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This is what the GWOT is really all about: war crimes and hatred

Check out this video posted on Live Leak: On Live Leak this video is entitled “High Value Target (HVT) gets taken out”. What do you see? I see an unarmed civilian running away.  Maybe it is indeed a terrorist, or some insurgency leader, but he is not dressed in any battle fatigue, nor does he appear to be armed.  In fact, let’s assume that he is some kind of “High

Cowboy Fascism has a bright future in the USA

On May 27th, 2007 I wrote a piece entitled “Rudolph Giuliani – the face of American Fascism?” in which I described what I saw as a steady a rapid penetration of what I believed to be a fascist mindset in the US society.  This morning my son emailed me two video of some guy called Grady Warren, apparently a supporter of the Tea Party.  Please take a look at them: