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Black Holes And Digestive Systems, Or Why Hegemon Is Doomed

By F(unny)MAN for The Saker blog Following the incredibly positive comments I read after my last article, I feel again invigorated, and not anymore like an alone (and rational) castaway floating in a raft in the middle of an ocean of brainwashed Zombies. I feel how the spark of sarcasm rekindles the fires in my sick brain, and… bang! Here we go off again. I have been reading and hearing

Rough Days Ahead, or why Zealots are Doomed

by F(unny)MAN for the Saker blog I have been so busy lately that I can keep writing sarcastic essays… I do need all my sarcasm to survive in the “environment” I am working on, doing extra hours nonstop, same as in any of the other two, or three mini-jobs I have. I am working seven days a week, 16 hours a day, in order to get as much money as

Train of thoughts or a wachamacole to get sleep

by F.MAN for the Saker blog After reading the last articles by the Saker and worrying for some hours about the coming events that might turn into the next and last World War, and I say last because nobody is going to survive it if escalate into nuclear (which is a real possibility) And while thinking about what would be the hypothetical response of Russia to the forecasted as highly