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Slow down. Life is crossing the road (updated by the Saker)

Update from our community on this day:   The global Vineyard community focuses on our friend. A prayer or meditation for The Saker.   For a short period, we will be in slow mode on The Saker blog. The Saker is going into hospital for a battery of diagnostics tests and one can never estimate how long these will take and the toll that these will take on a human being.

Winter fundraiser and important announcements (UPDATED 2x)

(SEE UPDATE BELOW) Dear friends, Executive summary: Help me work for you ‘Tis the season to be giving..” right? So here I am again asking you to help me continue my work for you.  Most of you know that, but for newcomers let me just stress the following: my blog is 100% ad-free, no obnoxious pop-ups, no paywalls, no special member-only content, not even copyrights!  Check at the bottom of

Scott finally releases his “Anthology Of Russian Humor: From Maidan To Trump: Humor And Laughter In The Time Of Global War”

Dear friends, Scott has just finally release his “Anthology Of Russian Humor: From Maidan To Trump: Humor And Laughter In The Time Of Global War” and you all really want to get a copy of it. Amazon paperback: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1521268673 Amazon Kindle ebook: https://www.amazon.com/ANTHOLOGY-RUSSIAN-HUMOR-MAIDAN-LAUGHTER-ebook/dp/B0722XNPZW/ Here is my mini-review cum intro to this great book: Those who think that Russian nuclear weapons are the most powerful weapon in the Russian arsenal are

IMPORTANT: Possible disruptions of the Saker blog in the next couple of days

Dear friends, First, as you have already noticed, we are having some problems with our servers.  This is why the blog was unreachable during most of Tuesday.  The person in charge of our IT security has managed to get the blog back online, but the problem has not been fully resolved and might happen again. Second, there is a major (CAT3 to CAT4) hurricane headed for the US East Coast. 

Saker blog on break for Holy Paskha!

Dear friends, I will be honest – I need a break.  And since Orthodox Christians will be celebrating Holy Paskha this coming Sunday, I have decided to “more or less close down” the blog for a few days.  Meaning that if I have some time, I might post something (especially if something big happens).  But other than that, please consider us all on break. I am not sure when I

Reorganization of the SITREPs

Dear friends, You probably have noticed that the daily SITREPs have been coming in with some irregularity recently.  This is due to the fact that two of my research assistants – Raskolnikova and Duff – have had to stop their activities.   One of them is facing some personal difficulties while the other one has simply disappeared.  The good news is that Scott will now become my senior researcher and Baaz,