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Special Report: The Truth about Srebrenica 20 years later

This past week the world was reminded that it has been 20 years since the events following the Bosnian Serb Army’s entry into Srebrenica and today I am posting a special report about this event which I personally consider of absolutely crucial importance in world history not only because of the large number of people who died in this event, but also because it served as the pretext for the

I am NOT Charlie

Okay, let’s be clear.  I am not Muslim.  I oppose terrorism.  I don’t even support the death penalty.  I loathe Takfirism.  I oppose violence as a means to make a political or ethical point.  I fully support freedom of speech, including critical speech and humor. But this morning I am most definitely NOT Charlie. In fact, I am disgusted and nauseated by the sick display of collective hypocrisy about the

The only reaction I got from Bosnian-Muslims so far

This is the full text of the only email I got from a Bosnian-Muslim in reaction to my recent interview with Nebojsa Malic: (full text, not excerpt) I just wish upon you and female members of your family same “gentle” treatment we Bosnians got from your genocidal Serbian thugs, no more and no less. And yes, we are Bosnians regardless of what you or your genocidal buddies say! And you

Saker interview with Nebojsa Malic aka “Grey Falcon”

Today I want to do something which I have not done in a long while: interview somebody by email and give that person the space to fully answer.  For those interested, in the past I did that with Mizgin (Kurdistan), Roger Tucker (One Democratic State), Taimur (Indian Kashmir), Gilad Atzmon (Palestine), Joel Bainerman (Israel), Uri Avnery (Israel), Jonathan Cook (Palestine), Joel S. Hirschhorn (USA), Anticapitalista (Greece) and Scott Horton (USA). 

The Empire’s war against the Serbian nation: lessons for the Resistance

Fifteen years ago the AngloZionist Empire begin the third phase of its war against the Serbian nation.  It is important to take a few minutes to remember this war because the main purpose of this war was to show to the Russian people what could be done to it if it dared resist.  Just as the US had bombed Nagasaki and Hiroshima primarily with the purpose of showing the Soviet

What do recent US/NATO/Israeli military aggressions tell us about what might happen next in Syria?

During his emergency press conference today Foreign Minister Lavrov said something to the effect that attempting to predict the future is not a helpful exercise and I will not argue with this wise man.  However, Lysander did ask an interesting question today: Is it possible that a NATO air campaign might still fail in removing the government?  I think that while attempting to predict the future is, indeed, a useless

Syria: US-al-Qaeda-Zionist coalition gets its way – war against Syria appears inevitable

According to RT the ‘Syrian’ insurgents have now used the excuse of the (false flag) chemical attack to refuse to attend the Geneva II conference:“We refused to speak about Geneva after what’s happened. We must punish this dictator, Bashar the Chemist we call him, and then we can discuss Geneva,” coalition Secretary General Badr Jamous told Reuters, after a meeting with international opposition backers Friends of Syria in Istanbul.  This

US fabricated excuses for military intervention from Markale to Ghouta?

One of the labels which I have been using more and more recently is the “Bosnia v5 Chechnia v4 Kosovo v3 Libya v2 Syria v1” which refers to the fact that the Empire uses exactly the same trick over and over again to justify its military aggressions.Though history is replete with false flag attacks, the end of the Cold War saw a systematization of a specific complex of measures designed

Finally, we have now come full circle: Turkish NGO Recruiting Muslim Albanians for War in Syria

Fars news reports: TEHRAN (FNA)- Turkish charity organization, IHH, has recruited hundreds of Muslim Albanians and sent them to Syria after military trainings in Turkey to take part in the armed struggle against the Damascus government, informed sources said. “The IHH, which operates under the cover of relief and charity activities and acts in full coordination with Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and extremist Saudi Wahhabi groups, has so far

The real meaning of the West’s diplomatic defeat at the G8 summit in Lough Erne

Following the 08.08.08 war between Georgia and Russia and the crushing military defeat of the US-backed Saakashvili regime I wrote the following in this blog: The ugly attack by Washington’s Georgian puppet on the Russian peacekeepers combined with the absolutely amazing hypocrisy of the Western media and politicians who all fully sided with the aggressor turned into something of a “last straw” for Russia. This seemingly marginal development, at least

Obama makes a strategic mistake in Syria and now its “GAME OVER” for the US stragegy for the Middle-East.

In a recent post I wrote the following: And so once the “shock and awe” phase has failed to produce any signs of shock or of awe – what happens next? (…) an Anglo invasion of Syria might well trigger an influx of Shia volunteers from Iran, Iraq and Lebanon; that would also offer Iran the perfect opportunity to “send in volunteers” (remember that the students who took over the

Ron Paul and M K Bhadrakumar both believe that this is Obama’s “Monica moment”

According to Ron Paul and M K Bhadrakumar all this nonsense about chemical weapons in Syria has nothing to do with Syria, but it is simply about the creation of a distraction away from Obama’s internal problems (Ron Paul here;  M K Bhadrakumar here).  Unsuprisingly, Russia has categorically rejected the chemical weapons claim, the arming of the rebels or the possible imposition of an illegal no-fly zone: It certainaly appears

Former French FM Dumas: Britain prepared for war in Syria two years before the crisis flared up

Former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas said that Britain had been preparing gunmen to invade Syria two years before the crisis there flared up in 2011. During a TV show, Dumas said ”I was in Britain two years ago, and I met British officials, some my friends…they admitted that they were up to something in Syria.””They even asked me to join them in my capacity as a foreign minister, but

What could a sustained air campaign by the US/NATO/CENTCOM supported by numerous cruise missile strikes really achieve in Syria?

For many months now I have been warning that what is happening in Syria is really what I call “Bosnia v5, Chechnia v4, Kosovo, v3 Libya v2, Syria v1” and, indeed, the basic Anglo strategy is exactly the same one: destabilize a country by using real popular grievances, trigger civil unrest, fan the violence, escalate the clashes into an insurgency, then carefully orchestrate some kind of “humanitarian” pretext to bypass

Syria – Israel Is Losing the Battle

By Gilad Atzmon for Information Clearing House  In the last week we have been following British and French’s desperate attempts to push for a military intervention in Syria. It is far from being a secret that both British and French government are dominated by the Jewish Lobby. In Britain it is the ultra Zionist CFI (Conservative Friends of Israel) – apparently 80% of Britain’s conservative MPs are members of the pro

Meet the ‘Friends of Jihad’

By Pepe Escobar for the Asia Times Western politicos love to shed swamps of crocodile tears about “the Syrian people” and congratulate themselves within the “Friends of Syria” framework for defending them from “tyranny”. Well, the “Syrian people” have spoken. Roughly 70% support the government of Bashar al-Assad. Another 20% are neutral. And only 10% are aligned with the Western-supported “rebels”, including those of the kidnapping, lung-eating, beheading jihadi kind.

Two important news items about Syria

I the past hour I have received two important and long awaited good news about the war in Syria:1) al-Qusayr has been fully liberated by the government force,  this is official and confirmed by the BBC.2) Some Russian S-300 are already in Syria.  This is, of course, not official at all, but I have it from a source I personally trust and who got it from a reliable person “with