This comment was selected by Mod KL  from the  post “Does Erdogan really intend to eliminate all Kurds from Turkey?”   The moderator believes that even if there is some anger, or maybe even some signs of despair in the comment, it fundamentally shows a fighting spirit which is refreshing and encouraging in these difficult times; when many people just give up, stay passive, silent and wait. Why are they throwing away their weapons, and waiting passively, saying “I shall not fight back”? (there has been a slight editing of the original comment).

Comment by C I eh?


Who is at the head? Who wants to cleanse Turkey of Kurds — plus destroy tens or even hundreds millions more lives while redrawing the map of the world? Who wants to send a tidal wave of banker made human misery to the shores of Europe and who will be the beneficiaries? Who will pay the price?

Erdogan is despicable. So what?! His controllers are making a great dystopia of dissonance for everyone but none of us really want to know who is behind the curtain. That is why we continue to engage with this useless frame, according significance to lifetime actors, accepting a pathology.

Scapegoating is a ritual act of denying responsibility en masse. It allows participants to remain comfortably en-tranced. Participation signifies a willingness to play along with delusional interpretations of reality. The promise is our lives will remain undisturbed.

If we mean to represent a serious alternative then we must stop playing along with the mirage of bogus talking points and fabricated narratives. This goes double for Russia.

They say the greatest trick of the devil is to make you believe he doesn’t exist. I disagree. The greatest trick of the devil is making you think you can’t look him in the face and by doing so completely wreck his plans, if not forever then for a very long time. This always goes best if we shine the brightest light of day into the very darkest corners. The daemon of our nightmare is upon us but we can make him vanish if only we will turn around.

Erdogan is irrelevant. Let’s stop pretending this madness is the work of one very stupid man. He is probably one of the few who will ever be punished. This week he was himself making comparisons to Hitler. What a fool. New York P.R. firm Worm Tongue gives most excellent advice.

There are far greater truths that need to be told. For instance, the Empire is genocidal and must be stopped. Russia is willing but needs your help.

Let RT stand up for the people it has pretended to represent. No more selective truth and no more propaganda myths. No more playing the game of identity. Is Putin really so stupid to throw flowers at Trump?  It reminds me of the decision to have Putin sing Blueberry Hill, making him look like a fool. Why not instead explain the purpose of putting tens of millions of refugees on the move simultaneously. Western elites are attempting to destroy the whole world including their own backyards. Straight talk from Putin will go a very long way and the vast majority of Westerners will either accept his words as true or be forced to struggle mightily so as to bury their awarness. Even the blindest of the blind will feel the light on their skin.

The credibility of RT — an incredible asset until recently, is about to fall off a cliff because of non stop patroninizing bull****. I’ve been warning about it for years. Even Radio Moscow was a thousand times better at reaching into and influencing the main demographic for truth. This is the only path to victory.

Russia needs to start regime change operations against the AngloZionists; now that would be something. Let the people of the West see themselves in a mirror held up by Russia. Let them see who are the criminals and what are their crimes. Pictures and faces. Public shaming. There isn’t much time before the jack boot comes down and our brief window of internet freedom disappears forever. That is their plan but the AngloZionists are too weak to act before an economic and social collapse creates necessary conditions. Russia has the power to force an ill-timed overreaction. It can frame the repressive actions of Western regimes in far starker terms and prepare the ground for a proper resistance. With Clinton on the horizon there is no better time then now to be truthful about everything from 9/11 on down.

I seriously wonder if Russia understands their opponents any better than they understand Russia.

I want to know — why has Russia decided to join the scapegoating of Erdogan instead of pushing hard in the direction Putin threatened to go at the G20 in Antalya?

Why aren’t we treated to daily doses of truthful reporting about high level Western criminality, especially on RT? Why aren’t pictures and videos being attached to the names and faces of the oligarchs and their senior-most minions? Exposure is what they fear most. Russia has the resources and this is an incredibly inexpensive way to upturn the tables at the temple of the money changers.

If Russian leadership means to stand up for the common people of the world, rule of law — or stand against GMO death, corporate crime, blue pills for everyone, etc, then now is a good time to start, while Russia still has multiple good options on the information battlefield and can’t be put down so easily.

Why is Russian media still so weak? I know Zionists control everything but things can be produced elsewhere and then brought to RT as an example. Has anyone in Russia ever discovered that internet thingy? 98% of alternative media is still AZ controlled. The hardest and most successful work against AngloZionist propaganda has probably been done right here at Saker blog.

I want Putin to fulfill the promise he made at Antalya. He has an opportunity and credibility to ride. If he really has balls he can simultaneously gut the IMF Bank of Moscow. If Nabiullina is his baby he can take her with him so long as the Moscow temple of baal is destroyed. The institution and mechanism of globalist slavery must be dismantled and it won’t get easier the longer it persists.

Ask yourself, does Russia want to fight a possibly 20 year war completely dependent on globalist bankers? That would be either madness or evidence of duplicity. I continue to believe Putin is playing a heroic part but I want a clearer signal Russia means to prevent World War 3, not gain temporary advantage for rival gangs of Russian bankers, oil-men and weapons manufacturers, Zionist globalists one and all.

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