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Is a new revolution quietly brewing in France?

Today I am beginning a series of articles about what I believe is the extremely deep crisis taking place in Europe and about the potential of this crisis to result in some cataclysmic events.  I will begin by taking a look at what has been going on in France, probably the country in Europe I know best, and also one which I think has be biggest potential to generate an

Alain Soral and Pierre Jovanovic at a joint conference in Lyon, France

Alain Soral and Pierre Jovanovic are most definitely the two most brilliant French intellectuals alive. They both have therefore been totally banned from ever appearing in the French corporate media. Even though they both publicly exist only through the Internet and through public meetings, they are very popular in France and I encourage all of you who understand French to listen to this very interesting conference.  Enjoy!  The Saker ——-

Burn, burn – Africa’s Afghanistan

by Pepe Escobar for the Asia Times One’s got to love the sound of a Frenchman’s Mirage 2000 fighter jet in the morning. Smells like… a delicious neo-colonial breakfast in Hollandaise sauce. Make it quagmire sauce. Apparently, it’s a no-brainer. Mali holds 15.8 million people – with a per capita gross domestic product of only around US$1,000 a year and average life expectancy of only 51 years – in a

France is walking straight into a disaster of epic proportions

Francois Hollande, already one of the most hated Presidents in French history, is clearly desperate to try to change his image of being Mr “couille molle” (literally: limp dick), a nickname he got from within his own political party.  Like Sarkozy, he wants to flex some military muscle to prove that he is also a great man. Nevermind that the French soldiers are underpaid, under-equipped, and that most their promotions

First Depardieu, then Bardot – does any of that matter?

By now we probably have all seen the footage of French actor Gerard Depardieu proudly showing his Russian passport and most of us have also heard reports about French actress Birgitte Bardot declaring that she will leave France in disgust and also ask for Russian citizenship.  Does any of that matter?  Depardieu was angered by a comment made by a French minister who condemned his move to Belgium to avoid

Nicolas Sarkozy ordered the assassination of Hugo Chavez

Voltaire Net reports: The Venezuelan Minister of Correctional Services, Iris Varela, has announced on her Twitter account the expulsion of a French citizen known as Frédéric Laurent Bouquet, December 29, 2012  Mr. Bouquet (photo) had been arrested in Caracas on June 18, 2009, with three Dominican nationals in possession of an arsenal. In the apartment he had acquired, forensic police seized 500 grams of C4 explosives, 14 assault rifles including

French magazing to publish “shocking caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed”

Amazing. According to Ha’aretz, A French satirical weekly magazine announced Tuesday it would publish caricatures depicting the Prophet Mohammed, a move that could spark further protests by Muslims already enraged at an internet video insulting Islam.   Stephane Charbonnier, editor of the weekly Charlie Hebdo, told broadcaster iTele that the caricatures to appear Wednesday “would shock those who wanted to be shocked.” He said the decision was aimed at defending freedom

Good news from France, Russia and Greece

Bad day for the Empire, good day for the rest of us. First, Hollande won the Presidency in France.  Or, to put it in a more realistic way, Sarko lost.  Which is good, even if Hollande is likely to be as “Sarko light”.  Sarko was all about rabid  turbocapitalism and Zionism, whereas Hollande at least pretends to care about social issues and has declared that he would recognize a Palestinian

The French newspapers are really ridiculous…

This is the front page of the French magazine Le Figaro: That’s right – a Dubya-style “mission accomplished”.  It took these folks 32 hours to get a single guy.  And they got at least three colleagues shot in the process… Even the excuse “we were told to get him alive” is not credible.  There are plenty of “special technology weapons” which can be used to catch an armed terrorist which,

France leads the world in hypocrisy

Amazing, mind-boggling, brazenly hypocritical! Check this out: the BBC reports that, A top French judicial body has ruled a law backed by President Nicolas Sarkozy making it illegal to deny the Armenian genocide as unconstitutional as it infringes on freedom of expression. Oh yeah?  Then what about the infamous Gayssot Act which is in the French law books since 1990!! Some victims are clearly more equal than others… Nothing new,

France implicated in Hariri murder case

Press TV reports: A witness who gave false testimony in the case of the murder of the former Lebanese premier says France had provided him with a forged passport to help him get away with perjury. A report by the Volatairenet website said that France had provided Mohammed Zuhair Siddiq — the key witness in the case of Rafiq Hariri’s murder — with a forged passport to grant him immunity

Musings on yesterday’s elections in Lebanon in France

It sure looks like yesterday was a good day for the USraelian empire as some of its most obsequious stooges won the elections they were participating in: Sarkozy, Cohen-Bendit, Hariri, Siniora and Jumblatt all did unexpectedly well. Not only that, but the Far Right also did rather well in the EU elections – always a good thing for Washington. In France, the Anti-Zionist Party’s list lead by Dieudonne only got

Dieudonne’s anti-Zionist campaign in full swing in France

(For those of you who do not know who Dieudonne is, or what he does, please check my previous article on this topic here). First, the big news is that the French government has not succeeded in outlawing Dieudonne’s Anti-Zionist Party or the list he has presented for the upcoming European elections. Official polls put the party’s estimated support at 4% which, considering who is running such polls in France,

Israel lobby commits major blunder in France: tries to silence a comedian

Amazing stuff is happening in France. It all began with a relatively well-known French-Cameroonian comedian, Dieudonné M’bala M’bala was invited to participate on a TV show on the channel France 3. The show also featured a Maghrebian artist and Dieudonne decided to impersonate an extremist Israeli settled infuriated by the presence of an Arab on a French show (for those of you who understand French, you can see an excerpt

Meet the Israel Lobby “à la française”

First: here is the ‘approved” official version of the events by Ynet and AFP French official sacked over for anti-Israel slur: Senior civil servant sacked for writing in online column Israel is ‘only state where snipers shoot down little girls outside their school gates’A French senior civil servant has been sacked for publishing a violent anti-Israeli diatribe on a website, the Interior Ministry said. The article was published on March

Pakistan’s Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman condemns French war threat to Iran

ISLAMABAD: Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Mushahid Hussain Sayed on Wednesday condemned the French government’s threat of a new war with Iran over its nuclear programme. French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner had said that the world should brace for a possible war over Iran’s nuclear programme. “We’ve to prepare for the worst, and the worst is war,” he had said in a television interview. Mushahid, in a statement, said it

Interview with Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini

By Franak Amidi, Press TV, Tehran Q: It seems that the United States has found a new European ally and that the Anglo-American and Franco-German alliances don’t exist any longer. France has adopted a hostile stance against Iran, especially toward its role in the Middle East. What is Iran’s reaction to the shift in French foreign policy? A: Perhaps it is the Western media, which issues statements, suggesting that France

Lavrov warns Kouchner over Iran comments

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Acting Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Tuesday told visiting French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner that neither military force nor unilateral sanctions were acceptable in dealing with Iran’s nuclear program. Kouchner, a prominent member of the European left and the co-founder of Doctors Without Borders, was received warmly by human rights groups, which praised his strong interest in the situation in the North Caucasus and Chechnya in

France says must prepare for possible war with Iran

By Francois Murphy PARIS (Reuters) – French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said on Sunday his country must prepare for the possibility of war against Iran over its nuclear programme, but he did not believe any such action was imminent. Seeking to ratchet up the pressure on Iran, Kouchner also told RTL radio and LCI television that the world’s major powers should use further sanctions to show they were serious about