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Open Letter Concerning Wikipedia Suppression of SouthFront Information

https://southfront.org/open-letter-concerning-wikipedia-suppression-of-southfront-information/ A few days ago Wikipedia announced intention to remove its entry on SouthFront (more here), explaining an issue by the pro-Russian position of the project and, by way of issuing an official reason, that the information about the project mostly cites the SouthFront site. Wikipedia’s entry on SouthFront on February 26, 2017 In this respect, the SouthFront wants to openly state the following. The SF team is independent, as

The West’s Brawndo Journalism

by Captain Fifteen I’m appalled at just how crude, self-righteous, and horribly one-sided our mainstream reporting is. What baffles me even more is that the majority of the people I’ve spoken to on the Western side of the Iron Curtain don’t notice it and shudder when I mention the word “propaganda” when referring to it. It seems to be such a Pavlovian response that every time I see the reaction,

The Anglo media is really too funny :-)

It turns out that that Russians – clearly fed up with the CIA’s arrogance in spite of repeated warning – has, indeed, made public the name of the CIA station chief in Moscow: Steven Hall.But now things get really hilarious: while lots of Anglo media outlets reported this fact, none of them – as far as I can tell – dared to actually mention the spook’s name.  Ok, well, maybe

The French newspapers are really ridiculous…

This is the front page of the French magazine Le Figaro: That’s right – a Dubya-style “mission accomplished”.  It took these folks 32 hours to get a single guy.  And they got at least three colleagues shot in the process… Even the excuse “we were told to get him alive” is not credible.  There are plenty of “special technology weapons” which can be used to catch an armed terrorist which,

Six Ways the Media Has Misreported Syria

by Afshin Mehrpouya for Counterpunch: As in the case of Libya, from NY Times to Fox News, from Guardian to National Post and from Le Monde to Le Figaro, the Western mainstream media’s coverage of the Syrian conflict has been mostly simplistic and black & white with a Hollywoodian good (opposition) and evil (Syrian government) story. The basic storyline reported is: “The dictatorial Syrian government is torturing and killing Syrian

Case study: US corporate media vs 911 Truth media

Check out this video of an ABC producer interviewing the two authors of the Loose Change film series. ——-Commentary: to see these two young Americans standing up to the corporate whore interviewing them deeply touches me. Frankly, it fills me with hope that such people are still out there. They are the living proof that the USraelian Empire has not succeeded in stupidifying all young Americans and that, as the