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Ruble, Oil, Shale Gas, Derivatives and American Hegemony

by Federico PieracciniThere are two central issues related to the devaluation of the ruble and the dollar depreciation to keep in mind: the preservation of American hegemony and the speculative bubble of derivatives linked to industry of Shale Gas. Without these elements, it is impossible to understand what are the reasons and the consequences of these artificial economic actions. This case must therefore necessarily be addressed from different perspectives, a

Is Russia Trying To Crash The American Stock Market?

by ZenVortex It appears that Russia, probably in collaboration with China, is retaliating against sanctions and oil price manipulation by trying to disrupt the Anglo/Zionist money markets and crash the American stock market. If successful, the strategy will produce an economic decline in the USA and Europe similar to that which followed the collapse of the American housing market in 2008. Last week saw a major increase in volatility in