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A most interesting series of lectures and a real treat for all

Dear friends,Having had a few questions about the topic of imperialism, I have decided to re-post here a fantastic series of lectures by Prof. John Marciano entitled “Empire as a way of life“.  IT focuses on a crucial aspect of imperialism: its cultural and civilizational dimensions.  These are crucial for a full understanding of imperialism.Please check out my first post in 2010 about this here: http://thesaker.is/a-seminal-series-of-lectures-on-the-us-empire/Please see this original post

Imperial Decay (absolutely brilliant and well done video!)

There is a lot of excellent stuff in this video, but one point I came to fully endorse after a lot of research, soul searching and after having to comprehensively reject one of the key elements of my family’s education, is that all empires are bad, all empires end up hurting the nations which produce them, and all empires end more or less along a few basic models.  When the

A seminal series of lectures on the US Empire

Dear friends, It is really a huge joy for me to share with you something which I recently discovered and which I have come to consider the single most interesting and far-reaching series of lectures I have ever heard. Dr John Marciano’s “Empire as a Way of Life” (thanks to C. for introducing me to Marciano’s work!) In the course of Fall 2006 and Spring of 2007, Dr Marciano, Professor