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The “war of the lists” is over, now the serious stuff begins

So finally the US has published its “Magnitsky List” (see full list here).  Russia instantly retaliated with its own list (see full list here).  Now what?Nothing.Let’s recap what happened.  The US Republicans, now completely controlled by Jewish Neocons, tried to play electoral politics by showing that, unlike the Democrats, they are “tough on Russia”.  First, this caters to the traditional Jewish hatred of everything Russia and, second, it also caters

Russian envoy to NATO threatens to “reconsider” Russia’s support for NATO in Afghanistan

Dimitri Rogozin,  the official Russian top envoy to NATO (and who is also one of the most interesting Russian public figures), has just declared that Russia is considering revising its support for NATO operations in Afghanistan.  This is a direct consequence of the US decision to deploy an anti-missile system along the Russian border in Europe. And since Pakistan has decided to close down (probably for a limited time) the

The Western corporate media: the Empire’s most subservient lackey

Following President Medvedev’s speech yesterday, I decided to scan the western corporate media for reactions.  I was curious, what would the pundits make of what I personally consider a total failure of Obama’s foreign policy?  Would at least the European press express outrage over the fact that the always imbecile US foreign policy has now turned several European countries into targets? I mean, really, let’s consider the following basic and,