,” Sarkozy said. “We have a lot of other problems and we cannot afford to suffer because of these artificially created problems. And the strongest should reach out a hand, because the strongest player is Russia, represented by President Putin.”

I told Putin to make this offer – there’s no risk in being the first to make a gesture of goodwill,” Sarkozy said, adding that “we will follow the example.”

RT readers commented:

“France has many “first gestures” to do before gaining back the trust of Russians. Think Lybia, Syria, Mistral Ships, EU sanctions, 2016 Euro… They start the enmity and when it backfires they ask for Russia to concede something first so they can exit while keeping a moral high ground.”

“Still waiting for someone to actually state exactly what Russia did to deserve the “sanctions” which are nothing more than a type of attack on the Russian people.”

“USA, Germany and France have to execute articles of Minsk agreement, the first.”

“leave behind cold war climate”?  then why is europe allowing the buildup of nato forces in europe, provoking russia???  More europeans leaders need to show support for putin.”

“They’re all ‘house negros’ of the same imperial mafia. But especially this one is not to be trusted for one minute. (he’s an irrelevant rock-bottom snake & gangster. No matter what he says he should not even get attention)”

“Somebody needs to reach out and give that Sarkozy clown a fat nose.”

Sarkozy is Judas, and he is enjoying this role. His kiss is a Judas’ kiss. His argument is Judas’ argument.

Commenting Sarkozy’s statements, Deputy Foreign Minister Vasily Nebenzya said: “Apparently, it’s such an unusual method of driving backward.” [“Видимо, это такой необычный задний ход“]


In a somewhat interesting turn of events, Israel makes pivot to Russia. Will Russia Become the Sole Guarantor of the Jewish State?

Israel funded Jewish organizations have built a torture chamber for Russian people, by pressing on Russia via the US government, the EU and European governments, by taking power in Ukraine and conducting a vicious war against the Russian people and against Christianity there, they have also organized unprecedented anti-Russian campaign inside Russia. Meanwhile, Israel stands underneath with its mouth wide open expecting Russian money juices to flow right into it.

For Russians the biggest concern is not to let the 1.5 million of Jews who emigrated to Israel come back. That’s why for president Putin is more preferable to pay pensions to Jews who emigrated from Soviet republics, and to guarantee the defense of Israel, than to suffer a reverse migration of people who have demonstrated extreme animosity towards Russia.

It means that contrary to popular suggestion, Russia won’t be nuking Israel any time soon.

Something is happening in Israel that is worth our attention. The Israeli farmers complain on their forums with a confirmation from Bloomberg,   their crop insurance is going through the roof. Before, it was the state that paid it, understanding that it was the American taxpayers who paid it.  Now, the Israeli government has decided to discontinue the coverage of the drought insurance for no apparent credible reasons.  This will lead to huge increase in prices for locally produced food. Considering that Israeli crops are grown on human excrement compost, not much loss there. They have to start buying fresh organic food from Russia, or immigrating. Fingers crossed, they will move to the Latin America. That’s why they are taking over one  government after another there. [source] [source]

Of course the most stubborn and crazy habatniks will stay, and Russia will insure their safety by placing its military bases around Israel. This soft scenario is the best for all sides involved.

This is a classic example of the Jewish elite uprooting its people and making them move to another part of the world. Threaten them with war and hunger and they will move. Just like they did in December 2014, when the US and US funded food organization abruptly cut funding for the food programs for the Syrian refugees in Turkey and for the African refugees in Northern Africa. Hunger made people move to Europe. You see how simple it is, just withheld from population the privilege to eat and right of entry to the sources of food, and do with these people as you please.

The problem, however, is where will the Israeli government direct this “exodus’ from Israel?


We have reported in depth on the exchange of Savchenko to Ukraine.

As was expected, she triumphantly returned to Rada (Ukraine Parliament), and the next day she went to Donbass, met with the heads of the Republics there, and declared them to be “guys like us.” She also called for peace and negotiations with the regions, including Donetsk and Lugansk. From a tomboy she turned into an actual politician, albeit “Ukraine style.”  Apparently, two years in a Russian jail can turn an Ukro-Nazi into a human being. So, there is still hope for Ukraine, as president Putin has said.

Another prisoners exchange went on this week  but went compatibly ignored by all Media outside of Russia.

Two Ukrainian citizens were snatched out of the junta’s prison. One is a woman journalist, who advocated for federalization, she was a director of the information center for Odessa and Bessarabia. She was charged with “separatism” and she was handed a fifteen year sentence for “crimethink” against the military junta in Kiev. She gave birth in jail. She was kept separately from her baby, who has a heart defect and needs a surgery. Her two elder children have been living in Russia since her arrest. Her husband, who stayed behind to be near her, came to Russia with her, also.

A young man, who was also released, is also a journalist and a survivor of the Odessa Massacre of May 2nd, 2014. He was injured, beaten, arrested and tortured in jail.

This prisoners exchange sends helpful signals for all those, who are imprisoned by oppressive regimes of  the democratic coalition.

More details and images are here

The fact that Russia exchanged Ukrainian citizens for Ukrainian citizens shows a very clear defined position when it comes to Ukraine. What you see is not an old-fashioned undercover spy exchange. In an  open, and transparent move Russia pardons Ukraine’s spies, murderers and terrorists, and freeing “our” people, regardless of their citizenship. Russian government is determined to free and to bring back to Russia as many “our” people as it can.



  1. The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has ruled that since the Ukraine conflict started in February of 2014, sanctions imposed on [Russia] by the demand of the government in Kiev without evidence to substantiate their reason, purpose and effect are illegal, and must be lifted.”
  1. We need a change in terminology when it comes to writing about aggressive NATO moves.  Instead of “war with Russia” we should start referring to it as “a war in Europe and North America,” or/and a war on the US soil with Russia and its allies including China.
  2. RAND Corporation, a neo-con think tank, came out with a “report” that Russia is able to destroy NATO in 60 hours, and logically asked for more money and bigger NATO.

Russian military got really offended with this report. they responded that they don’t need 60 hours to destroy NATO, just one.


4. Former Ambassador to Moscow Jack Matlock Blasts Confrontation with Russia, Urges Cooperation

“June 14 (EIRNS)—Former U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union Jack Matlock told the House Foreign Affairs Committee, today, that the U.S. should be cooperating more with Russia, saying that “the main thing we should bear in mind is that in confronting the greatest dangers to civilized life in this century such as terrorism, failed states, organized crime, and environmental degradation, U.S. and Russian basic interests do not conflict…. It is obviously in our interest to do what we can to encourage Russia to join us in confronting them. They are unlikely to do so if they regard us as an enemy, or a competitor for influence in their neighborhood.

“Above all, however, we must return to the position Reagan and Gorbachev set out: ‘A nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought, and that means there can be no war between us.’ To act on any other principle can create a risk to our nation—and the world—of unimaginable gravity,” he said.

Matlock, the last U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union (1987-91), was testifying at an otherwise hysterical and bombastic hearing titled, “U.S. Policy Towards Putin’s Russia,” chaired by Republican Ed Royce. Also testifying was former Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul and American Enterprise Institute “Russia expert” Dr. Leon Aron. McFaul, Aron, and virtually all the Congressmen bellowed and fulminated against Putin and Russia and called for more confrontation and aggression. The only exception was a colloquy between Congressman Dana Rohrabacher and Matlock, both of whom condemned the anti-Russia and Putin bashing of their colleagues and asserted that the aggression was coming from the Obama administration. In that exchange, Matlock reiterated that when he was U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union at the time of the collapse of the Warsaw Pact, there was a clear understanding that NATO would not expand eastward to threaten Russia.”

  1. The Russians Have Shot Down Numerous US Drones Violating Crimean Airspace

And one of them, the massive Northrop Grumman RQ-4 Global Hawk, was apparently commandeered by Russian electronic warfare and landed in Simferopol.

  1. Chinese military intelligence visits Russia
  1. Interesting news coming from the members of the democratic coalition, collectively known as “the West.”

Darya Aslamova, a special correspondent of Komsomolskaya Pravda, one of the biggest newspaper in Russia, published the results of her inquiry into illegal organ harvesting from refugees in Greece. Bodies of men, women and children with their organs removed are floating off Greece coast. Even newsweek came up with the report about 19,000 refugees selling their organs to pay their keep in Europe. 12,000 missing Syrian children who were officially registered with the European authorities. Thousands of refugees selling their kidneys. Brothels discovered in Europe, where Syrian children are being kept as sex slaves. European hospitals and doctors that perform illegal organ harvesting. People involved in human organs market are now running health services in Ukraine.  Investigation that are on the way in Russia on organ harvesting from the Ukrainian soldiers, who are being written off as “killed by separatists.”

  1. UNICEF warns of physical, sexual ‘abuse & exploitation’ for child refugees en route to Europe
  1. Remember Byzantium’: Russian lawmaker calls for Istanbul to be renamed Constantinople on all Russian maps


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