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The Donbass referendum – yet another abject failure of US foreign policy

The exact results of the referendum in the Donbass are still unknown, but the following three facts are undeniable:1) Participation was extremely high.2) The yes vote won by a landslide.3) The neo-Nazi junta tried hard, but failed to disrupt the vote.We also know that the validity of this referendum will be rejected by a crushing majority of UN members.  Ditto for the regime in power who has already denounced it

Putin offers Obama a gambit the latter cannot refuse

I have to admit that today’s move by Putin caught me completely off-guard.  My first impression was that by asking the folks in the Donbass to postpone the referendum, Putin was basically tossing aside a valuable bargaining chip.  Even more disturbing was his apparent backing for the upcoming May 25th presidential election.Let me also say, however, that the notion of Putin “caving in” never even crossed my mind if only

Powerful warning about how wars begin

 Dear friends, I want to share with you a very well-made video made in Moscow which a commentator has shared with me. This video, entitled Recent Ukrainian History, the Southeast, begins with a quote attributed to Bismark: Even a victorious war is a calamity which has to be prevented by the wisdom of the people.  The rest is self-explanatory and, I think, rather powerful.Good night!The Saker

The US plan for the Ukraine – a hypothesis

Listening to Lavrov today I came to the conclusion that the regime in Kiev was indeed about to try to attack the eastern Ukraine.  It’s not only Lavrov, the Russian Internet is on “red alert” and chock-full of rumors and speculation about an imminent attack.  This begs a number of questions:1) Why would the junta in Kiev so overtly renege on the Geneva agreement?2) Why would it attack when the

Making sense of the latest Kerry Lavrov deal

Ok, first the necessary caveats:1) Kerry and Lavrov already had a deal on Syria, also made in Geneva, but then the USA reneged.2) The EU also had a deal on the Ukraine with Yanukovich, who was overthrown literally the next day.3) The USA, NATO and the EU have lied, cheated, mis-represented, twisted and simply betrayed pretty much every promise which they made to Russia ever since Russia freed itself from

Lavrov press conference in Geneva after agreement with USA (with link to Kerry’s press conference)

Important:make sure to also listen to the press conference by John Kerry gave in another room (to signal that the US and Russia are really enemies I suppose) at the same time.  Click here to listen to it.  The video is choppy and “jumps”, blame the US State Department or YouTube, not me.  If I get a clean one I will post a link to it here below.

What do you see on this video? Russian secret agents?

According to Obama, the Kerry, Samantha Power, Jen Psaki and the rest of the US 1%ers, most members of the UN Security Council and according to the EU clowns at the OSCE or PACE, what you are seeing in this video is: “Russian agents creating chaos were there was none and spreading hatred”.According to the freaks of the neo-Nazi regime in Kiev, what you see are terrorists.According to me, what

Excellent statement of Russia’s rep at the UNSC (dubbed in English) (UPDATED with transcript)

TRANSCRIPT: (thanks to “OP”!!) (After Ukrainian representative’s statement) Thank you, Ms. Chairman. Today many words, many statements were sounded but the first impression I would like to share with my colleagues is that they do not look at the watch. Now it is a half past nine p.m. and it means that it is about a half to four a.m. now in Ukraine. In a couple of hours, the morning

Russia might very soon do something rather counter-intuitive: nothing at all

All the signs are that the freaks in Kiev have decided to put down the demonstrations in Kharkov, Donetsk and Lugansk by force.  YouTube is full of amateur footage showing all sorts of militarized units, APCs and even artillery pieces being moved towards these cities.  Local people have tried to stop them, but without success.  It appears that the attacking force will include loyal cops from other cities, regular military

FYI – news sources about Russia and the Ukraine

Friends, thanks a lot for the very long list of information sources about Russia, the Ukraine and the current crisis.  I have not checked each link, nor do I personally vouch for the quality or contents of each link, and I share them with you as they are and in no particular order.  Those interested will have to refine and tune this list by themselves.  I hope that this is

Pretty bad day for the eastern Ukraine, and it might get much worse

Okay, the picture of what is going on is getting clearer.  First, besides Donetsk, Kharkov and Lugansk there were also heavy clashes in Nikolaev.  Second, the tactic of the authorities is now becoming clearer:1) First, cordon off the rebellious city (done in all four cities mentioned above).2) Second, cordon off as best can be the city center (also done in all four).3) Third, send in loyal cops from other cities.4)

Insurgent forces pushed back in Kharkov

From a live stream I am following on the Internet, the Kharkov local police has convinced the cops from Poltava (loyal to Kiev) to leave.  The government buildings are under the control of the Russian speakers.  Earlier the Poltava cops attacked the demonstrators with flashbang and teargas grenades but failed to push them back.There are several wounded people reported though no deaths.  Government buildings have suffered, some stories have burned. 

Kharkov follows the example of Donetsk and declares itself an Independent Republic

RT reports: Activists in second-largest Ukrainian city of Kharkov have proclaimed the creation of a People’s Republic independent from the coup-imposed Kiev authorities, Itar-Tass reports. A group of local “deputies” have proclaimed they have taken all the responsibility for government activity in the eastern Ukrainian city, the agency said. The move was proclaimed near the building of Kharkov regional administration, where massive pro-Russian rallies have been held. All the further

Neo-Fascist Ukrainian insurgents attack a bus with Russian civilians near Cherkassy

This happened in February 20th, 2014, in the Cherkassy region of the Ukraine: Noe-Fascist Ukrainian insurgents attacked several buses with Russian civilians who were burned, murdered, tortured and humiliated. This is a quick translation of the audio: Reporter: On February the 20th, in the Cherkassy Oblast, a mob of armed insurgents stopped several buses with citizens from Simferopol.  The passengers were beat up and dragged out of the bus.   They

The self-defeating fuite en avant of the US in the Ukraine

The past few days have seen an amazing acceleration of developments which has created a totally new situation.  In simple and plain language the following three momentous events have happened:1) In Kiev an armed insurrection overthrew the elected President and replaced him with a new revolutionary regime.2) Crimea completely broke-off from the rest of the Ukraine.3) An counter-revolutionary insurrection has begun in the eastern Ukraine.The situation in the eastern Ukraine

Nationalists captured by pro-Russian crowd in Kharkov

This just sent to me by “T” (thanks!):The nationalists who had seized the local administration building have been evicted by a pro-Russian crowd after a nasty fight, they are now surrounded by cops who protect them form the angry crowd which is screaming “this is Kharkov, not Kiev!” and “Fascists!”: