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A Teleological Response to the Crash of the Price of West Texas Intermediate Oil as a Consequence of the Corona Virus

By Blake Archer Williams for The Saker Blog “God damn America, not God bless America!” “If we can’t sell our oil,” the Iranians said, “you won’t be able to sell your oil [either]!” This turned out to be more of a prayer than a threat that was actually implemented. The same prayer could be extrapolated for the economy: “If you want to destroy the economy of an entire nation with

SITREP: The Progress for the Battle for Idlib

By Blake Archer Williams for the Vineyard of the Saker The Syrian government’s last push to get rid of foreign and domestic terrorists from its soil started on December 19th, and has met with great success. Since then, over 1,200 square kilometers of territory have been liberated. The main frontline of the war is currently to the area southeast of Idlib city, with gains having taken place as follows: Sarāqīb,

A Reaction from Tehran to the Martyrdom of General Qāsem Soleymānī

by Blake Archer Williams (posted by permission of the author) I have been asked by my friend and partner in crime (of resistance) Pepe Escobar to put some of my thoughts in writing about the extra-judicial murder of our national war hero, General Qāsem Soleymānī. Initially my thought was to write an essay; that is, to develop some thesis or other. But I am not in a frame of mind

War Gaming the Persian Gulf Conflict

By Blake Archer Williams for The Saker Blog Greetings from Tehran, the “Capital of the free world” (E. Michael Jones). A few days ago, Larry Johnson, a former CIA analyst, had a brief post on Colonel Patrick Lang’s weblog, Sic Semper Tyrannis. Here’s the link: https://turcopolier.typepad.com/sic_semper_tyrannis/2019/07/will-donald-trump-kill-his-presidency-over-iran-by-larry-c-johnson.html#comments He gave four possible options, and invited the commenters to add others of their own. The whole post and the comments which followed were