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Neo-Fascist Ukrainian insurgents attack a bus with Russian civilians near Cherkassy

This happened in February 20th, 2014, in the Cherkassy region of the Ukraine: Noe-Fascist Ukrainian insurgents attacked several buses with Russian civilians who were burned, murdered, tortured and humiliated. This is a quick translation of the audio: Reporter: On February the 20th, in the Cherkassy Oblast, a mob of armed insurgents stopped several buses with citizens from Simferopol.  The passengers were beat up and dragged out of the bus.   They

What really happened overnight in Crimea?

This night sure was interesting.  It appears that a group of unidentified armed men took control of the Belbek and Simferopol airports and, according to some reports, of an air-traffic control facility, then left.  They kept a low profile, were extremely polite and said that they had come to prevent a “Ukrainian paratrooper force” from landing, but that this had been a false alarm.  They then apologized and left.  The

The Ukraine, Crimea and Kaliningrad

Just a couple of short things I want to report on.Ukraine: I always knew that Yanukovich was a coward and a totally unprincipled man.  That, and an idiot, of course.  Well, he just proved it again.  Not only did he let that old Soviet Politburo-style, semi-mummified, and thoroughly sclerotic moron McCain enter the Ukraine just to visit the “Euromaidan” crowd, he also caved in to the demands of the so-called

Clashes in Crimea

According to Pravda.ru, Ukrainian nationalists have organized a congress in the center of the city of Sevastopol in Crimea. About 1000 local residents demonstrated under the slogan “Fascism will not pass”. Clashes ensued. About 300 demonstrators were able to break through the police barriers and were then violently engaged by police special forces. A number of arrests were made.——-Commentary: there we go, exactly as I predicted. The Ukrainian nationalists are