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Are there any video enhancement specialists in our community?

Dear friends, A friend of mine has had one of his geese attacked by what appears to be a Florida Panther.  We have grainy footage of the attack taken by a cheapo “night vision capable” camera.  However, both my friend, my wife (a veterinarian) and I are pretty sure that we are dealing with a Florida panther and not a bobcat.  The animal is larger than a bobcat, the body

French Saker blog appeal for a French->English translator

The French Saker Blog is looking for a volunteer translator willing to translate a series of analytical economic research papers from French to English which will then be published on the English-speaking websites. Anyone interested can contact us at this email address: wayansukarno@yandex. Thank you for your cooperation Wayan Le Saker Francophone recherche un traducteur bénévole du francais vers l’anglais pour traduire une série de textes d’analyse économique qui seront ensuite publiés sur des sites anglophones. Toute personne intéressée peut nous

I need an Arabic->English translator (UPDATE: NOBODY FOUND YET!)

Dear friends, I need somebody to translate a fairly short (but important) text from Arabic into English. If you can help, please email me at vineyardsaker@gmail.com or thesaker@unseen.is Thanks a lot! The Saker UPDATE: As of July 20th, THREE people have offered to help and all three have then defaulted.  So I STILL have not found anybody willing to help with this (relatively short) translation.

Request for help from a friend of our community

Dear friends, I got this email from Kotaro Kazzura, the friend who does a lot of the English subtitled videos I post here: Hi, I’d like to ask for your help, the thing is that there’s such site as liveleak.com which is rather useful for delivering the truth for people, usually I post my translations there as well, but recently they downgraded my channel (so I can only upload videos

Request for help with Sheikh Imran N. Hosein

Dear friends,I would like to ask for your assistance in the following two matters:First, I was asked by the Russian Saker Team to get an English transcript of the presentation of Sheikh Imran N. Hosein I have recently posted entitled “Islam and Russia’s Tryst with Destiny“. If somebody could write such a transcript and send it to the Russian Saker Team Leader at editor@vineyardsaker.ru we could then make a translation