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The best media money can buy!

Today the Russian held an extraordinary briefing and press conference at the OPCW, which featured the boy which supposedly was gassed in Douma, his father and other witnesses: Here is the Russian language video of this 2 hour long press conference: and here is the BBC’s front page today: Do I need to say anything more? The Saker

The Saker blog finally blacklisted by the corporate media :-)

Over the past couple of days emails have been pouring in warning me that the Saker blog made it to the “An Initial Set of Sites That Reliably Echo Russian Propaganda“: (this is just a partial list, go to the website for the full thing) Not only that, but the WaPo decided to advertise this list which, let’s be honest, badly needed some official imprimatur since it is made by

Amazing! CNN actually says the truth :-)

Check out this screenshot of a CNN report:     I would have preferred “arming US controlled Nazis” but “pro-US troops” is a good first step.   The Saker   [Note from webmaster: We are in the process of migrating the comments of the articles from blogspot to the new blog here. Due to technical reasons we’ll have to copy the remaining comments manually which will take some time to

Peter Lavelle vs a typical CNN Presstitute

We have already seen Mark Sleboda vs a typical BBC Presstitute, today I bring you Peter Lavelle vs a typical CNN Presstitute.  I have to admit that I have been loathing the Ziomedia for many years and it has been close to 20 years since I tossed away my TV, stopped reading the papers, stopped listening to Neocon Public Radio and basically fully switched to the Internet for news and

Maidan snipers: who did or did not know? Everybody knew!

So this morning we have a “revelation”: EU officials are discussing the reports that the Maidan snipers were not sent by Yanukovich but that they were insurgents firing on both sides.Immense surprise everywhere!Well, a few “minor fringe proponents of conspiracy theories” did mention something like that, but for the “proper and rational people” (the folks who watch TV and read the corporate media) this is a big surprise.Might make you

And now, a short message from our masters

Check out the list of personalties which Time Magazine either praises or loathes: Their message is clear.  As is their model of what is good or bad.  Just listen to these two morons and what they have to say.  No wonder nobody takes these clowns seriously.   The Saker

Wonderful reaction of Greek anarchists against the corporate media

Egg and yogurt tossing at a reporter on Greek TV: If the talking heads of ABCBSNBCFOX were treated like that by the general public in the USA the Zioempire would collapse rather fast. But, of course, in the USA such protests would be met with tasers, pepper spray and live fire. Anyway, kudos to the Greek anarchists – thanks guys for making us laugh and dream!  May your example inspire