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Russian port Sevastopol in Crimea

Sevastopol was founded by an order of the Empress Catherine II of Russia who founded port Sevastopol in 1783 near the Greek settlement Hersoness, that was founded in 529 A.D. In time of Byzantine empire, the town’s name was Herson, or Korsun as Russians called it. The frigate “Ostorojniy” “Vigilant” was sent to find a place for a port. It’s commander the Captain of II rank Ivan Bersenev sailed around

Planet Russia: The most beautiful and Most Technologically Advanced Bridges

Opening of the Palace Bridge in St. Petersburg at night The Most Beautiful Bridges of Saint Petersburg The Lions Bridge The Bank Bridge Anichkov Bridge Lomonosov Bridge The Kerch Strait Bridge This bridge is being contacted by the Russian only companies using Russian only materials. Total 25.5 million tones of construction material will be used for this bridge. So far, 3.5 million tones are delivered to the construction site. This

SITREP Crimea 13.12.15 by Auslander

by Auslander Electric supply from the mainland is now a fact. The first power cable from the nuclear power plant in Krasnodar Krai was put in operation a little over a week ago. The amount of electricity provided by this cable is, depending on who you listen to, 200 to 225 megawatts. Last night, 11.12.15, the second cable from Krasnodar Krai was put in operation, this resulting in temporary power

Will Crimea be “returned” to the Ukraine (Hint: no!)

We are apparently living through “panic times”: first, we just had the “ Pentagon wants to nuke Russia ” canard and second, now we have the “Novorussians recognize Crimea as part of the Ukraine” panic. Here is what actually happened: The website of the Lugansk Information Center has just posted the official proposals of the Lugansk People’s Republic on how to amend the Ukrainian Constitution as, indeed, they were supposed

Two “MUST SEE” videos about the *reality* of the war in the Ukraine

Dear friends, Remember the guy who did the excellent video “We know with 99% certainty who shot down MH17“?  His name is John Martin, and he has just released another superb video entitled “Crimea… What really happened?”.  This video is, in my opinion, probably the best I have seen in terms of explaining what really took place last year.  Once again, I am amazed (and elated) to see that unpaid

Russian commander warns US could control whole Gulf of Mexico

How is that for a ridiculous headline?  You like it?Well, it is just a little variation of a BBC headline today: Nato commander warns Russia could control whole Black Sea Here is an except from this article: Russia’s top military commander, Gen Valerii Gerasimov, has warned that US “militarisation” of the annexed Florida Peninsula could be used to exert control over the whole Gulf of Mexico. Well, the real excerpt

Why Ukraine Will Never Retake Crimea

Written especially for Russia Insider The Ukrainian Defense Minister Valerii Geletei is hardly a credible figure. Not only did he recently declare that Russia had threatened the Ukraine with nuclear strikes, he even told a Ukrainian journalist that Russia had already executed two tactical nuclear strikes on the city of Lugansk (apparently to explain why the Ukrainian forces had to retreat from there). The Junta later denied the story and

Could the Ukraine, backed by NATO, attack Russia?

On at least three occasions I tried to dispel the notion that the US/NATO could attack Russia or Russian forces in the Ukraine (see here, here and here).  I tried to show that geography, over-reach and politics made a conventional attack impossible and I tried to show that a nuclear attack, whether tactical or strategic, could not succeed.  There is a new theory which is apparently going around now which

Excellent footage of the “Polite Armed Men in Green” during their operation in Crimea

What had to happen did happen.  One, or more, of the “Polite Armed Men in Green” (PAMG) did use his cellphone or GoPro to shoot footage of his unit’s operations in Crimea.  According to the intro, this unit is called “detachment 0900” which could be nonsense or true, it does not matter.  What is sure is that this denomination does not conform to the Russian official/public military unit classification which

Today every free person in the world has won!

We feel that we won; Lebanon won; Palestine won; the Arab nation won, and every oppressed, aggrieved person in this world also won. Our victory is not the victory of a party. I repeat what I said in Bint Jbeil on 25 May 2000: It is not the victory of a party or a community; rather it is a victory for true Lebanon, the true Lebanese people, and every free

2 killed in shooting near Crimea military research center, ‘sniper detained’

RT reports:Two people – a self-defense member and a Ukrainian soldier – were killed and two others wounded after snipers opened fire from a partially inhabited building near a military research center in Simferopol. One sniper was detained, another is on the run. As RT producer Lida Vasilevskaya arrived at the scene, the perimeter of the Ukrainian military topography and navigation center was already surrounded by men in camouflage and

Crimea SITREP March 18, 11:29 EST

Amazing events this morning in Moscow: Putin has made what is arguably the most important and best speech of his career in front of the Russian Federal Assembly in which he made the case for a re-integration of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol into Russia as subjects of the Russian Federation.  For the first time ever, his speech was met withs long standing ovations and shouts of “Russia! Russia!”