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The World SITREP June 4th, 2016 by Baaz

Russia Crimea Kerch Strait Bridge FYI: Orthodox Christian channel with many videos in English Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges joins RT America History of the Soviet Union and Armenia. Bravery ..about which we don’t read often. The Remarkable Acts of Heroism of Shavarsh Karapetyan   Amazing drone flyby: Aerial view of Mount Athos, the ‘Holy Mountain’ of Orthodox Christianity Russian Kalmykia: The Monk’s White Path Follow the monks’ white path through the unending plains

World SITREP May 13th, 2016 by Baaz

NATO acts like a country  1.US trying to gain upper hand against Russia: Analyst 2. Takfiri terrorists, US plot against resistance: Nasrallah 3.  Senior Hezbollah commander killed in attack in Syria 4.  Romania: US activates missile shield system at Deveselu air base A part of the NATO missile shield was brought online during a ceremony at the Deveselu air base on Thursday. Speaking at the event, NATO Secretary General Jens

South East Asia SITREP October 26th, 2015 by Joseph K

The situation in South East Asia these last two weeks has been relatively calm, but things are most certainly simmering away beneath the surface. This SITREP focuses on Vietnam’s “tightrope” diplomacy between the US and China, the situation in Myanmar as the country approaches elections, the ever-present danger of US provocations in the South China Sea, and finally, Russia’s developing relationship with ASEAN. Vietnam is changing… and so is the

South East Asia SITREP October 12th, 2015 by Joseph K

Perhaps the biggest news concerning South East Asia this week is the conclusion of talks between trade ministers of the 12 countries participating in the Trans-Pacific Partnership. 12 countries strike Pacific Rim trade accord, 5 October 2015 The Empire’s strategic answer to Eurasian integration, the Trans-Pacific Partnership is a “free trade agreement” that excludes China and is a central pillar of the Empire’s pivot to Asia. [source] The “largest global