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Meet the folks who make the Russians laugh and wonder

Today, on a lighter note, I want to share with you two official US statements which gave the Russians a monumental case of uncontrollable laughter.  First, US Trade Representative Tai which actually declared that the Russian import substitution program violates the WTO norms and hurts the US workers (see here and here).  Yup, you read that right.  The US imposes (totally illegal) sanctions on Russia and when Russia begins to

ET is worried about EU (at least so says European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker)

Guys, this is not a joke.  Those who understand French can listen and hear for themselves: Here is what he actually said: “You need to know that those who observe us from afar are worried. I have have seen, listened and heard many leaders of other planets and they are very worried because they wonder about the course the EU will follow. So we have to reassure both the Europeans

If you were Lavrov or Putin – whom would you chose to talk to in the West?

G7 Joint Communique – yet another exercise in make-believe I won’t divulge into the full text (which you can read @ https://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2015/06/08/g-7-leaders-declaration), but here is the “foreign policy” segment, dealing with the Ukraine: (stress added) Finding a Solution to the Conflict in Ukraine We reiterate our condemnation of the illegal annexation of the Crimean peninsula by the Russian Federation and reaffirm our policy of its non-recognition. We reiterate our full

Take a look at these fierce warriors :-)

Now I am really scared.  The “best soldiers in the world” have arrived in the Ukraine to train the Ukrainians in the art of war.  Check out this video: Impressive no? The “non-lethal aid delivering” US instructor teaches the Ukie recruit how to use a Russian RPG and following this advanced training, the Ukies declare that they will soon go and fight in the East. Wow! Let’s see who else

Is that not the hight of stupidity and self-delusion?

Listening to Obama’s speech about Cuba I was stunned by the following statements: After all, these 50 years have shown that isolation has not worked.  It’s time for a new approach.  (…) I do not believe we can keep doing the same thing for over five decades and expect a different result.  Moreover, it does not serve America’s interests, or the Cuban people, to try to push Cuba toward collapse. 

Latest goofy “sanction” out of the White House

In a new twist of absolutely staggering stupidity, it appears that NASA has decided to suspend all cooperation with Russia in a move to express its disapproval of the reunification of Crimea with Russia.  Apparently, some delusional megalomaniac in the Administration seriously believes that Russia depends on NASA for its space program while, of course, this is very much the other way around.  Just like the US needs Russia to