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Is Putin preparing a governmental purge?

This article was written for the Unz Review: http://www.unz.com/tsaker/is-putin-preparing-a-governmental-purge/ As he does once a year, last week President Putin spend over three and a half hours answering 80 questions out of the 3+ million questions which were received. The show, which was aired live on Channel One, Rossiya-1 and Rossiya-24 TV channels, and the Mayak, Vesti FM and Radio Rossii was an unprecedented success which was watched and commented upon

Top Putin advisors and experts discuss economy, sanctions & central bank

Dear friends,There is no overstating the importance of the video and transcript I am posting today.  In a crucial moment of the confrontation between the AngloZionist Empire and Russia, two top Putin advisors – Sergei Glaziev and Mikhail Khazin – openly and very candidly discuss the “economic front” of this global war.  Both of these man are top level economists, both of them have a first hand and truly immense

Dmitri Rogozin interviewed by Vladimir Soloviev

Dear friends,Today, thanks to the fantastic work of the Saker Community [English Transcription & Translation: Marina (Russian Saker), Katya (Oceania Saker) & CG (Russian Saker) Editing & Production: Augmented Ether (Oceania Saker)] I can share with you a most interesting interview of Dmitri Rogozin, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, Head of the Military-Industrial Commission, Special Envoy of the President and one of the most interesting and influential representatives of the

The painful issue of today’s Europe – what are Russia’s options?

I think that it is time for me to directly address the issue of today’s Europe role in world affairs.  In this blog I have often voiced very harsh criticisms of both “old Europe” and “new Europe” – to use Rumsfeld’s classification – but I have never addressed this issue head-on, and this is what I propose to do now.Let me begin by a little disclaimer and say that while

Meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club followed by Q&A session

Warning: this is a 25min long speech followed by over two hours of questions and answers. Still, I would suggest that is is well worth watching because I believe that it really shows the kind of man Putin is and what really makes him “tick”.  If you want to have a really good insight into what the “Eurasian sovereignists” stand for and the kind of international order they are trying

A credible report about what happened at the recent meetings between Russian officials and Saudi intelligence chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan

First, here is the report as published by Information Clearing House translating As-Safir.  I have just bolded out the particularly important parts.  This is the text in-extenso:——-A diplomatic report about the “stormy meeting” in July between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Saudi intelligence chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan concluded that the region stretching from North Africa to Chechnya and from Iran to Syria — in other words, the entire Middle