According to RT the ‘Syrian’ insurgents have now used the excuse of the (false flag) chemical attack to refuse to attend the Geneva II conference:

We refused to speak about Geneva after what’s happened. We must punish this dictator, Bashar the Chemist we call him, and then we can discuss Geneva,” coalition Secretary General Badr Jamous told Reuters, after a meeting with international opposition backers Friends of Syria in Istanbul. 

This is exactly what happened in Bosnia: when the Bosnian-Serbs won the civil war, the Ango-Zionist Empire intervened to impose its will.  The same thing is happening now in Syria.

As for the pretext, its a hybrid of Bosnia and Iraq: a massacre (Srebrenica) and chemical weapons (Saddam’s non existing WMDs).

It appears that US-al-Qaeda-Zionist coalition gets its way – war against Syria appears inevitable.

And nobody seems to care.  I am disgusted beyond words.  The blood which is about to be shed falls on those who for two years now have been cheering on the insurgency and its Capitalist-Wahabi-Zionist patrons.

The Saker

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