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Report on the use of chemical weapons by the “moderate terrorists” in Syria

Administration of democratic self government of Rojava (Syria). Violations of militant groups, connected with Free Syrian Army, which coordinates its operations with terrorist groups of Jabhad al Nusra and Ahrar al Sham in Aleppo. Source: http://uncle-vania.ga/ Translation: Vox Populi Evo The Аgreement for сease-fire, which came into operation in 27.02.2016 in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution of 2268, devoted to the termination of hostilities in Syria, and which had

Putin dares Obama to bring his evidence to the UNSC

Important note: the word “provocation” in the English voice-over is a mistranslation from the Russian word провокация (“provokatsia”) which, in this context, clearly means “false flag operation”.  Putin is unambiguously stating that he knows that the Syrian military did not use chemical weapons but that this was a staged event.

Russian TV report shows insurgent chemical weapons lab seized by Syrian forces

The video below is the footage shown on Russian TV of the chemical weapons laboratory recently seized by Syrian government forces in the Ghouta neighborhood of Damascus.  The footage has been taken by a crew of reporters from the Izvestia newspaper and is here shown with a voiceover commentary by the Rossia 1 “Vesti” news report.  I am sorry that I cannot provide a translation for the commentary, but I