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Nino Burdzhanadze: Georgia’s best – if not last – hope?

On July 9th, the famous Georgian politician Nino Burdzhanadze gave a 45min long interview to the Russian radio station Ekho Moskvy in which she made quite a few interesting revelations. Among other things she revealed that Putin had specifically told the Georgian leaders that should they attack the Russian peacekeepers in Ossetia Russia would launch a rescue operation and send more troops into Ossetia. He also warned that if Georgia

The Black Sea Fleet flagship Moskva enters to port of Sukhum

For a better look at the Moskva guided missile cruiser, click on the picture below. I would note that while the Mosvka’s primary mission might be to monitor the movement of NATO vessels in the Black Sea (which be conducted from the Sukhum port mainly by electronic means), the Moskva also provides advanced anti-air capabilities to Abkhazia as it is equipped with long range anti air radars and missiles.