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Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard interviewed after her trip to Syria (UPDATED)

Normally, I would never post an interview by CNN, but Gabbard is so good that I will make an exception.  Also, at a time when we hammered on a daily basis with images of ugly feminist freaks in the media, it is simply wonderful to see a true lady with courage, intelligence and femininity like Tulsi Gabbard.  She is exactly the kind of person the USA need so desperately nowadays.

CNN’s English transcript of Putin interview (a must read!) (UPDATED)

(thanks to AA who located this!) (CNN) — CNN’s Matthew Chance interviewed Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Thursday. Matthew Chance: Many people around the world, even though you’re not the president of Russia anymore, see you as the main decision maker in this country. Wasn’t you that ordered Russian forces into Georgia and you who should take responsibility for the consequences? Vladimir Putin: Of course, that’s not the case.