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NATO at war and other statistical marvels

by Scott Humor NATO Parliamentary Assembly Spring Session, Tbilisi, 26-29 May 2017 “The capital of Georgia, Tbilisi is a historic and a strategic place in the Caucasus region, which gave the country an opportunity to be a connecting hub between the West and the East Unfortunately, our progress is not a pleasant development in the region for some, like the Russian Federation. Moscow has militarily violated Georgia’s territorial sovereignty and

Scott’s rant January 10th, 2016

In today’s Scott’s rant: • the US & EU Power Structure • How ‘Obscure’ US Bureaucrats Foment Wars • How the myth of American “exceptionalism” is perpetuated • Is allocation of Developed vs Developing permanent? • What the fate of Russian teenagers of the “Young Guards” at the hands of Germans in 1943 has to do with the Islamisation of Europe in 2016? • The West had a perfect plan,